A step-by-step guide on how to get started playing Pokemon Revolution Online, including an overview of the game’s mechanics and features.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) of this Pokemon Revolution Online tutorial is that it’s an excellent approach to learn the fundamentals of the game. BLUF takes a straightforward approach to assisting players in rapidly grasping the game’s rules and mechanics, as well as maximizing their play time.

The basic gameplay is acquiring and training wild Pokémon in order to compete against other trainers and gyms. Players may also personalize their avatar with unique clothing pieces, purchase new weapons and items from stores, and take part in special monthly events. Pokémon Revolution Online, with its bright 3D universe, competitive ranking system, and wide range of accessible activities, is one of the greatest ways for players of all skill levels to enter the thrilling world of Pokémon.

A Brief History

Pokémon Revolution Online is a free-to-play MMORPG based in the Pokémon universe. The game was created by a collection of independent developers and launched in 2013 for PC. It has now become one of the most popular fan-made Pokémon games on the internet.

The game retells the tale of Ash Ketchum’s adventure through the world of Pokémon, reliving events from Kanto to Sinnoh. You may explore these locations as a player and participate in thrilling fights with wild Pokémon as well as other trainers. You may also compete in numerous tournaments and gym leader bouts to demonstrate your abilities.

Pokémon Revolution Online is primarily intended to be an accurate replica of the original games that inspired it. As such, it employs mechanics featured in all official versions while also offering some new material, such as:

  • New maps
  • Missions

What Is an MMO? And What Is PRO?

MMO games (Massively Multiplayer Online) are online computer games in which a huge number of people from all over the globe engage with one another in a virtual environment. These settings are often 3D, highly styled landscapes inhabited by characters created by its participants.

Pokémon Revolution Online PRO is an MMO based on the famous Pokémon series. Unlike other MMOs, PRO was created to be as similar to Nintendo games as possible, and so includes many of the same concepts and features, such as trading and fighting with other players. To make the game even more distinctive, it contains exclusive material such as new moves, objects, and animals.

Players may choose one of three beginning – Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur – and then train them to enhance their Budew Strength. This entails catching wild creatures all across the globe and fighting them against other players in order to level up your character’s attributes. Once you’ve gained enough strength, you’ll be able to challenge gym leaders for prizes and compete for the top spot in the leaderboard rankings.

Setting Yourself Up

Setting Yourself Up is a critical phase in Pokémon Revolution Online. Before you begin playing, ensure that your computer satisfies the game’s system requirements and that your network connection is powerful enough to allow the game to operate properly.

Then, on your smartphone, download and install Pokémon Revolution Online. Following the download of the game, you will be requested to establish a game user account by providing a username, password, and email address. After completing this step, you may join in to the game and begin personalizing your avatar character.

Finally, if you want to monitor your progress or compete against other players online, register an official PRO Account when you’ve finished customizing your character.

When preparing for Pokémon Revolution Online, make sure to follow these procedures to ensure a good game experience:

  • Ensure that your computer satisfies the game’s system requirements.
  • Ensure that your network connection is powerful enough to allow the game to operate properly.
  • Download and install Pokémon Revolution Online.
  • Establish a game user account by providing a username, password, and email address.
  • Join in to the game and begin personalizing your avatar character.
  • Register an official PRO Account when you’ve finished customizing your character.

The General Premise

The basic premise of Pokémon Revolution Online is that users become Pokémon Trainers who may explore the globe and combat other players. Players advance through many locales, facing more tough situations in order to achieve the ultimate objective of becoming a Pokémon Master.

The game also allows for exploration, where you may interact with real-world objects such as hidden goods and NPCs (non-player characters) in cities and towns. As you go through the game, you will get access to several tools that will improve your playing experience. Trading with other players and competing in competitions are examples of this. Various missions are also featured throughout the game to serve as objectives for players to fulfill.

Finally, while playing online against actual opponents, a variety of competitive game options are available, including:

  • Single Battle
  • Double Battle


Stats are critical in understanding Pokémon Revolution Online contests. When assembling their teams, players must take into account their Pokémon’s basic stats, which relate to the stats given to each Pokémon species at the time of its development. Each stat is represented by a numerical number ranging from 0–255, and these values affect the attack, defense, and special attack/defense power of the Pokémon. Furthermore, each species has its own secret stat, often known as an IV or individual value, that ranges from 0–31 and impacts the same aforementioned traits but to a lesser extent.

