Bright Security provides developers with a powerful and dynamic application testing solution. This solution has been gaining popularity because it can conduct deep and accurate tests, giving developers greater confidence in the security of their apps.

In this article, we will explore how Bright Security compares to other app testing solutions and what sets it apart from the competition.

Bright Security lands $20M for dev-focused dynamic app testing

Bright Security provides comprehensive, comprehensive App Testing solutions for back-end and front-end web applications. Our approach combines static and dynamic testing, interactive analysis and manual validations to help you identify security risks quickly. Bright Security’s proprietary platform helps simplify the testing process and provides useful visuals for understanding results.

Our team of experienced security professionals collects data about your system in three stages: Design, Build and Test. This ensures that your security measures are built into the app from day one. Our automated testing helps catch potential issues before they impact the end user experience. We also offer vulnerability remediation to help track, prioritize, and fix found issues fast.

With our flexible+ customizable approach, Bright Security can fit into any infrastructure or budget requirements you have. We understand your time is valuable so with us it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Simply select desired features in our easy-to-use control panel interface, add configured services quickly through our API connectors and let our experts fine tune your application protection plan in no time!

We’re confident that Bright Security will provide you with a highly effective solution implemented quickly at a price point that makes sense for your business needs today—and tomorrow!

Overview of other app testing solutions

Before comparing Bright Security against existing mobile application testing solutions, it’s important to understand these solutions and how they work. There are a variety of app testing solutions including static analysis, dynamic analysis, network security assessment (NSA), code auditing, and others. Each of these solutions offers unique proactive capabilities intended to identify and fix potential weaknesses in mobile applications before they become a problem.

Static Analysis is the process of examining the code of an app without its execution. This allows for careful review of every line in every module that comprises the application. Through this process, potential problems with coding techniques can be identified as well as structural elements within modules that could indicate malware.

Dynamic Analysis involves running the app through a comprehensive range of testing activities by simulating user actions such as screen swipes and accessing services like location and camera during the program’s execution. The benefits of dynamic analysis include the ability to detect errors in API usage, issues with input validation or filtering, malicious behaviour, data leakage or system crashes while performing typical usage scenarios within an app.

Network Security Assessment (NSA) looks at which API calls are used by an app to access external resources such as 3rd party websites or APIs provided by cloud service providers like AWS or Azure. It evaluates these calls for insecure transmission protocols or unencrypted data storage recommendations about current mobile security best practices. NSA also identifies holes in the data structure exchanged between an app and its server-side counterparts (backend services).

In addition to these categories, some exploratory tests can be performed with tools such as reverse engineering debuggers in order to check an application’s internal code for unintended vulnerabilities from third-party libraries and other sources outside the scope of classical test engagements (Source Code Auditing).

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Bright Security vs. Other Solutions

Bright Security is a Dynamic App Testing Platform that helps developers quickly find security vulnerabilities in their applications. Recently, the company announced that it has raised $20M to develop this testing platform.

In this article, we will compare Bright Security against other app testing solutions available in the market, looking at the features and benefits of each solution.

Features comparison

Regarding app security testing, there are many solutions on the market. Each solution offers a unique set of features to consider when choosing the best solution for your application. In this section, we will compare Bright Security’s features to other app testing solutions available on the market.

Bright Security offers persistent security tests, detection of common vulnerabilities and compliance checks for the OWASP top ten mobile application risks. It is capable of multi-platform and language support, generating static and dynamic analysis data, fully automated cloud-based functionality and has several integrations with third-party scanners.

Other app testing solutions offer similar benefits but may differ in language support, scan reports/performance review or compliance with industry standards like OWASP. Most scanning solutions offer easy integration with third-party scanners but some also offer manual analysis capabilities that require additional research or scrutiny by a trained analyst. Additionally, some solutions may be limited in their scan coverage or have slow performance times that can delay vulnerability resolution.

Regardless of which specific option you choose for your mobile application security needs, it’s important to evaluate all available tools and consider the features each one offers to decide which is most suited for your needs. Bright Security brings a focus on persistent security testing that drives customers towards deeper levels of oversight over their applications than those found in many popular alternatives on the market today.

Pricing comparison

When it comes to app security, finding the right solution can be a challenge. As with any technology purchase, the question of cost comes into play — and pricing structures among different providers vary widely. To help you make the best decision for your needs and budget, let’s look at what Bright Security’s offering stands up against competing solutions on the market.

