Acerola is a reclusive ghost who haunts Ula’ula Island in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She spends her days wandering the island, searching for rare and powerful Pokémon. Acerola is a skilled trainer, and herghostly Pokémon are some of the strongest in the game. If you’re lucky enough to encounter her, be prepared for a tough battle.

Acerola Overview

Acerola is a ghost-type Pokémon and one of the Alola region’s primary characters. She lives on Ula’ula Island and is the keeper of Ula’ula’s Shrine of Loyalty. Acerola is distinguished by its black hair and pale complexion. Her visage is characterized by two haunting eyes and an unsettling mouth packed with razor-sharp fangs. She also wears a stunning crimson robe, which represents her link to the spirit realm.

Acerola is well-known for her expertise of Alolan Ghost-Type Pokémon and her desire to understand their mysteries. As a result, she spends the most of her time researching numerous ruins across the area in quest of any hidden phenomenon that may help us understand Alolan Ghost-Types better. She also devotes a significant amount of time to defending Ula’ula’s Shrine from invaders, demonstrating tremendous devotion and commitment to her people; and this same zeal can be observed in her attitude toward protecting other Ghost-Types.

Acerola in the Anime

Acerola appears in the Pokemon anime series as part of the Ghost of Ula’ula Island storyline. She is a trainer and Aether Foundation member known for her feisty demeanor, keen wit, and profound affection for ghost-type Pokemon.

Acerola initially debuts in the anime series in episode 64, when she is introduced as an experienced trainer from Kanto who has traveled to Ula’ula Island on behalf of Professor Oak in pursuit of ghost-type Pokemon. Throughout the arc, Acerola is mostly seen with her Pokemon companion, Mimikyu;, as well as other trainers she encounters along the way. She is also an ally to Ash and his comrades when they are on the island.

Apart from being fierce when it comes to fighting or practicing with her Pokemon team, Acerola is also proven to have a kind heart, which makes it simple for other characters to appreciate her. As a consequence of her ardent energy and fortitude in the face of life’s obstacles, Acerola makes an imprint on all viewers’ hearts.

Acerolas Anime Pokmon

Acerola is a fictional character from the Pokémon anime series. She is a trial captain from the Alola area who resides on Ula’ula Island. She was among the first to greet Sun and Moon when they arrived to Ula’ula Island in search of Mina’s trial. Acerola is well-known for her Ghost-type Pokémon collection, which includes the formidable Mimikyu and Banette.

Despite her phobia of Ghost-type Pokémon, she is motivated to investigate and capture them.

Acerola’s charm and excitement make her an excellent companion for fighting or touring Ula’ula Island, but she has a larger purpose in mind: rehoming abandoned Ghost-type Pokémon who have been abandoned or mistreated by their trainers. She seeks to find excellent homes for these lost friends using her skills studying and comprehending Ghost-type species. Acerola’s goal is to assist people who can’t help themselves and offer them a shot at a happy life with someone who loves them as much as she does.

Acerolas Story

Acerolas Story is an in-depth look into the enigmatic Ghost of Ula’ula Island, commonly known as Acerola. According to mythology, this ghost was originally seen on Ula’ula Island many years ago and has since become a part of island folklore. In modern times, it is stated that anyone who go into the foreboding forest that covers Ula’ula may face Acerola’s Spirit Form, a phantom figure wrapped in fog and darkness.

But who is she, exactly? What does she stand for? This book seeks to address those questions and more, delving into the various facets of Acerola’s personality, from her strange past to her unusual talents, in an effort to completely understand this eerie ghostly figure. Readers will obtain a deeper grasp of this strange woman and the narrative behind her disturbing presence on Ula’ula Island thanks to extensive explanations of each ability Acerola possesses and insight into what makes her so remarkable:

  • Her strange past
  • Her unusual talents
  • Insight into her remarkable presence

Acerola in the Games

Acerola, also known as Aether Foundation President Lusamine’s daughter, is a Pokémon Sun and Moon character. She lives at Ula’ula Island’s Thrifty Megamart and conducts Ghost-type bouts, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the type.

