Fluid Truck, a San Francisco-based truck-sharing startup, has seen a huge surge in investment after raising $63 million in funding.

The company is at the forefront of the trucking industry, using a sharing model to provide trucking services at a fraction of the cost. Fluid Truck aims to revolutionize the trucking industry, making it more efficient and cost-effective for both customers and truckers alike.

In this article, we will explore how Fluid Truck is changing the trucking industry.

Truck-Sharing Startup Fluid Truck Hauls In $63 Million From Investors

Fluid Truck is a revolutionary platform that is transforming the trucking industry. Utilizing modern technology, it facilitates communication, efficiency and safety across supply chain stakeholders in the freight ecosystem. Fluid Truck is a whole-package solution that works across all modes of transportation and provides realtime tracking so businesses can monitor their shipments with ease and accuracy.

The platform integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise systems and provides numerous value-added services to businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain processes. It offers various features ranging from analytics and reporting to payment processing, inventory management, pricing optimization and route planning. Fluid Truck has simplified how carriers manage their operations, making it easier to connect with shippers looking for cost effective long haul transportation services.

By connecting shippers with vetted carriers in a reliable network of service providers, Fluid Truck has reduced transport prices by optimizing delivery routes, minimizing empty miles travelled and reducing wait times at depots or loading terminals. Carriers benefit from increased profits due to having better visibility into available loads, improved pricing optimization through automated quoting systems and more efficient back office processes thanks to integrated payment processing solutions. Shippers no longer have to worry about overcharging by carriers as they can access transparent pricing options enabled by Fluid Truck’s sophisticated algorithm based on current market demand.

How it is changing the trucking industry

Fluid Truck is revolutionizing the trucking industry by offering a platform that bridges the gap between shippers and carriers. By using their mobile app, companies can access real-time visibility about their fleet and other shipments, enabling them to quickly find available trucks and make delivery as efficient as possible. The system also simplifies paperwork by making it easier to view bill of ladings, manage invoices, track payment terms and negotiate rates.

Furthermore, Fluid Truck’s cloud-based logistics platform enables dispatch teams to easily assign hauls or send electronic work orders across the country or worldwide in just a few clicks. Companies in need of trucks can search for carriers with specific availability and equipment specifications instantly — right down to preferred lanes — eliminating the need for cold-calling or waiting on calls from brokers that may or may not arrive in time.

The application also allows companies to closely manage their operations and provide enhanced tracking visibility. This includes precise location tracking and advanced telematics data — all delivered in real time directly from Fluid Truck’s web and mobile applications. Ultimately, this helps fleets better understand driver routines, how far they drive each day, where they stop for meals or rest breaks and how fuel consumption affects efficiency decisions.

Fluid Truck’s Funding

Last month, truck-sharing startup Fluid Truck announced that it has raised $63 million in funding from a group of investors. This comes when the trucking industry is disrupted by an influx of new technologies and changing consumer needs.

Let’s look at what the investment in Fluid Truck means for the industry.

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Overview of the $63 million in funding

Since its formation in 2017, Fluid Truck, a trucking and logistics company based in California’s Silicon Valley, has raised over 63 million dollars in private funding to help launch their innovative logistics platform. This platform is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency of the trucking industry by providing an integrated solution for tracking deliveries, forecasting market demand, and managing driver performance.

The largest portion of this funding round was raised from venture capital firm Accel Partners. This investment was supported by additional investments from Omidyar Network, DBL Partners and Metamorphic Ventures. This current round brings Fluid Truck’s total fundraising to $142 million since its founding three years ago.

The Series C funding will be used to further develop their modern transportation software, as well as expand their market offerings into new regions. The success of this recent funding has been attributed largely to Fluid’s commitment to developing a comprehensive platform that leverages data-driven insights with advanced machine learning capabilities to accelerate the growth rate of digital freight services across the country.

Ultimately, this financial support allows Fluid Truck greater opportunities for innovation and expansion within the industry by providing it with critical resources necessary to fully realize its vision of revolutionizing the trucking and digital freight businesses at a global scale.

Investors involved in the funding round

Fluid Truck’s recent funding round was supported by several notable investors, including NEXT Trucking, Canvas Ventures, and Wave Capital.

Next Trucking is an end-to-end digital freight platform that powers smarter load boards, faster payments and stronger connections across the trucking industry. Canvas Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage companies that generally focus on enterprise software and services, marketplaces/platforms, finance tech (FinTech), insurance tech (InsurTech) and healthcare. Wave Capital is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm focused on seed to growth investments in enterprise software companies.

