In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about playing Pokemon Rocket Edition. From choosing the right starter to taking down the Elite Four, we’ve got you covered!

Pokemon Rocket Edition Story Synopsis

Pokémon Rocket Edition has a unique plot that is full of intrigue and surprises. Players take on the role of a group of Rocket Grunts who join the sinister Team Rocket organization in this game. Throughout their journeys, they encounter some of the world’s most powerful and renowned Pokémon.

The tale opens with Giovanni, Crew Rocket’s captain, dispatching the player’s team on a special assignment. The objective is to recover an ancient fossil known as the Omanyte from Mt. Moon. During this job, they will compete against rival teams such as Aqua and Magma for possession of strong goods and legendary Pokémon.

Throughout their trip, the player’s squad will learn about Team Rocket’s harsh aspirations for dominance and Giovanni’s enigmatic links to Professor Oak. This courageous gang must fight with their Pokémon companions, avoid traps placed by competing teams, and solve ancient secrets in order to defend Kanto from evil powers.

Pokemon Rocket Edition Key Features

Pokémon Rocket Edition is a fresh take on the popular Pokémon franchise. With this version, players become members of Team Rocket and may explore previously unseen places. With new characters, tales, and innovative team-based combat, the imminent release of Pokémon Rocket Edition has a lot to look forward to.

Some of the game’s primary features include:

  • A new plot presented from the viewpoint of Team Rocket.
  • A unique musical soundtrack composed particularly for the game.
  • Never-before-seen fighting systems that reward players for working together.
  • Additional mini-games that take full use of the Switch’s motion controls.
  • Access to special goodies that can only be obtained by buying either the physical or digital edition of the game.

Pokémon Rocket Edition promises to be unlike anything else in the game, with a fresh take on all of your favorite aspects from previous generations.

Pokemon Rocket Edition Walkthrough

Pokémon Rocket Edition Walkthrough is an useful tutorial for Pokémon Rocket Edition video game players. The book contains useful hints, tactics, and methods for finishing the game. The walkthrough serves as a full and complete tutorial for both those who are acquainted with the Pokémon franchise and those who are just getting started on their Poké-adventures.

The guide, with its comprehensive maps, battle strategies, item placements, and more, assists players in making the most of every minute in their quest to become or stay a Pokémon master. Whether you’re just getting started or wanting to polish your battle strategy, this comprehensive tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to play Pokémon Rocket Edition like a pro.

Welcome to Team Rocket!

Hello and welcome to Team Rocket. By finishing this tutorial, you have officially joined one of Kanto’s most deadly and illegal groups. Team Rocket membership is not taken lightly, since it demands the highest commitment and dedication.

You must be ready to take on any assignment assigned to you by your superiors, no matter how malicious or tough it seems to be. You should also be aware that many of your behaviors will be prohibited under both human and Pokémon law. Be bold, keep strong, and never forget that being awful feels wonderful.

Team Rocket welcomes all new members, so prepare for an amazing journey filled with villainy and fight.

Grunts First Mission

In Pokémon Rocket Edition, the Grunts of Team Rocket receive their first mission: It Feels Good to Be Bad. Your goal as a grunt is to go out and collect wild Pokémon with the hopes of bringing them back to Team Rocket’s headquarters. You’ll start with little resources, such as Pokéballs and a Pokédex, but with hard work and commitment, you may become one of the world’s most feared grunts.

To fulfill your goal, you must:

  • Combat wild Pokémon until they have no HP or less.
  • Toss Pokéballs at them.
  • If you succeed, the wild Pokémon will be yours, and you will be able to add them to your squad if you so wish.

As a grunt, your primary goal is to capture wild Pokémon, so make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality that may arise on the field.

Cerulean City & Bills House

Cerulean City is home to Cerulean Gym and its leader Misty, who will reward you with the Cascade Badge if you beat her. In the original Red and Blue games, Bill, an NPC, also calls it home.

Visiting Bill’s mansion after finishing Koga’s challenge in Fuchsia City reveals an unique ticket that goes to Indigo Plateau. If you wish to confront the Elite Four and become a champion, you must first visit Cerulean.

Bills House is immediately next to Cerulean’s Gym. You may dump Pokémon in this residence to free up room in your party so that more can be captured after receiving them from other trainers or through wild encounters. Furthermore, speaking with Bill at his home will provide you TM20 Safeguard, which can be utilized to defend your team from status ailments for 5 rounds during a combat.