Acerola’s mission to find two phantom spirits that live on Ula’ula island in Pokémon Sun & Moon is the major story element of this game part. During her assignment, Acerola will instruct players to search deep into the Thrifty Megamart for the cause of the ghostly beings’ existence. To fulfill her challenge, players must also solve other riddles and obtain vital objects. Players that complete her objective will get goodies like as Battle Points, rare evolution stones, and even a new special Z-Crystal.

Players should keep in mind that Acerola’s challenge will need special Pokémon in their arsenal since she employs Ghost-type attacks throughout combat. As a result, before confronting Acerola, players should assemble a diversified squad of various sorts. With proper planning and persistence, players may reap several benefits by fulfilling Acerola’s request on Ula’ula Island.

Sun and Moon

Acerola is the island Kahuna of Ula’ula Island in Sun and Moon. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon, which she employs to fend off and catch any ghost-type Pokémon who trespass into the island. Acerola has a strong desire to unravel the mystery of ghosts and invites trainers to seek her help on how to deal with them.

When trainers come upon a ghost-type Pokémon, they must combat it in order to free it from its confinement and relieve it of its terrible sadness. The freshly emancipated ghost-type Pokémon will depart Ula’ula Island and go on its rehabilitative journey after being relieved from its tormenting sensations.

Acerola, on the other hand, always talks sweetly of these animals, wishing them all happiness as they go away from Ula’ula Island.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Acerola is the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. She is a kind and mysterious Psychic-type Trainer who initially appears in Malie City. She will accompany the player to the Ghost of Ula’ula Island to battle Necrozma. She will offer them a Lurantis as a prize for their efforts after the fight is over.

Acerola is also crucial in repairing the island’s devastated ecosystems. She will often provide Z-Crystals and berries from her own garden to players in order to help restore balance to the area’s flora, which has been harmed by Team Skull’s pollution and overfishing. She also collaborates with Trial Captain Ilima to assist conserve the island’s water resources while also safeguarding it from new dangers arising on Alola.

How to Defeat Acerola

In “Pokémon Sun and Moon,” Acerola is the Ghost of Ula’ula Island. She is the Island Challenge’s leader and must be beaten in order for a Trainer to become Champion. Her specialization is ghost, making her a dangerous foe. You will, however, be able to beat her with the appropriate techniques.

It is critical to choose your squad properly in order to overcome Acerola. Consider your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses against her specialized type, ghost. You may also use type advantages, like as steel or dark attacks, against ghost-type Pokémon. Additionally, utilize status effects like sleep or paralysis to impair Acerola’s defensive capabilities. Finally, ensure that your squad has access to restorative supplies such as Potions or Antidotes to maintain your health in the face of her devastating strikes. With these methods in mind, you should have no trouble overcoming Acerola and becoming Alola’s champion.

General Tips

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Example Team

Funko is an example team made up of various players based on the characters and animals found in the Nintendo 3DS game “Acerola and the Ghost of Ula’ula Island“. Acerola, Totem Larvitar, Totem Hakamo-o, Totem Kommo-o, Mimikyu, Ribombee, Rockruff, Salandit, and Komala are the team’s nine major members. Other characters from the game emerge as side characters throughout Funko’s adventures.

Funko’s primary goal is to assist Acerola in determining who or what is behind all of the weird events on Ula’ula Island. Along the way, they will encounter many difficulties that will put not only their physical strength but also their cerebral powers to the test. As a consequence of these hurdles, each member of Funko must collaborate in order to succeed. With collaboration being one of the game’s key themes, it’s no wonder that the squad is a terrific example for any player wishing to have fun with their pals.


Weavile is one of the beginning Pokémon available in Acerola and the Ghost of Ula’ula Island, a Pokémon Trading Card Game Special Expansion Set. This collection contains 110 cards with original artwork inspired by Alola-region Pokémon and their enigmatic surroundings.

