If you’re a fan of both McDonald’s Happy Meals and Pokemon, then you might be interested in collecting the exclusive Pokemon cards that are available with each meal. In this blog post, we’ll give you a guide to collecting these cards, including what to look for and where to find them.

Bottom Line-Up Front

When it comes to collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards, the Bottom Line-Up Front (BLUF) is a crucial concept to grasp. The BLUF is often the brightest, most colorful, and most marketable cards used by McDonald’s to promote their campaign. As a result, these cards are often more difficult to get since collectors prize them.

Knowing this, it is critical to get whatever BLUF cards you can while they are still accessible before they become more costly and harder to obtain. Take advantage of the chance while you can, whether it’s a rare Charizard or a common Pidgey card.

Celebrations Begin

Begin the Celebration One of the most famous and sought-after sets from the original series is the McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon card set. This set was introduced in July 2000 to commemorate the introduction of the all-new Pokémon game to McDonald’s Happy Meals. The cards depict Pikachu and his buddies in special birthday and holiday clothes, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to any collector’s collection.

This series also contained special promotional offers such as double cards with a purchase, making it even more appealing. Collectors regard this set as a classic, and high-quality examples may fetch quite a bit on the secondary market.

McDonalds 2021 Collection Set

Four new Pokémon cards are included in the McDonald’s 2021 Collection Set, featuring Lillie and her charming impromptu fight companion, Snowy. This collection, which has artwork inspired by the initial set of Pokémon cards from 1999, provides lifelong Pokéfans a nostalgic vibe while also introducing many new players to the world of collecting.

The set contains one holographic card of Lillie in all her beauty. To get the evolved form of Lillie in the set, you must first purchase further packs and seek for rare holographic copies of her in them. Then use it in conjunction with the unique promo code “LILLIE-EVOLVE” to unlock an exclusive evolved form of Lillie from your digital PTCGO Pokémon Trading Card Game Online account.

The rarity and completeness of your collection will be determined by the amount of time and work you put into it.

Not Lovin ItHoarding – Scalping – and Price Gouging

Unfortunately, because of the high market demand for cards from the famous McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon card sets, some unscrupulous individuals have engaged in stockpiling, scalping, and price gouging. Hoarding is the practice of purchasing excessive quantity of cards for personal collections or resale. Scalping is purchasing all of the cards from a retailer and reselling them at inflated rates on the secondary market. Price gouging occurs when these same scalpers utilize computer bots to swiftly raise prices when they detect a supply deficit.

This sort of behavior is unjust to other collectors and may make completing a collection difficult or costly. Popular cards, such as Lilie’s Best Moveset, which was only available as a special bonus in three Japanese McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes, may fetch in excess of $100USD or even more depending on their condition.

Collectability of the 2021 Set

One of the most collectible sets in recent years is the 2021 McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon card set. The set is very modest in size, with little over 500 cards, making it easy for collectors to construct a master collection. To keep things fresh, the 2021 series includes a healthy mix of uncommon and common cards, as well as lots of foil cards.

As with each collection, certain crucial cards stick out from the others. Rare or holofoil cards depicting famous Pokémon like Charizard or Pikachu, gold stamped flashy variations, or even faults and misprints are common examples. Collectors may concentrate their collecting strategy on these crucial components for their collection or try to complete a whole set.

Past McDonalds Sets

Lille’s weakness when it comes to collecting Pokémon cards is past McDonalds’s sets. Early 2000s sets, like the 2001-2002 McDonalds Series and the 2002-2003 Jumbo Series, have uncommon Pokémon cards that may be quite difficult for Lille to locate. There are also numerous additional McDonald’s sets that span decades of the famous trading card game, making them an appealing alternative for ardent collectors.

Lille turns to sources other than previous McDonald’s sets to supplement their collection. In comparison to most current series of Pokémon trading cards, these earlier sets are far more difficult to get and often need some searching online or in stores/auctions devoted entirely to vintage cards. Fortunately for Lille, seeking for these older cards is a fun endeavor.

Other Memorable Card ReleasesGold From the King

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards came in a number of different sets, some more memorable than others. The Gold From the King collection, which will be published in February 2020, is one such example. This set was created to honor Lillie, a pivotal character in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series.

The card depicted Lillie with a big Pikachu and numerous other Pokémon, as well as artwork that resembled her Sun and Moon film. Even if you weren’t a big fan of these cards, you could remember this one since it stuck out from the crowd.


Collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards is a fun and gratifying pastime that individuals of all ages may enjoy. To get the most out of your experience, you should be familiar with the many kinds of cards available and grasp the rarity and worth of each one.

This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards, including:

  • An introduction of the series
  • How to discover important cards
  • How to finish your collection

With this information in hand, you may begin collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards.

McDonalds Happy Meals Pokemon Cards Guide: FAQs

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon cards are a limited-edition collectable trading card set that was formerly only available in the United States and Canada. The first set was issued in 2001, and since then, additional anniversary sets and limited-edition cards have been released. McDonald’s Pokémon cards, which range from rare 1st edition cards to limited-edition packs, provide collectors with a fantastic chance to locate unique goods at a reasonable price.

This article will address the most frequently asked questions regarding collecting Pokémon cards from McDonald’s Happy Meal. It will provide you pointers on how to recognize various sets, what to look for when buying packs, and how to store your collection. It will also give details on impending releases and other unusual discoveries for the savvy collector.

Question: Can McDonalds Pokmon cards be used when playing the Pokmon TCG in the Standard or Expanded format?

McDonald’s Pokémon cards are one-of-a-kind cards developed exclusively for Japanese McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions. These cards are ineligible for usage in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG)’s Standard or Expanded formats. The McDonald’s cards lack the card type, color bar, and other information required by The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) to be properly recognized as a playable card.

Nonetheless, these valuable cards may be utilized for exhibition or as part of a custom deck build to improve one’s TCG experience. It is ultimately up to each player to determine how to utilize their McDonald’s Pokémon card collection.

Question: How many cards are in McDonalds minisets?

McDonald’s minisets normally comprise four cards and are put inside Happy Meals. The cards contain exclusive artwork from the Pokémon animated series, including some of the series’ most popular Pokémon. McDonald’s minisets also feature special cards that are not always available as part of a bigger collection.

For example, in 2019, McDonald’s published three sets of four unique cards; one for Pikachu, one for Eevee, and one for Jigglypuff and Psyduck. These sets were exclusively sold via McDonald’s Happy Meals and were not available anywhere else.

Collectors may complete their collections by collecting uncommon and hard-to-find cards from minisets.

Question: Does McDonalds have Pokmon cards in their Happy Meals around the same time each year?

For many years, McDonald’s has included Pokémon cards in its Happy Meals, and there is often a themed release of cards to correspond with the release of new video games, movies, or TV episodes. They typically run for one to two months, mainly during the summer months when children are not in school. The availability may vary significantly based on area, however McDonald’s will normally begin rolling out Pokémon cards after demand grows following their first run.

In general, they’ll stay with one set of cards and keep handing them out in Happy Meals until there’s no longer any interest. McDonald’s periodically creates throwback sets in collaboration with Nintendo, however they are normally only issued to commemorate a certain event or milestone, such as Pokémon’s 20th anniversary.