The round also saw participation from AXL Ventures, eonAIM partners, Trucks Venture Capital Fund II LP (a Fund operated by Trucks Venture Capital LLP), Schematic Ventures and RLM Co-Invest. Axl Ventures focuses on helping bring transformational companies into market leadership in their respective industries. At the same time, eonAIM Partners invests primarily in early stage technology start-ups with high potential for success. Trucks Venture Capital is the first cross-border fund dedicated solely to trucking technology investments and has invested in over 115+ startups since its launch three years ago. Schematic Ventures focuses on seed investments for technical founders with a go to market strategy for their products. At the same time, RLM Co-Invest invests across all stages of growth from pre seed to Series B Stage providing operational support and access to resources when necessary.

Fluid Truck’s Impact

Fluid Truck, one of the emerging truck-sharing startups, has recently raised $63 million from its investors. With this influx of capital, Fluid Truck is rapidly transforming the trucking industry by introducing innovative solutions and technologies.

In this article, we’ll examine how Fluid Truck disrupts the traditional trucking industry and what this means for the future.

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How Fluid Truck is making the trucking industry more efficient

Fluid Truck is revolutionizing the trucking industry with new ways to make delivery processes more efficient. By utilizing their cutting-edge technology, fleet managers can now view live locations and statuses of all vehicles within their fleet, resulting in greater visibility and improved response time for customer inquiries. Additionally, improved dispatches reduce delays due to traffic congestion, faulty orders or incorrect loads.

Fluid Truck also enables drivers with scheduling and communication tools that help them stay connected to deliveries and maintain a relationship between management and employees. The use of these tools also offers advancements in making driver pay for when it is earned, rather than waiting for the load to be completed or monthly payment days. This gives drivers more control over their paystubs so they can budget accordingly while reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Using Fluid Truck technology helps fleets get ahead of problems that have the potential to cause huge delays in the trucking industry by providing real-time alerts so managers can respond immediately should any unexpected issues arise. The powerful reporting features available give better insights into fleet performance which helps improve operations overall by identifying areas where improvement is needed most and pinpointing potential uncollected revenue sources.

Ultimately, Fluid Truck’s services offer advanced visibility systems designed with powerful performance metrics that enable fleets of all sizes to maximize efficiency while retaining quality control operations to stay ahead of any upcoming trucking issues that may threaten the progress made within the industry.

How Fluid Truck is helping truck drivers

Fluid Truck is driving positive change in the trucking industry. With its revolutionary platform, Fluid Truck has created a more seamless process for truck drivers to connect with shippers and transport shipments. By streamlining the entire transaction process, more time is freed up to focus on making life better for drivers.

Part of this effort involves providing financial stability and security to truck drivers. Through its membership program, Fluid Truck drivers can access several benefits that make daily living easier such as discounted fuel prices, free meals and medical care reimbursement. In addition, the company facilitates regular credit rating updates which helps optimize overall financial planning.

Fluid Truck also understands that downtime is an important aspect of driver’s lives and has created programs designed to support rest. These include supporting stops at tourist locations where drivers can enjoy some of America’s greatest landmarks while progressing towards their delivery objective. Additionally, the company provides emergency roadside assistance services as needed to help keep trips moving as quickly and safely as possible.

Fluid Trucks makes sure that its members aren’t just treated as part of a business transaction but rather like part of a family – from flexible payment terms that make life easier for longer trip durations to 24-hour customer support enabled by an in-house dispatcher with extensive knowledge about FSMA regulations for all types of shipments. As service providers continue to compete for their business, members will continue to benefit from these measures aimed at making their daily living more comfortable and secure.

Challenges Faced by Fluid Truck

Fluid Truck, a new truck-sharing startup, is quickly making its mark in the trucking industry. With $63 million raised from investors, the company aims to make trucking more efficient and cost-effective.

But Fluid Truck faces some major challenges if they want to become a successful truck-sharing platform. In this discussion, we’ll be exploring some of the major challenges the company currently faces.

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Regulatory challenges

The trucking industry faces many regulations, and staying compliant can be challenging. Fluid Truck is uniquely positioned to help in this area. Our FLUX software interprets regulations from over 300 agencies in 31 states, allowing carriers to focus on the most relevant and up-to-date rules for their business. This saves time and money in researching individual cases or relying solely on manual reviews.