The Weavile Starter Deck includes 43 cards as well as a code card to unlock a deck in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. The major emphasis of the Weavile Starter Deck is on the Dark-type, with two formidable attackers: Sableye and Weavile. It also features a number of support cards, such as Acro Bike, Nuzzle, and a variety of Dark Energy Cards to help you power up your assaults. Players may expect to employ their Dark-type Energy cards to perform strong combinations and defeat opponents. This deck is ideal for both beginner and veteran players seeking for an exciting new approach.

Houndoom (Can Mega Evolve)

Houndoom is a strong Fire/Dark-type Pokémon from the Alola region, and one of the options for Acerola’s Ghost-type deck during your Ula’ula Island adventures. Houndoom has access to Mega Evolution, which allows it to achieve even greater strength and power.

Its attacks include Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, and Solar Beam, as well as defensive choices including Sucker Punch and Destiny Bond. Houndoom may also learn Poison Fang, which is beneficial against Ghost-type Pokémon. Finally, Houndoom may learn Sunny Day to greatly improve its fire moves.

In addition to all of these moves, Houndoom has excellent stats all over and is an excellent complement to any Alola beginning deck.

Tyranitar (Can Mega Evolve)

Tyranitar is a formidable dark-type Pokémon found in Acerola and Ghost of Ula’ula Island’s Alola area. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Tyrantar, which increases its stats and gives it an even more advantage. As a result, it is an excellent pick for a Theme Deck or Battle Deck.

Theme Decks are made up of Pokémon cards of the same kind and species, making them excellent for new players or those who want to play lightly. Battle Decks, on the other hand, are well-balanced decks that use a variety of Pokémon and support cards from several sets to give strategic depth and a competitive advantage. Tyranitar may be a strong opponent in any style of quest.

Starter Fully Evolved

The first Pokémon Funko Pop was the Alola region’s fully evolved starting Pokémon. Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Incineroar, Primarina, Decidueye, and Dartrix were among them. These fan favorites have been immortalized in Funko Pop form with their distinct designs and colors to provide you with a collectable that stands out from the crowd.

These figurines were quite popular because to their unusual designs and colors and were released immediately after the debut of Pokémon Sun& Moon. Each figurine has a particular stance, providing fans a glimpse into the world of Alola and its inhabitants.

These figurines are ideal for any Pokémon or Funko Pop lover, whether they are collectors or just for fun.

Bewear (with Fluffy)

The Bewear Funko Pop with Fluffy is a rare and pricey Pokémon figurine. This figure is unique in that it is one of the few in the series that includes a flocked variant. The ordinary version has a slick, plastic appearance, however this “flocked” edition has carefully arranged fur all over its body.

The statue depicts Bewear in a lifelike position, with its mouth open and gaze ahead. This makes it ideal for exhibiting in its original packaging or among other collector figurines. It is presently one of the most sought-after Funko Pop figurines available due to its scarcity and distinct appearance.


Lycanroc is a Rock-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation 7. It has somewhat varied numbers and abilities in its two incarnations, Midday Form and Midnight Form. Lycanroc possesses a strong Slash attack that, when combined with its trademark move Stone Edge, causes a lot of damage. It also has access to Brick Break, as well as the speed-boosting skills Agility and Rock Polish.

Lycanroc Funko Pops are available in both Midday and Midnight Forms. It stands firmly on all fours while baring its fangs in its Midday Form, but in its Midnight Form it stands erect on two feet with a ferocious expression in its eye. The statues stand over 4 inches tall and have characteristics that resemble the official drawings of each Lycanroc seen in the games and anime series. They also include an additional maneuver, such as Stone Edge or Brick Break, for added play value.

Acerola Cosplay

Acerola cosplay is a terrific way to express your affection for your favorite Pokémon character. On Ula’ula Island in the Alola Region, Acerola, commonly known as ‘Amama’ in Japan, is the mandatory ‘ghost type’ gym leader. She beat Ash in his first trial in the Alola area, and her relationships with Lillie and Gladion are tense. Mimikyu, Palossand, Drifblim, and her trademark Pokémon, Mismagius, make up her Ghost-type Pokémon squad.