Off To Vermillion & The S.S. Anne

Leon Battle in a Video is part of the Pokémon Rocket Edition strategy guide. This segment follows protagonist Ash Ketchum and his traveling companions through Vermilion City and aboard the S.S. Anne cruise ship for an exciting adventure.

The walkthrough describes the objectives, battles, and methods to assist players negotiate their way along this route, with the ultimate aim of facing Leon himself. Along the route, players will encounter wild Pokémon fights and gym trainers before discovering a secret door in Vermilion that leads to secret locations containing rare goods and even rarer creatures.

After achieving all of these goals, players will finally arrive at Leon aboard the S.S. Anne for a final fight that will decide whether or not Ash becomes champion.

Lavender Town & Pokemon Tower

Lavender Town is a tiny city in Kanto’s southern region. It is renowned as the Suntouched City owing to its bright and sunny atmosphere and closeness to the sea. Many rare and valuable Pokémon live in the town, including Legendary Pokémon like Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

It’s also famous for the Pokémon Tower, a historical and spiritual building. It acts as a refuge for Pokémon trainers striving to earn levels or perfect their talents, as well as a place of prayer. Inside the tower is also a secret organization known as Team Rocket, which is hellbent on establishing an empire by any means necessary.

Confronting Oak In Pallet Town

Last Thoughts is the final part of the Pokémon Rocket Edition: It Feels Good to Be Bad guide. Readers are offered advice on how to deal with Oak in Pallet Town. Pallet Town is where Professor Oak lives in both the original Pokémon games and Pokémon Rocket Edition. Due to his tremendous squad of Pokémon and expertise, confronting him can be a terrifying encounter. However, with the assistance of this guide, readers should be able to simply navigate the confrontational components of this epic encounter.

The tutorial begins by explaining Oak’s history and why he is such a fearsome antagonist. This contains information like his links to Team Rocket, tremendous research talents, and battle experience with Pokémon. The article then goes on to concrete methods that might help gamers defeat Oak in combat. These include:

  • Techniques for exploiting team vulnerabilities with type advantages
  • Having the correct equipment for the task, including medicine and healing items
  • Countering any defensive actions he may try
  • How to employ status effects while battling him.

Finally, readers are offered tips on how to end their struggle with Oak and go one step closer to being a master trainer.

Surfing to Cinnabar

Surfing to Cinnabar Island is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon Rocket Edition. To surf to Cinnabar, you must first have a surfboard equipped. Then, in the adjacent region, locate the surfboard TM position and pick it from your goods list.

After selecting the Surfboard TM, you will be invited to choose your destination on the map. You may either navigate over your map or choose one of the predefined locales, such as Cinnabar Island. Finally, in Cinnabar Island, press A while keeping a look out for any wild Pokémon that may arrive. When surfing, be sure to observe all safety precautions.

Securing Silph Co

It Feels Good to Be Bad in Pokémon Rocket Edition The first game in the Epic Journey to Become a Pokémon Master series is PRE. In PRE, you go on a journey as a buddy of Team Rocket, tackling difficult tasks and challenges in order to obtain Silph Co., a significant technological business in the Pokémon universe. You have your own crew of rocket grunts that assist you when necessary.

Before you can take over Silph Co., you must first defeat gym leaders, combat opponents, and employ scientists. It’s a thrilling trip that takes strategy, talent, and strength to succeed. Along the route, you’ll face strong opponents such as:

  • walkers
  • Team Rocket members
  • and others

But don’t worry, there are lots of goodies in store for those who succeed.

Bills Big Plan

In Pokémon Yellow Rocket Edition, Bill’s Big Plan is the narrative for the lost Pokémon. This strategy starts with the introduction of the primary antagonist, Giovanni, who intends to make all Pokémon uncommon. He then dispatches members of Team Rocket to travel around and grab wild Pokémon from trainers and parks. Team Rocket returns the stolen Poké Balls to their headquarters, where they are converted into unique coins that may be swapped for rare Pokémon.