In addition, our Driver Scorecard is designed to help carriers identify potential safety risks before they become larger issues by using data analysis and tracking various behaviors such as hard braking or speeding. This helps keep drivers in compliance with state and federal standards, reduces the risk of crashes, and increases the overall efficiency of each delivery operation. As regulations change, our software automatically updates with new rules so carriers remain compliant.

Overall, Fluid Truck is helping trucking companies stay ahead of regulatory changes while improving safety and efficiency through real-time data analysis. By keeping tabs on compliance issues while monitoring driver behavior, we enable both small fleets as well as larger organizations to manage their operations more effectively while lowering the cost of deliveries due to reduced time spent on regulatory paperwork or waiting in line at weigh stations.

Competition from other truck-sharing startups

Over the past few years, various truck-sharing startups have joined the market and are proving to be a major challenge for Fluid Truck. These startups include Evenload, Flexport, Porter and Cargomatic. Each of these services specialize in different areas of the trucking industry and offer competitive rates to customers. Evenload specializes in long-haul freight and is most relevant to Fluid Truck’s focus. Flexport specializes in air freight, while Porter mainly focuses on local freight delivery and pick up services. Cargomatic offers crowd sourced shipping with a focus on last mile logistics.

Though each of these companies are competing on price, they all differ significantly from Fluid Truck in terms of their technologies and the kinds of services offered. For example, Evenload offers customers access to a network of over 10 million trucks across 8 countries in Europe. In contrast, Flexport offers customers access to its proprietary ‘Flex Track’ technology which enables shipment tracking in more than 200 countries worldwide for air freight shipments. This makes it difficult for Fluid Truck to compete from a technological standpoint as other companies have already developed more advanced solutions than what’s offered by Fluid Truck. Moreover, many customers may prefer certain features offered by some of these competitors which can pose an additional challenge for Fluid Truck when it comes to competing for customers.


Fluid Truck, the innovative truck-sharing startup, has made a huge impact in the trucking industry. The company has completed its series B funding round, raising an impressive $63 million from investors.

The company’s impressive platform is creating new opportunities for truckers, providing them with an efficient way to manage their business, as well as more flexibility in their routes and hauls.

In conclusion, we can say that Fluid Truck is the future of the trucking industry and its ideas are sure to revolutionize the industry.

Summary of Fluid Truck’s impact on the trucking industry

The introduction of automated trucking services has revolutionized the traditional trucking industry. Fluid Truck, a leading innovator, has brought tremendous change to small and large transportation companies.

Fluid Truck automates dispatching driverless trucks that operate at a fraction of the cost of human manned vehicles. This technology utilizes advanced sensors and AI capabilities to identify optimal routes and communicate with local authorities in emergencies. It offers a cost-effective solution for transportation companies to increase efficiency and delivery speed without having to upgrade their fleets or hire additional staff.

Moreover, Fluid Truck’s driverless trucks have proven to be extremely reliable when performing difficult tasks such as backing up trailer couplers or driving on narrow roads. The company also ensures safety standards are consistently met by regularly inspecting their vehicles for signs of malfunction or wear-and-tear. These features have resulted in greater customer satisfaction, improved operating costs, and efficient delivery services for large-scale businesses across different industries—from food management companies to agricultural supply chains.

In conclusion, it’s no surprise that Fluid Truck is changing the way businesses transport their goods across America – making operations more efficient while offering a safe platform at lower costs than traditional trucking solutions can provide.

Future outlook for Fluid Truck

As Fluid Truck continues to expand into more markets, they show no sign of slowing down. The company recently announced their plans to add additional trucks and hire over 30 new staff members by the end of 2020.

As Fluid Truck pushes forward with their industry-leading technology and innovative business practices, the driving industry will surely take notice. With an aim for customer service and convenience, as well as an eye on reducing emissions, Fluid Truck will continue pushing boundaries in the trucking world.

Their commitment to expanding services commercially to help business owners make smarter transportation choices shows promise for continued success in the future.

Fluid Truck plans to aggressively explore new technologies to further connect drivers and businesses while providing a cost-effective solution that meets both their needs perfectly. By making shipping more efficient, they hope to reduce transport costs and increase delivery speed. In addition, they are committed to creating more sustainable transportation shipping solutions that do not compromise on quality or reliability when it comes time for delivery. With these ideas in mind, Fluid Truck is sure to lead the way when it comes to making trucking smarter for everyone involved — both now and in the future!