Those who desire to dress up like Acerola may do it with considerable ease—she wears a one-of-a-kind ensemble consisting of an all-white dress with long sleeves and a pleated skirt. Black embellishments around the neckline and waist, as well as two enormous ornamental crosses on each side of her shoulders, complete the look. She puts a black cardigan over it all, which she fastens with one enormous pearl button in the centre of her breast. Black knee-high boots and white stockings are worn with a single gold cross ornament on each leg below the knee. Those who want to finish the appearance may apply blue eyeshadow for additional precision.

Mimikyu Acerola

Mimikyu Acerola is an NPC that lives on Ula’ula Island in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She may be seen outside the Ruins of Abundance at night, recognizable by her dark attire, yellow eyes, and a black mask that covers her lips. Mimikyu Acerola often mentions the “Relentless Flame” and how it will help her discover what she seeks. She then begs the player to assist her in her search for this as-yet unknown thing or person.

The purported link between acerola and the Relentless Flame has never been completely explained, however it might be tied to Ula’ula’s secret religion or its wrecked altars. What is clear is that Acerola is determined to find whatever answers the Relentless Flame has to provide, and it is possible that only through assisting Acerola can players uncover its actual nature.

Another Mimikerola

In Sun and Moon, another Mimikerola – the Soaring Storm variant – lives on the Ghost of Ula’ula Island. This Mimikerola has a distinct set of techniques and stats, making it a strong opponent in combat. The healthiest specimens have a gray or light purple pigment, whilst the less healthy ones have a deeper color. Soaring Storm Mimikerola may be seen near Ula’ula Beach, Route 16, and Ten Carat Hill.

When it reaches level 45, the Soaring Storm variant of Acerola’s ghostly buddy may Mega Evolve into Mega Mimikerola. When it does so, its attack strength substantially improves but its defense marginally decreases, making it even more important in bouts against opponents with higher levels than your own Pokémon. Its distinct moveset also includes:

  • Double Kick
  • Dark Pulse
  • Rapid Attack
  • Awaken
  • Dark type techniques

all of which are certain to frighten your opponents.

Lillie and Acerola

Lillie and Acerola are two of the most essential characters in the 2016 video games Pokémon Sun and Moon. Lillie is a bashful girl in the game who travels with the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, on his adventures in Alola. Acerola is a vital supporting character that works for Professor Kukui and specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.

Lillie and Acerola were two of the earliest video game characters to appear. They have gained popularity as a result of their appearance in spin-off media like as animated shorts, manga series, and trading card games. However, unlike Ash Ketchum and other famous characters like as Team Rocket’s Jessie and James, neither has been converted into a Funko Pop figure.

Simple and Sweet

Acerola and the Ghost of Ula’ula Island Funko Pop. figurines are two of the series’ most popular. The Acerola figurine is 3.75 inches tall, wearing a modest school uniform and carrying a bag “tall and is the ideal companion for everyone who adores her in-game character. The figure of the Ghost of Ula’ula Island is 4 feet tall “Tall, with a stark white pallor and an eerie shimmering look. This figurine isn’t cheap—it costs nearly $20—but it’s worth every cent because of its detailed craftsmanship and distinctive character design.

Both figures have a huge grin hidden behind their hair, Acerola with her pigtails and the ghost with his side-swept bangs, which are tailored to each individual’s taste. Both of these figures are stunning, but if you want something a little simpler and sweeter, Acerola is the way to go.

Acerola Fan Art

Acerola fan art is a kind of artistic expression that focuses on Acerola from the video game Pokémon Sun and Moon. Acerola is a significant character in the game, offering the player with instruction and amusing dialogues along their trip. Making fan art for her has grown in popularity among Pokémon players, who like replicating their favorite scenarios and events from the game.