Players must also consider how the surroundings influences the total power of their squad. This includes:

  • meteorological conditions such as sand storms or hail storms,
  • terrain effects such as a field of water or grass, and
  • other static benefits obtained by maneuvers such as Flame Orb or Sticky Barb.

All of these factors will have an impact on the efficacy of each Pokémon’s attacks during combat. With all of this in mind, players must learn which metrics work best with their team composition in order to optimize their chances of winning.

PVP (Player Versus Player)

Player vs. Player In Pokémon Revolution Online PRO, player PVP is a kind of competition that enables two or more players to compete for bragging rights, money, and other benefits. The regulations for PVP combat vary somewhat from those for ordinary battles. These distinctions are mostly determined by the Pokémon that may be employed, the level limitations imposed on each side, and the sorts of techniques and abilities that are permitted.

To participate in PVP, users must first join one of four leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Each league has its own set of rules about which Pokémon may be utilized. Bronze League challenges, for example, let only Pokémon under level 50 to compete, but platinum needs Pokémon at least level 81⁺. Furthermore, weather has no effect on these matches, and some actions, such as sleep moves and OHKO moves, are not permitted in any league.

Players may earn money or experience by engaging in PVP challenges, regardless of whether they win or lose. After assembling a team of suitable Pokémon, participants may compete to discover who has the greatest plan.


Guilds are a crucial aspect of Pokémon Revolution Online since they provide players access to special goods as well as strong and trustworthy partners. Joining a guild grants players access to additional material and regions, as well as unique activities and perks that may help them advance in the game more rapidly.

When choosing a guild, players must exercise caution since each has its own set of rules and expectations that must be satisfied in order to stay a member. Players who engage in PvE (player versus environment) events will likely benefit from joining guilds that do extensive study into the methods required for certain endgame monsters or dungeons. Players that wish to score big in PvP (player against player) tournaments or events should join guilds that specialize in competitive gaming.


Trading is a big part of the Pokémon Revolution Online Experience. Players may exchange Pokémon with one another to form stronger teams and take use of varied skills and moves that each Pokémon have.

To begin trading, players must first browse to the “Trade” page in the game lobby. When trading, players may trade any available Pokémon on either of their teams for another available Pokémon on their partner’s team. Trading is an excellent technique for players to get uncommon or valuable Pokémon as well as get rid of lesser Pokémon that may be replaced with a better one.

Furthermore, since many Pokémon Revolution Online competitions need certain team configurations, being able to trade with other players is quite useful for those trying to win tournaments.


In Pokémon Revolution Online, items are things that may be utilized for a number of reasons. Items may be discovered in the wild, purchased from NPCs, or earned as prizes for performing certain activities and quests. Objects are classified into five types: holding items, healing items, Poké Balls, Technical Machines (TMs), and Berries.

Items may boost your Pokémon’s stats or offer them special abilities in battle. Healing goods may cure your Pokémon and/or eliminate status ailments like poison or paralysis. Poké Balls are used to capture wild Pokémon, while TMs may be used to teach your Pokémon new moves. Finally, Berries offer a variety of properties such as mending HP, treating status ailments, and so on.

As you go through the game, you will discover new and more powerful fighting equipment. It is critical to always have a big supply of healing supplies on hand so that you are never without a method to replenish your health after a long combat.


Berries are a sort of item in Pokémon Revolution Online that may boost Pokémon’s stats. There are 18 distinct sorts of berries in the game, each having its own influence on your Pokémon’s stats. For example, the Oran Berry increases HP by 10%, and the Persim Berry treats any status illness that causes bewilderment. The berries have no downsides or limitations and may be used on any single Pokémon.

Using Berries is essential if you want to succeed in the online game, especially at higher difficulty levels. If you manage to amass enough Berries, you can transform any squad into a powerful force.


In Pokémon Revolution Online, a Shiny Milotic is a rare Pokémon. To get one, you must gather the three fossil bits scattered across the game environment. Players may collect these fossils and combine them in the “Fossil Lab” to create a gleaming Milotic.