Pricing comparison between Bright Security and other solutions:

Bright Security: Bright Security’s pricing is based on an annual subscription model that starts from $499/year/app (unlimited users). The annual fee has no setup costs or data limits.

Other Solutions: Other security solutions typically require an upfront cost for setup, as well as ongoing charges based on usage or time spent testing. Prices generally range from $10 to $100+ per hour, depending on complexity and customized services needed.

Although prices may vary depending on resources utilized, Bright Security’s annual fee structure makes it a great fit for teams looking for reliable enterprise-level app security without having to worry about overspending or additional fees along the way.

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Pros and cons of each solution

When selecting an app security solution, it’s important to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions. Bright Security offers an enterprise-level approach to app security that includes comprehensive threat detection, remediation guidance, and value-added features including automated regression testing. Review some of the most common tools used to protect applications alongside Bright Security.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solutions can be divided into two categories: open source solutions such as Findbugs and proprietary solutions like Veracode. Open source tools offer a cost advantage but may not include all the features necessary for enterprise-level protection. This leaves organizations vulnerable to threats due to a lack of features or scalability issues. Proprietary tooling is expensive and designed for larger enterprises with more feature-rich scanning capabilities.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions scan applications running in production environments and can detect application vulnerabilities as they appear in real time along with identifying misconfigurations that could cause disruptions or even a data breach. Popular SAST alternatives include IBM AppScan, WhiteHat Security Scanner, HP WebInspector and Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. The downside is that these products can be expensive or require deployment if licensed on premise. Many of these solutions also lack remediation guidance or workflow automation capabilities which makes them less desirable than Bright Security for organizations looking for true enterprise level security protection.

Bright Security stands out amongst its competitors because it offers over 1 million verifiable tests, automated regression testing powered by proprietary methods such as Symbolic Execution and Bayesian Program Analysis (BPA) providing developers with code-level remediation guidance at no additional cost enabling faster feedback cycles lowering production costs. As an AI-driven solution, users will benefit from automated reports detailing threats found on the application alongside actionable insight into how those issues should be addressed providing unprecedented visibility across their apps keeping them secure from would-be attackers.

Bright Security’s $20M Funding

Bright Security is a dynamic application testing platform recently closing a $20M funding round. With this investment, Bright Security looks to become a standout app testing solution in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

In this article, we will look closer at Bright Security and compare the service to its competitors.

Overview of the funding

On March 9, 2021, Bright Security announced that it had secured $20 million in Series A funding. Led by Millennium Technology Value Partners (MTVP), this round of funding included both new and existing investors such as Battery Ventures and Square 1 Bank.

The round brings capital to $27 million, enabling Bright Security to expand its R&D and sales operations to better compete with larger competitors in the application security market. The latest funding release comes from increasing demand for secure applications, combined with a growing concern about protecting digital assets from cyber threats.

Bright Security is an automated application security testing platform that detects vulnerabilities in source code and other development assets before they can become threats. The company’s technology helps developers detect and eliminate potential vulnerabilities across multiple software platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web browsers, cloud computing platforms like Azure and AWS, and networks and operating systems like Linux.

As part of its mission to make app security easier than ever before for developers to implement quickly and effectively, Bright Security provides vast reporting capabilities so teams can monitor their progress over time. It also provides customers an AI-driven mobile security analyzer for manual app penetration testing on iOS or Android devices. The latest funding round serves as further validation of the company’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises’ application security needs.

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What the funding will be used for

Bright Security, a cloud-based application testing platform, has recently announced the completion of its $20M funding. This strategic investment will help the company scale their innovative product platform and expand its offerings to meet the growing needs of businesses worldwide.

The funding was led by Insight Partners, a venture capital and private equity firm, who has become a long-term strategic partner for Bright Security. This investment follows Bright Security’s rapid success as one of the most comprehensive app testing solutions available today.

The funds will be used to strengthen Bright Security’s technical capabilities as well as expand their R&D group to continue to provide high quality services. The money will also allow the company to invest in additional customer education resources to keep up with industry trends and ensure that customers remain secure from the latest threats. Additionally, it will provide Bright Security with additional capacity for expanding their global customer base and accelerating sales growth across new geographies and markets.

How the funding will benefit customers

Bright Security, a vulnerability assessment and inspection solution provider, recently finished its Series A funding round in which it successfully raised $20M. The funds will help further develop its technology and build out the company’s engineering and product teams. This will allow Bright Security to provide customers with more accurate vulnerability detection, faster response times and better overall security performance.