Drawing in either digital or traditional materials is the most common type of Acerola fan art. Many artists like creating complex backdrops for their artwork, which often include characters or things from the game. Another popular method is to create a scenario involving Acerola and other characters in the game; This might range from a heated conversation to casual banter between her and her supporters. Whatever form of fan art a person makes, it will undoubtedly reflect some piece of Acerola’s distinct personality.

Mimikyu Acerola Art

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon found in the Alola area and one of the mascots of the Pokémon Sun and Moon DLC Acerola and Ghost of Ula’ula Island. When the iconic Funko Pop figure in its image was developed, this one-of-a-kind character received special attention.

Mimikyu is designed to resemble Pikachu, but with a darker appearance. The figure brilliantly portrays this image as well, with a cast-away body draped in ragged clothes, concealing its actual identity. Mimikyu’s enigmatic atmosphere is enhanced by the color palette selected for this figure, which is dark blue and purple.

Fans of the game will know this Mimikyu from Acerola’s ghost trial on Ula’ula Island, which explains why it appears so different from other Pokémon in the series. Knowing its true identity contributes to the emotional impact that Funko Pop was able to express with this figurine.

When Acerola Was Young

Acerola is a Pokémon character that lives on Ula’ula Island in the Alola area of the planet. She was born on the island but relocated to Melemele Island with her parents when she was a child. She researched historic conflicts and returned to Ula’ula Island with her findings. Acerola is a knowledgeable woman who guides players through their adventure of combating the Ultra Beasts on Ula’ula Island.

Acerola met an elderly lady when she was young, and she was given a magic that could call strong spirits from another plane. Acerola could use this ability to summon ghost-type Pokémon from that dimension anytime she needed to. The spell also gave her the ability to locate and capture these ghostly creatures, which was very useful in safeguarding Ula’ula Island from hazardous Ultra Beasts. Furthermore, if utilized properly, this spell has the potential to make an Ultra Beast vanish forever. This talent was critical to Acerola’s purpose of keeping Ula’ula secure from any harm.

Perfect Acerola Depiction

Acerola’s appearance in Pokémon Sun and Moon is nicely captured by this Funko Pop. The figure is dressed in her trademark black and white clothing and has a solemn face that well matches the job of Alola’s Trial Captain. Characters in video games aren’t often accurately represented, but this one gives Acerola credit. As previously said, she also comes with her characteristic parasol, which is a nice extra for admirers of the Alola Leader.

Not to mention that the general aesthetics of this Funko Pop are fantastic – it seems to be a high-quality figure that would be ideal for any Pokémon fan’s collection. Whether you purchase it or not, it’s great to see Acerola getting some love in the form of a collectable.

Maid in Alola

Acerola, the Trial Captain of Ula’ula Island from the famous Pokémon series, is shown as a Funko Pop figure in Maid in Alola. This Funko Pop figure is 3.75 inches “tall” and very collectable. It has fantastic details, such as realistic eyes and hair, as well as a lovely outfit with an Alolan-style floral pattern on it.

The figure of the Ghost of Ula’ula Island is around 7 feet “tall” and accurately represents Acerola’s experience with the unexplained apparition during her island’s trial. This figurine is very detailed, with transparent plastic used to enhance the image of this weird monster.

Both figurines are excellent additions to any Pokémon fan’s collection, whether they are seasoned collectors or newcomers.

Question: Is Acerola a Ghost?

Acerola is a character from Pokémon Sun and Moon that does not have a ghost apparition form. She is the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island, the Alola region’s fourth island, and a master of Ghost-type techniques.

Acerola appears mostly as a tall, fair-skinned lady wearing a long dress that reaches her ankles. Despite her proclivity for hanging out in dark locations, she lacks ghostly or supernatural characteristics such as an ethereal appearance or the ability to pass through walls.

However, it seems that Acerola has a strange relationship with the spirits of Ula’ula Island. She often visits many areas reputed to be haunted by spirits and converses with them as if they were living. It’s likely that Acerola has evolved talents to communicate with spirits that go beyond what humans can ordinarily accomplish.