This uncommon Pokémon is regarded as one of the greatest in the game, with high stats, fantastic moves, and exceptional attack power. It also has a distinctive technique called Seismic Toss, which makes it even more important in combat.

It takes time and expertise to trade for or breed for a Shiny Milotic, but with devotion and effort, anybody can acquire their own strong Poké-buddy.


Pokeballs are crucial equipment in Pokemon Revolution Online PRO for collecting and training Pokémon. They are classified into many categories, each with its own set of characteristics.

The standard Pokéball looks just like the one used in the video games and may be used to catch any sort of Pokémon. Great Balls and Ultra Balls considerably increase capture rates when compared to normal Pokéballs, while Premier Balls provide a benefit when combined with other goods. Safari Balls are also available, allowing players to capture every kind of Pokémon present in a certain place. Finally, Master Balls may be utilized to ensure catches regardless of the target Pokémon’s size or power.

With so many different Pokéballs to choose from, gamers have lots of choices when it comes to catching their ideal team.


Vitamins are a sort of item in Pokémon Revolution Online that increases your chances of capturing a Shiny Milotic. When you take a vitamin, it may either increase or decrease your chances of getting a Shiny Milotic to varied degrees.

When playing the game in the Safari Zone, it is advised that you take vitamins to improve your chances of success. When utilizing vitamins, be sure to take them at the proper time, which is usually shortly after you’ve thrown a suitable amount of balls towards your target. If you utilize these things improperly, you may lose out on catching this uncommon monster.


Gems are unique gems that enable gamers to buy uncommon things from shops scattered around Espo Forest. Espo Forest’s stores offer a range of products, including Evolution Stones and unique TMs. Furthermore, the stores often provide discounts for large purchases. When acquiring these gems, be careful to find out how much the item you desire costs before purchasing it, since the gems cannot be returned.

The gems themselves are discovered by mining rocks and exploring the ground throughout Espo Forest. When mining certain rocks, gem bits are dropped, which may be merged into entire jewels at the Gem Refinery in town. Players may also perform missions to receive tiny quantities of Gems as prizes. Different mission categories provide varying amounts of Gems, so always check your quest log before embarking on a new expedition.

Getting around the World

Exploring the environment of Pokemon Revolution Online PRO is a lot of fun, and there are a few different methods to get about. Depending on how you want to get about, you may employ in-game transit techniques such as walking, bicycling, or flying; or more complex ones such as warping.

To use these techniques, go to your Pokegear by pressing Z at any moment. Then choose ‘Map’ and ‘Transportation’ to get a list of all possible travel alternatives. Aside from the traditional walking and bike routes, you can also utilize Teleportal Stones entrances to quickly teleport between villages, or use a FlyClaw to fly over the skies. If you want to go about fast without having to worry about distances or directions, you can even warp across various places using Warp Zones.


Events in Pokemon Revolution Online PRO are a wonderful opportunity to earn prizes, meet new people, and have a good time. There are now several sorts of events in which participants may participate. Capture the Flag (CTF), Hide and Seek (HnS), Free for All (FFA), and King of the Hill (KOTK) are a few examples. Each category provides PRO gamers with a distinct experience.

  • Capture the Flag (CTF): CTF is a competition in which two teams compete by controlling flags. Capturing more flags than your opponent wins the game.
  • Hide & Seek (HnS): A HnS event in which one team must conceal from the opposite team that is looking for them. Find all of the hidden players within the time limit and you’ll win the game.
  • Free for All (FFA): FFA enables players to compete against one another without the need of teams or regulations. At the conclusion of this tumultuous event, the player with the most kills will be named King of Pokemon Revolution Online.
  • King of the Hill (KOTK): In KOTK, players must control a location on the map and defend it from opponent assaults. Maintaining this position for as long as feasible will result in victory.

Some Important Places

When playing Pokémon Revolution Online PRO, there are numerous crucial locations to be aware of. These locations are critical for players who want to get the most out of their PRO experience.

  • The Pokémart, where players may buy goods, trading cards, and other stuff.
  • The Gym, where players may compete against other trainers to get stronger and receive prizes.
  • The Trainer Academy, which provides instructions on how to play PRO efficiently and successfully.
  • The Exchange Center, an excellent location for people to trade their Pokémon with other players.
  • Finally, there’s the Grand Headquarters, which acts as a center for in-game events and competitions.

