Get the best Pokemon starter deck for new Pokemon card beginners to help you get started with the game and increase your chances of winning.

What Are Pokemon Starter Decks?

Pokémon Starter Decks are pre-built decks that have been specifically designed for new players. In order to play the game in a fair way, they comprise a mix of fundamental energy cards, Pokémon cards, and Trainer cards.

Starter decks are meant to include nearly equal quantities of various sorts of cards so that new players may learn how to play without needing to buy many packs or boxes of trade cards. Starter decks come with simple instructions and rules, making them an easy method for novices to get started. Additionally, beginning packs often include several rarer and more powerful cards than standard booster packs, providing new players an advantage while competing against more seasoned players.

What Your Pokemon Started Deck Should Contain

When designing a Pokémon beginning deck, having the appropriate assortment of cards is critical. Pokémon, Trainers, and Energy cards should be spread throughout the deck. Pokémon cards should be selected with a range of sorts and levels so you may be ready for any circumstance. Furthermore, some strong Trainer and Energy cards that give useful benefits throughout fight must be included.

Around 40 cards are often included in the most effective Pokémon beginner decks; 20-25 Pokémon cards, 12-15 Trainer/Energy cards, and 4-6 Legendary or Rare cards are included. About 8 of the 20-25 Pokémon in your deck should be Basic Pokémon with low-level evolutions Stage 1 & 2. If you’re playing against someone who hasn’t developed their own personalized deck yet, this combination of super basic and somewhat more sophisticated Pokémon will offer you an advantage. The remaining non-basic Pokémon should be chosen with consideration depending on the kind or theme of your deck.

Finally, the key to winning is possessing the correct mix of Trainer & Energy Cards to power up your movements.

Theme Decks vs Battle Decks

When it comes to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, one of the most crucial decisions you may make is whether to use Theme Decks or Battle Decks.

  • Theme decks are pre-assembled decks that include cards from a certain theme, such as Charmander, Gyarados, or Charizard. These are ideal for beginner players who need to construct a solid foundation and learn the fundamentals of the game.
  • Battle Decks, on the other hand, are ready-to-play decks that include all of the cards needed to participate in a tournament. For experienced players who wish to confront their opponents, these decks include more powerful cards and a range of techniques.

Finally, it is up to each individual player to choose which format is best for them.

V VMax and GX Pokemon TCG Cards

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), V, VMAX, and GX cards are among the most sought-after. VMAX cards have high HP, strong attacks, and specific abilities that may tip the scales in any player’s favor during a fight. GX cards are very powerful basic Pokémon with tremendous attacks and Abilities that have no extra effects when defeated. Both categories include some of the most powerful cards currently available, making them fantastic picks for any newcomer embarking on a Pokémon TCG adventure.

Players that wish to enter into tournament-level play might consider designing a deck containing VMAX and GX Pokémon. They may be a strong force on the battlefield due to their high HP, powerful attacks, and valuable effects. Decks built on these cards may assist players in elevating their game.

How We Chose These Pokemon Starter Decks

We looked at a range of variables to build our decision of the finest Pokémon Starter Deck for beginner players. First, we looked at the variety of cards in each deck and how simple it is to assemble a solid deck from them. We also evaluated whether each starter focuses on a single kind of Pokémon or allows you to diversify and gather many types. The availability and pricing of game components, booster packs, and cards from prior seasons were also taken into consideration.

By delivering great decks at an accessible price range, the decks we choose give new players with an efficient option to enter into competitive play without spending too much money. We also wanted to make sure that these decks were easily accessible online, so that anybody could buy them and start collecting their own unique collection right away. With these factors in mind, we are certain that our selections reflect some of the best Pokémon starting decks currently available.

Best Pokemon Starter Decks

Pokemon starter decks may be a great way to begin your collection of Pokemon cards. These decks are specifically meant for beginner players who are just beginning into the game, and they include a wide variety of cards to assist them get started. Basic energy cards, basic Pokemon cards, Trainer cards, and sometimes Evolution cards may all be found in starter decks. They generally include enough cards in them for you to make your own 30-card deck or learn to play using a pre-made deck.

Different businesses also make starting decks with certain tactics in mind, such as Fire & Water or Fighting & Psychic kinds, so be sure to check into these possibilities as well if you’re looking for something more specialized to your style of play. Whichever beginning deck you pick, it may certainly be a useful tool for individuals who are just getting started with the Pokemon TCG.

Charizard Theme Deck

For newcomers to the Pokémon trading card game, the Charizard Theme Deck is an excellent choice. This fascinating deck contains a set of Energy cards, different Pokémon, and a variety of Trainers with various useful skills, in addition to Charizard as the primary Pokémon.

The Charizard theme deck is action-packed, allowing you to take risks and see your power increase as you personalize and construct your own formidable deck. This deck has powerful attacks that may easily beat the decks of other players.

This starting pack not only includes all of the cards you need to start playing right away, but it also includes extra cards to allow you construct and personalize your own unique strategy. This starter pack features everything a novice collector needs to get started by mixing diverse methods such as:

  • Drawing more cards
  • Powering up certain Pokémon
  • Employing tech-like trainer cards

Laser Focus

For rookie Pokémon card players, Laser Focus decks are excellent beginning decks. They provide a simple play pattern that takes use of the Laser moves seen in several popular cards. This kind of deck concentrates on using these strong Laser attacks, which can one-hit KO an opponent’s Pokémon regardless of their current HP in one turn.

This sort of deck also includes numerous other types of cards, such as Item cards and Supporter cards, which enable players to draw additional cards from their deck and strengthen the effects of their cards during play. Because these Laser Focus decks include just a few kinds of cards, they are intended for individuals who are new to Pokémon card fighting and want to get a feel for the game before exploring its other features.