Bill’s Big Plan also offers an unusual twist in which Giovanni has recruited a specialist called Bill to finish the objective of successfully catching every Pokémon. Bill appears in numerous locations throughout the game, offering his services for stealing certain Pokémon for a fee. It is up to the player whether or not to accept Bill’s offer. If this is the case, they will have access to previously inaccessible rare Pokémon that can only be obtained via Bill’s Big Plan.

Entering Mewtwos Lair

Players begin their journey in Pokemon Rocket by assisting Team Rocket in the assault of Mt. Moon; deep inside the mountain resides Mewtwo’s lair – a mysterious and powerful Pokémon. Team Rocket’s strategy is to capture and control Mewtwo for their personal advantage.

Players go through a variety of levels and regions, facing battle against various members of Team Rocket as they progress further into the mountain.

When players approach Mewtwo’s lair, they must face its formidable minions before confronting the legendary Pokémon itself. Players will obtain new equipment and Pokémon to utilize in their fight plans as well as learn about Mewtwo’s past as the battle progresses. After beating Mewtwo, players will be able to capture it, opening a vast array of possibilities that come with commanding this strong Pokémon, ranging from fighting other trainers to assisting Team Rocket in achieving its objectives.

Shigeki and MissingNo

Shigeki and MissingNo are two of Pokémon Rocket Edition’s most recognizable characters. Shigeki is a well-known scientist that has collaborated with Team Rocket. He is in charge of inventing Mewtwo as well as other experiments. MissingNo, on the other hand, is an enigmatic creature that has acquired attention for its unique look and behavior. Shigeki’s experiments at Chocco Town are supposed to have accidentally developed it.

Both characters have had a significant effect on the plot and gameplay of Pokémon Rocket Edition. Throughout the game, Shigeki acts as an ally for Team Rocket, while MissingNo provides a sense of mystery with its distinct skills and looks. Players may also look for a hidden secret object called “The MissingNo Disc” in Chocco Town. This artifact contains many mysteries about Shigeki and MissingNo, making it essential to completely comprehending their narrative.

Oaks Secret Lab

Oak’s Secret Lab is an enigmatic subterranean library in Utira Town. This library has numerous old predictions about Hoenn’s legendaries, as well as a legendary Pokémon Trainer who has yet to be revealed. The lab is reached via the doors in the PokéMart’s bottom corner, under one of its tables.

Inside, you’ll find a few antique texts and other fascinating things that may help you discover the mysteries of Pokémon Rocket Edition. The circumstances surrounding this laboratory are highly enigmatic, causing many players to suspect it’s connected to some secret evil or conspiracy at the heart of the game’s storyline.

Becoming The Boss

You must accomplish a series of challenges to establish your credentials as the Boss of Miara Town and Whirl Island. These assignments, termed as “Rocket Trials,” are assigned to you by Giovanni, Team Rocket’s leader. After completing each challenge, you will be given a unique trinket to commemorate your accomplishment. Giovanni will formally acknowledge you as his successor in managing Team Rocket and ruling over Miara Town and Whirl Island if you have completed all of the trials and obtained all of the special goods.

As Boss, you’ll have access to a range of Team Rocket facilities where you may:

  • Conduct research
  • Recruit team members
  • Develop your empire
  • Combat other teams

Victory Road

Victory Road is the principal thoroughfare that connects Sonata City to the Elite 4. As you go down Victory Road, you will encounter a new level of difficulty and action. Victory Road’s landscape is diverse, providing for a variety of methods and approaches. It also allows you to put your party’s might to the test before taking on the Elite 4.

Victory Road, in addition to its difficult terrain, is home to various hospitals that can cure and revive fainted Pokémon. The hospitals are administered by the Rocket League, a nonprofit group that specialized in caring for wounded or missing Pokémon. Its employees are trained to cure a wide range of illnesses, from paralysis to poisoning, enabling them to rapidly return any weakened Pokémon to its former glory.

The Kanto Elite Four

In Pokémon Rocket Edition: It Feels Good to Be Bad, the Kanto Elite Four are the most strong trainers in the Kanto region. Gardevoir is one of the rarest Pokémon seen by these top trainers, so acquiring a shiny one may be more tough than you think.

Players must beat each of the Kanto Elite Four ten times in order to get a shiny Gardevoir. This is a very tough achievement that can only be accomplished by players with exceptional talent and perseverance. Furthermore, if they fail to beat any of the Elite Four after 10 attempts, they will have to combat all four members again to ensure that their efforts are not futile. Regardless, this is an exceedingly tough endeavor that demands a great deal of attention and talent to complete.