Knowing these key locations can help you make the most of your time playing PRO.

Pokmon Centers

Pokémon Centers are the ideal place to get the finest Pokémon backpack. Each Pokémon Center has high-quality equipment, enabling you to personalize your character and team of Pokémon to meet your play style. You may equip yourself with a variety of items like as orbs, balls, plates, wings, and rare stones.

With their monthly release of new goods, you can remain up to current on what works best for both PvP and PvE events. Once at the center, all players have access to a variety of amenities, including a fight simulator and a healing room for your team of six, allowing you to save time instead of going back to the next PokéStop or Gym if you are hurt during a battle.

The Guild Island

In Pokémon Revolution Online, the Guild Island is a site where players may form guilds and compete against one another. It is a tiny, grassy island with numerous structures to explore for gamers.

The island includes a unique function that lets players to do chores on the island to locate rare Pokémon, such as starters and legendaries. The Guild Island also has its own currency, known as Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are gained by completing certain guild duties and may be used to buy products from the on-island merchants.

When a player joins a guild, they get access to the Guild Hall, a special dungeon that gives daily benefits such as rare goods and Pokémon eggs.

With so much to discover on Guild Island, it’s easy to understand why Pokémon Revolution Online gamers are so enthralled by this enchanted island.

Saffron Citys Guild House

The Guild House in Saffron City is one of the most prominent gyms in Pokémon Revolution Online. This gym, located in Sootopolis City, allows players to challenge themselves by winning medals by battling several Gym Leaders.

This gym features four levels: novice, professionals, masters, and grand masters, each with its own set of Gym Leaders and awards. When players beat Novice level Gym Leaders, they get a PokéCoin and a Badge. Professionals level awards two PokéCoins and a Badge. The Masters award three PokéCoins and a badge, while the Grandmasters award four PokéCoins, a badge, and an item redeemable in the Sootopolis City Market’s blacksmith shop.

Players may win gifts to help them on their journey through Pokémon Revolution Online by competing through each of these levels.

Love Island

Love Island is a goal in Pokémon Revolution Online that focuses on accomplishing different chores in order to establish a pair of lovers. Your objective is to make the two lovebirds you’ve picked as your companions happy. To do this, you must fulfill many assignments throughout town while safeguarding the two from any dangers that may arise.

The Love Island mission is set on The Great Tree and its surroundings. You must fulfill a number of chores such as looking for things, fighting wild Pokémon, and even saving the pair from peril. The prizes for successfully completing this assignment include live heart points and a large number of experience points, which can be spent to improve your character’s abilities and get new goods.

In addition to these duties, you will have the ability to face Team Galactic members that are stationed throughout the tree. Combating these foes will raise your level and provide you access to more difficult task types as well as uncommon item drops. Completing Love Island gives you access to further quests with higher prizes.

My Top 10 Tips for Succeeding in Pokmon Revolution Online

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Pokémon series or a total newcomer, my top ten suggestions for speed in Pokémon Revolution Online will help you get started. These suggestions are vital for every aspiring Pokémon master, from selecting your beginning team to making the most of uncommon goods.

  1. First and foremost, picking the appropriate starters is critical; Conduct your study to determine which kind is ideal for you.
  2. Second, to get the most out of your game experience, join an alliance and communicate with other players.
  3. Third, keep track of special occurrences and use them wisely to get extra prizes.
  4. Fourth, exchange stuff with other players to earn uncommon items that will aid you in building a strong squad.
  5. Fifth, give your Pokémon as many goodies as you can to increase their devotion – this unlocks numerous abilities and enhances their stats during combat.
  6. Sixth, understand which type advantages are favorable against certain opponents and use them while facing wild Pokémon.
  7. Seventh, employ strategic actions such as status effects or switch-outs to get an advantage over an opponent during combat.
  8. Eighth, pay attention to appropriate levels for certain attacks; they might change based on the kind of Pokémon you’re using, so experiment if required.
  9. Ninth, devise methods that are unique to your playing style; Remember that when it comes to fighting, there is no one-size-fits-all method.
  10. Finally, no matter what happens, keep optimistic – losing teaches just as much, if not more, than winning in this game.