The investment accelerates the company’s mission to make secure app testing easier for everyone in the industry — from startups to Fortune 500s. With this new funding, Bright Security strengthens its position in the application testing landscape and can continue offering the most efficient and cost-effective tools available.

The influx of capital creates an opportunity for customers to have a more affordable option while securing their applications from potential vulnerabilities such as XSS attacks and SQL injections. With a world-class security platform, customers can sift through false positives quickly, reduce their number of system alerts and rid their applications of any flaws that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Furthermore, the recent funding announcement provides Bright Security with additional resources that can facilitate better customer service when responding to user issues or providing support on new feature requests. This means less downtime for users waiting on assistance or deeper insights into newly discovered threats within applications using Bright Security’s technology.

Customers will undoubtedly benefit from this new influx of funding as it allows for further development within the company’s infrastructure and improved user experience when dealing with customer service issues or learning about how new features can assist them in detecting unknown threats within their application stack.


Bright Security offers a dev-focused dynamic app testing solution that stands out. Its secure, machine learning-driven platform automates complex tests and scans to help you stay ahead of the curve. Regarding features, pricing, and overall performance, Bright Security is unquestionably a great option.

However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of Bright Security and its competition when deciding. Let’s take a closer look.

Summary of Bright Security’s features and benefits

Bright Security provides an advanced, comprehensive application testing solution with several salient features and benefits. The platform includes static and dynamic security testing for web applications, mobile applications (Android and iOS), APIs, microservices, HCE tokens, ASM Protections, etc., and a powerful On-Demand Source Code Analysis (SCA) offering.

Moreover, Bright Security provides extensive real-time dashboards displaying security issues found in the code with severity measured by their proprietary risk scoring system — all with detailed instructions on how to solve them.

An additional benefit of Bright Security is their intuitive user interface which makes deploying the tool easier than ever before. The UI allows granular control over settings and preferences including application-level script injection configuration customized to any developer’s needs.

Finally, Bright Security stands out from other solutions through its approach by not just reporting on security findings but actively suggesting possible solutions and providing recommendations on how to fix identified issues – making development teams productive quickly and reliably. Combined with their stable of advanced features and robust user interface customization options, these benefits allow Bright Security to stand out from competing providers of application testing solutions on the market today.

Summary of the other app testing solutions

Bright Security’s full suite of App Testing services offers comprehensive security testing solutions, which compare favorably to other App Testing services. Below is a summary of the unique features offered by other services:

• Veracode: Offers static and dynamic testing as well as architecture-level assessment, malware detection, and configuration management.

• IBM Application Security on Cloud: Provides security testing through automated scans on source code, mobile application assessments with deep context-aware analysis and independent reviews.

• Checkmarx: Offers security scanning solutions that identify vulnerabilities in source code and configuration files, such as malware detection and database configuration checks.

• WhiteHat Security Sentinel: Delivers automated vulnerability scanning capabilities with minimal false positives, high accuracy detection rates and user access control monitoring.

• App Vetting Service (AVS): Provides independent assessment of applications for vulnerable content including cross-site scripting/cross-site request forgery (XSS/CSRF), SQL injection flaws.

Bright Security provides all the services above plus much more in the way of application penetration testing such as manual code auditing, real time monitoring service for web applications, network assessments and more that can help you keep your applications secure from external threats promptly. Additionally Bright Security also helps customers stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of cybersecurity to stay ahead of new threats.

Summary of Bright Security’s $20M funding

Bright Security is an innovative app testing company that recently secured $20M in funding. The company’s technology leverages AI-driven security analysis to identify application vulnerabilities without manual coding. This means finding and fixing bugs is simpler and more efficient, reducing development time and increasing security.

The new capital injection will be used by Bright Security to accelerate its product roadmap and expand its expert team of developers, project managers, security analysts, threat hunters, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers. Furthermore, the funding will help Bright Security develop new capabilities such as run time vulnerability detection for mobile apps.

With its latest round of funding, Bright Security is well-positioned to establish a market-leading position in the very active App Testing Solutions space. In addition to the large existing competition in the sector from companies such as Veracode then there are several leading unicorns entering into this field including Snyk, Contrast who have also recently raised significant funding rounds.

Although these competitors pose a significant challenge to Bright Security’s potential market share growth they also offer competitors with additional related offerings which could increase their overall market share if partnerships or strategic deals can be reached. It remains to be seen how these dynamics will play out in the next few months ahead. Still, it certainly promises to be an exciting period for companies looking to enable secure development within their organizations through automated testing solutions.

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