Relentless Flame

For those who are new to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Relentless Flame is an excellent beginner deck. The Charizard VMAX card, which gives amazing power and a surprise attack that will keep your opponents guessing, serves as the deck’s focal point. This deck also includes Charizard-GX, who can perform two devastating attacks in a single round.

The remaining cards bring out the best in your Pokémon, providing you access to some of the game’s most powerful techniques. It also features strong energy cards that let your Pokémon to unleash powerful moves while replenishing their energy at any moment. All of these tools and tactics allow you to build complicated plans that will give you an advantage over even the most experienced opponents.

Each Relentless Flame deck includes:

  • 6 booster packs
  • Damage counters
  • Money

so you can start playing right away with no extra expenditures.

Soaring Storm

One of the most well-liked Pokémon beginning decks for novice players is Soaring Storm. It includes 60 cards that concentrate on water-type Pokémon and electric-type Pokémon, enabling you to devise a strategy to exploit the numerous combinations. Four strong trainer cards and three rare, holo cards are also included in the deck.

Soaring Storm features a strong foundation of water-type Pokémon with great attack capabilities, including as Feraligatr, Blastoise, and Octillery, which may be utilized to protect your bench or your prize card. You may also deploy the electric type Pokémon, like as Magnezone or Jolteon, to interrupt your opponent’s tactics.

Soaring Storm is an excellent beginner’s deck since it is easy to learn and has all of the necessary components for a competitive deck.

Drednaw Theme Deck

For both novice and experienced Pokémon card players, the Drednaw Theme Deck is the ideal beginner deck. The pre-built deck comes with a full set of Drednaw Energy as well as all of the necessary cards for playing the popular trading card game. This energy type is most suited to Grass type Pokémon, so you can get the most out of any Grass type Pokémon you come across.

Trainer cards like Potion, Switch, and Great Ball are also included in the Drednaw Theme Deck. This enables you to search your deck for the precise card you need when it counts the most. Marnie, Stealthy Hood, and PokéNav are just a few of the potent Supporter cards that are included. These Supporter cards are helpful for switching up plans in the middle of the game or disrupting your opponent’s strategy when necessary.

Victini V Battle Deck

The Victini V Battle Deck is an excellent choice for beginning Pokémon card players. This themed deck includes the strong Victini V, a Pokémon legendary capable of tremendous damage and having an incredible attack potential. Dedenne GX, Tapu Koko Prism Star, Heatran GX, and Reshiram& Charizard GX are just a few of the other valuable cards it has.

With this deck of cards, you can rapidly learn the ins and outs of Pokemon Trading Card Game and become a master in no time. Victini V may easily crush your opponents with the appropriate strategy and techniques. The deck also includes a leaflet that teaches you how to play and provides advice on which cards to use to optimize your damage output while reducing your opponent’s chances of winning.

With Victini V Battle Deck, you may start your journey to become a great Pokemon Card player.

Blastoise V Battle Deck

For beginning Pokémon card players, the Blastoise V Battle Deck is an excellent choice. The Pokémon Company produced this 60-card pre-constructed deck, which includes the famous Blastoise V as well as dynamic water-type Pokémon and powerful Trainer cards. Every item in the deck has a specific function that helps it perform effectively in combat, making it an excellent pick for newcomers to the game.

The Blastoise V Battle Deck MyPokeCard contains a variety of cards to give a balanced range of strategic choices when playing. This net pros cons mypokecard deck offers play utility ideal for a wide range of matchups, from powerful Evolution cards with high damage outputs likeDrizzile V and Wartortle V to rapid Energy switching choices like Switch and Quick Ball. By understanding the many tools included in this package, inexperienced players may rapidly get acquainted with how all of the game’s components interact to develop an efficient strategy.

Unseen Depths

For novice Pokémon card players, Unseen Depths is an excellent beginning deck. Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are among the cards in the Unseen Depths theme deck. You may get acquainted with the game’s core tactics and mechanics by using these cards.

To provide newbies with a well-rounded knowledge of the game, the Unseen Depths deck also contains several strong cards like Strong Energy, Nidoqueen, Beast Energy, Pikachu& Zekrom-GX, and more. Additionally, these cards will assist players in developing combinations that would allow them to beat opponents more easily. You’ll have enough resourceful cards in Unseen Depths to get you started in the world of Pokémon TCG.

Storm Caller

Storm Caller, a comprehensive 60-card pre-constructed deck with four holo cards and a variety of various moves, is an excellent introductory deck for novice Pokémon card players. This deck is intended to teach the fundamentals of the game while also providing an exciting way to explore the universe of Pokémon cards. It is ideal for people who want to learn the game or refresh their tactics.

The Storm Caller Deck concentrates on the elemental type Electabuzz, providing it with a plethora of lightning-based attacks This official custom card service deck is ideal for individuals who are familiar playing with other decks, since it has more than enough power and abilities to compete with them, allowing players to quickly realize how powerful this type can be.most other players at an intermediate level.


When beginning a Pokémon card game, it’s crucial to examine the bottom line. While it may be tempting to purchase the first deck of Pokémon cards you come across, there are a few things to think about before spending your money.

When it comes to picking the ideal beginner deck for new players, the bottom line is that there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, some well-liked beginning decks are:

  • XY Ancient Origins’ Mythical Fire Deck
  • XY Fates Collide’s Legendary Exchange Deck
  • XY Evolutions’ Best of XY Power Deck

Many experienced players advocate starting with a Theme Deck and progressively expanding on it as you get more gaming expertise. Whatever method you choose to begin your collection, remember that patience is essential.

Best Pokemon Starter Deck For Pokemon Card Beginners

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