1. Dont stray too far at the beginning

Any Pokémon Revolution Online game’s first fight may be both exhilarating and intimidating. While the beginning of the game may be challenging in terms of preparation, having the appropriate plan and technique will help you face it head on.

One important thing to remember is not to go too far in the beginning. This implies that before taking on additional trainers or Gym Leaders, you need concentrate on conquering your first opponent, Hal or Mr. Jones, depending on who you choose. This increases your chances of victory since you have a new squad with full health points and no past damage.

Furthermore, winning this initial combat will boost your confidence and provide valuable experience points for your team’s development:

  • Full health points
  • No past damage
  • Boost confidence
  • Provide valuable experience points

2. Communicate with Others

When playing Pokémon Revolution Online, communication is essential. It is essential to have a means to engage with other players, whether it be trading stuff or fighting other trainers. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help with communication, such as the in-game chat option and voice chat.

For greater involvement, the greatest Pokémon backpacks will also have features such as direct messaging, forums, and other social networking opportunities. Furthermore, these backpacks might get you access to online instructions that will teach you how to utilize the game’s many features.

All of these qualities are necessary for a great gaming experience and should be considered while selecting the correct backpack.

3. Explore Every Nook and Cranny

Exploring every nook and crevice of the game is critical for gaining an advantage in Pokémon Revolution Online. Exploring different areas will result in the discovery of new objects, rare Pokémon, hidden spots, and even rare or legendary Pokémon spawning. Exploring numerous places may also help you advance in sidequests, since certain areas are closed until specific chores in earlier sections are completed.

The best method to discover every nook and crevice is to visit all possible in-game maps or routes, including those accessible by flying or Surfing and befriending Water-type Pokémon. Also, be careful to completely explore the game’s cities; there may be secret things lying around corners or NPCs that give unique prizes for fulfilling chores. Remember to look for uncommon goods by analyzing objects such as rocks and trees or exploring for secret caves/dungeons.

4. Make Sure to Clear All Four Regions

You must finish all four areas of the game before you may face Juras and Rita at the Calistern Town Gym. This entails finishing all four Gyms in each area, as well as activating all eight Relic Stones scattered around the game. When you complete these objectives, your character will get a “First Badge” for participating in Pokémon Revolution Online.

The First Badge is critical for visiting Calistern Town Gym and facing Juras and Rita for their eighth Gym Badge. Trainers would be unable to go farther in the game without this badge, making it a vital item for anybody wishing to continue their journey in Pokémon Revolution Online.

5. Be Careful not to Get Scammed

When purchasing products or trading with other players in Pokemon Revolution Online, it is critical to exercise caution. Unfortunately, some players may attempt to defraud you by simply not delivering the item you ordered or failing to provide the promised Pokémon after a successful transaction.

To avoid being cheated, it is important to either buy products from reliable dealers or trade with players who have already achieved badges in their respective towns. Juras and Rita, for example, are Calister Town’s gym leaders and have won their first badge as confirmation of their authority. If a person has achieved these badges, they may be relied on to deliver trustworthy services while trading and acquiring things.

6. Join a Guild as Soon as You Can

In Pokémon Revolution Online PRO, joining a guild is a vital step that all prospective trainers should do. You will be able to acquire advice from more experienced players and access additional resources, such as team-building tactics, if you join a guild. Joining a guild might also help you gain badges quicker.

You must fight the Calistern Town Gym Leaders, Juras and Rita, to get your first badge. To do this, you must beat both gym leaders in combat, which requires careful planning and team-building abilities. Furthermore, each gym leader has their own group of Pokémon for you to fight, making each encounter distinct and hard. So, before you challenge them, make sure you’re well prepared. Best wishes on your trip.

7. You Can Skip NPC Battles

NPC fights might grow boring as you move through the game. Fortunately, they can be avoided. To do so, just click the “Leave Combat” option on the battle screen. The NPC will then be defeated automatically, and you may go to the next task.

Battles that are skipped will not count as victories, so don’t anticipate any prizes from them. The sole benefit of skipping combat is that you save time by not having to sit through each one. If you believe the NPC combat will provide a prize or XP, do your hardest to defeat them before clicking away.