Wrapping Things Up

In Pokémon Rocket Edition, the Kepler City region is a large, dynamic place full of surprises, hidden treasures, and exciting fights. The player gets a lot of flexibility to explore the environment at their leisure, unlocking new locations as they proceed through the game to the finish.

It’s a melancholic feeling wrapping things off in Kepler City. Before proceeding to the next adventure, players should take their time completing different side tasks and experiencing all this location has to offer. Because flying and water types are so common here, players may devise innovative ways to assist them win fights.

Overall, the path from creating your own squad to becoming the Kepler Conference League winner is one packed with unforgettable events that will stick with you long after you’ve completed all you set out to achieve in this game.

End Game Content?

After finishing the main tale of Pokemon Rocket Edition, the player will have access to a number of bonus features. The Elite Four Challenge, in which players face eight high-level trainers with strong pokemon, is one of these post-game events; Battle Tower and Battle Factory, where users may compete against other players to obtain uncommon things; Bonus Areas with rare goods that can only be obtained once certain circumstances are met; and accessible dungeons with unique pokemon and boss encounters. At addition, users may produce rare pokemon in the Breeding Center, obtain unusual things in the Shadow Market, and engage in online tournaments or exchange Pokemon with other players through Wi-Fi connection.

All of these possibilities combine to provide a pleasant post-game experience that enables players to further explore and participate with the world of Pokemon Rocket Edition.

Question: Is Pokemon Rocket Edition Finished?

The Pokémon Rocket Edition has been completed and is ready for play. You could have seen a “unfinished” version of the game, but this is not the case. The game has several modifications to the original Pokémon Yellow game’s stages, fights, and Pokémon.

While destroying Team Rocket remains your primary goal, as you go through the game, you will be able to recruit some members of Team Rocket to your team. Several bosses from previous games in the Pokémon franchise also make cameos here. These bosses are your most difficult trials in this edition, and they provide a new twist to old confrontations from previous iterations.

Question: How Long is Pokemon Rocket Edition?

Pokémon Rocket Edition was released in May 2019 as part of a partnership between Pokémon and Niantic’s popular augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. This innovative app-based game had a unique tale set in the Kanto area. Players may go to several locales, obtain uncommon items and Pokémon, and battle Team Rocket grunts.

The game also included various unique events, including as Team Rocket’s conquest of Kanto’s cities. The game may be played for up to 250 hours. While progressing through the tale, players may fulfill daily goals and activities to gain unique prizes. If players do not repeat missions or grind for resources or experience points, the main plot may be finished in around 30 hours. Team Rocket takeovers, which usually last around a week, may extend up to two weeks depending on how many cities are taken over at the same time.

Question: Is Pokemon Rocket Edition Hard?

The difficulty of Pokémon Rocket Edition is determined by your objectives. If you wish to finish the narrative mode, it should be quite simple since the game is meant to ease inexperienced players into its principles rather than overwhelm them. When you progress to trials such as challenging Gym Leaders and Rocket Bosses, the real battle begins.

As you go, the game becomes more challenging, offering more powerful Pokémon to fight against and more difficult difficulties to conquer. The game is beginner-friendly if you want a relaxed experience with some difficulty, but if you want a rigorous challenge, there is much available from expert-level AI trainers, combat and breeding contests. It all comes down to how much time and effort you want to put into being the finest Pokémon trainer.

Pokemon Rocket Edition Guide: Conclusion

The last portion of A Guide to Pokémon Rocket Edition: It Feels Good Being Bad is Pokémon Rocket Edition Guide: Conclusion. This section contains a summary of what players have learned about the game as well as suggestions on how to play it best.

The conclusion looks at how players may take use of Pokémon Rocket Edition’s unique mechanics and features, such as

  • building up combos,
  • employing support items,
  • and using multiple battle kinds.

It also gives a summary of the many prizes available for achieving particular in-game goals, such as

  • collecting new Pokémon
  • or fighting formidable foes.

Finally, players are invited to personalize their teams and prepare for combat against Team Rocket’s formidable bosses. Players should be well equipped to take on the challenge of Pokémon Rocket Edition and become a master trainer if they keep these guidelines in mind.

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