Question: Why Does Mimikins Float?

Mimikins are a kind of Pokémon found on Ula’ula Island that belongs to the Ghost family. One of their most distinguishing characteristics is their capacity to float in the air in the absence of any evident means of support. There is great discussion among experienced trainers about why they are able to achieve this, but the solution has proved tough to find.

According to one explanation, Mimikins use a phenomenon known as buoyancy, which happens when a material is immersed in a fluid and is partially or entirely supported by an upward force created by the fluid itself. This implies that because of their very small weight (approximately 5kg), they may be readily lifted off the ground and hung in midair when exposed to adequate wind. Furthermore, it’s probable that they’ve developed particular adaptations through time that enable them to better manage their buoyancy, allowing them to remain aloft for longer periods of time.

Whatever the reason for Mimikins’ capacity to float, it is obvious that this remarkable talent gives them enormous flexibility while travelling both land and water on Ula’ula Island.

Question: When Did Ash Meet Acerola?

During his travels across the Alola area, Ash first discovered Acerola on Ula’ula Island. Acerola is the leader of a Ghost-Type Pokémon research organization, and she was intrigued by Ash when he came. His understanding of Ghost-Type Pokémon and their behavior in the wild captivated her. They quickly struck an agreement to work together to uncover the enigma of Ula’ula Island.

They both ended up learning more about one other as a result of their investigation of Ula’ula, forging a solid relationship along the way. As a consequence, they each received a magical artifact known as ‘The Destiny Knot’, which enabled them to visit special locations and beat formidable opponents. This artifact finally assisted them in defeating Lusamine’s secret weapon, Necrozma, resulting in Ash’s successful completion of his mission through Alola.

Question: Is Nanu Acerolas Uncle?

In the game Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nanu is Acerola’s uncle. Acerola was originally from Ula’ula Island, where Nanu resided and served as a member of the region’s Elite Four kahuna. After Nanu discovered Alola and migrated to Aether Paradise, where he became one of the island guards, the two finally met.

Nanu became her guardian when she was still preparing to become a kahuna, and the two have stayed close ever since. This link is finally cemented when they make the Destiny Knot at the Ruins of Abundance on Ula’ula Island. This knot represents their bond and dedication to one another, as well as their common wish to keep Alola safe.

Question: Is Acerola the Same Age as Ash?

Both Acerola and Ash look to be the same age, but is Acerola really the same age as Ash? To address this topic, we must look at the criteria utilized by Pokemon game producers to determine whether a character is an adult.

In most situations, a character’s age is indicated by their physical development and ability to freely wander within the territory in which they inhabit. Acerola seems to have the same degree of physical development as Ash and does not appear to be restricted in her travel inside Ula’ula Island. Furthermore, she is well-versed in the island’s Ghost-type Pokémon information, which is generally reserved for adults.

For these grounds, it is reasonable to deduce that Acerola is the same age as Ash.

Acerola and Her Spooky Self

Acerola is the mysterious Ghost girl of Ula’ula Island in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She has a haunting presence on the island and may be encountered in numerous locations. She is claimed to have been a victim of the cursed Ula’ula Island, and she currently exists as a ghost with a tragic backstory.

Acerola has been depicted as a very strong spirit capable of manipulating energy and casting great evil spells. She has a link with the island’s Ghost-type Pokémon, which she can order to perform her bidding. Her reason for being on Ula’ula Island seems to be related to the discovery of Z-Crystals, while her exact objectives remain unknown.

Despite her unusual talent, Acerola is more than meets the eye; given the opportunity, she’s really rather nice. Acerola’s part in all of this becomes obvious as you get closer to discovering Ula’ula Island’s mysteries.

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As a result, by clicking on the Read More button, readers will receive access to a wider choice of materials, enabling them to choose cards depending on their preferences and budget. Furthermore, more specific information may assist customers in making more educated decisions when purchasing personalized wooden Pokémon cards.

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