8. The Discord Trick for Essential Pokmon Info

The Discord technique for vital Pokémon knowledge is an excellent approach for Pokémon Revolution Online players to learn about game mechanics and tactics. It entails joining the official Pokémon Revolution Online Discord channel, where experienced players give novices assistance. There are also connections to elite four training place maps, IV calculator sites, and other helpful services in the Discord.

Furthermore, the Discord moderators give rules and regulations, as well as a list of forbidden maneuvers and abilities. This Discord is a goldmine of knowledge that may assist any gamer conquer Pokémon Revolution Online.

9. Check Up on the Forum Regularly

Checking the forum on a frequent basis is vital for staying up to speed on the game and its developments. The forum is also an excellent location to meet other gamers who are interested for Pokémon fights or exchanges. Furthermore, the forum is where users discuss any technical difficulties they may be having with the game, so you may use it as a resource if you are having troubles with your playing experience.

Players may also respond to questions posed by other players, providing everyone with a beneficial source of knowledge. The forum moderators are also there, helping to keep discussions respectful and answering queries as required.

Overall, frequent visits to the forums will keep you informed and active in the world of Pokémon Revolution Online.

10. Be Mindful of the Length of Each Session

When battling the Emral Towns Gym Leaders in Pokémon Revolution Online, it is critical to divide your sessions into manageable chunks. This will assist you in remaining focused and organized. It also helps with team development since various Pokémon may be swapped out precisely as desired rather than in a hurry during a huge session.

Alternatively, if you want a more strenuous workout, aim to finish the full gym in one session. Longer sessions might give you the impression that there is more of an adventure ahead of you to accomplish, and you can reward yourself with better gear and levels for your team members.

Question: Is Pokmon Revolution Online legal?

Pokemon Revolution Online PRO is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the famous Pokémon series. It is created by an independent development team and lets users to explore the world of Hoenn, experience the region’s tale, catch Pokémon, and fight against other players.

PRO is not legally recognized or approved by The Pokémon Company International or Nintendo, and so does not utilize any copyrighted assets such as official artwork or music. This signifies that PRO is not prohibited;. It should be noted, however, that it may still be subject to different rules in each country/region where it is offered. As a result, before downloading and playing PRO, we urge that you:

  • Get acquainted with your local legislation.

Question: Ive heard MMOs can warrant a big-time investment. Is this going to be something Ill need to play for hours upon hours to get any enjoyment out of it?

No, the Pokémon Revolution Online MMO is a terrific method to enjoy some light pleasure without committing too much time. It’s intended for long-term play, but you can absolutely enjoy it as a newbie as well. Rare Pokémon may be purchased from the marketplace or traded with other players, so there are several methods to search down those elusive endings.

The game also includes a number of events hosted throughout the year that provide players with special benefits such as rare and strong Pokémon, goods, and more. Overall, the game provides something for everyone – whether you want to spend your time seeking for rare Pokémon or just enjoy some casual matches with your friends, you’ll have a lot of fun with this game.

Question: I see the game is also available for Android. Are there any differences between this version and the desktop version?

Yes, there are minor variations between Pokemon Revolution Online’s Android and PC versions. The Android version offers less features than the PC version, such as fewer Pokémon to collect and fight.

Furthermore, the Android version has a distinct collection of Rare Pokémon that may be captured. The desktop version does not include these Rare Pokémon. To locate these Rare Pokémon, players must seek specified areas in-game or utilize special equipment that boost their chances of meeting them. Some events also provide gamers with unique Rare Pokémon and full instructions on how to get them.

In general, the greater the rank of a Pokémon, the more uncommon it will be in Pokemon Revolution Online.

Pokemon Revolution Online Game: Conclusion

The Pokémon Revolution Online Game is a free-to-play online game that has been around for a while. It is an RPG game for individuals of all ages that allows users to experience the world of Pokémon from the comfort of their own homes. The game was initially released in Japan and later expanded worldwide, allowing people from all over the world to play and explore the game.

Players may design their characters, form teams, fight in combat, perform chores and side quests, and much more. As with every RPG game, there are levels to complete before advancing farther. Depending on the version you play, the game also contains player involvement and a variety of gameplay possibilities. Pokémon Revolution Online is a fun RPG game that will have you going back for more.