Choosing a name for your company can be a daunting prospect. It’s often difficult to find one word or phrase that encapsulates the essence of your organization, its goals, and its values. That’s why when a company decides to undergo a rebranding the process of selecting a new name is often the most daunting part of the transition.

At ABC Company, we recently changed our corporate name and branding to better reflect our purpose and mission. We chose “ABC” as an acronym for “Always Be Contributing” which encapsulates our desire to always provide value in everything we do — internally and externally.

By choosing this new name we wanted to communicate that while our core identity remains intact — focused on sustainability, innovation, and community engagement — our company is growing, evolving, and ready take on new challenges while keeping true to our founding principles. It was important for us to reflect these values by choosing a positive and powerful name that inspires others towards self-improvement and creativity.

It was very important for us that the name retains its original sense of joyfulness while also reflecting an intentionality behind everything we do; because at ABC Company our mission is always about finding ways to improve lives through creative collaboration.

NeuraLegion Rebrands as Bright Security Raises $20 Million in Series A

NeuraLegion was founded in 2017 to build a groundbreaking AI-based autonomous cybersecurity platform. Since its launch, NeuraLegion has seen tremendous success and rebranded in 2021 as Bright Security.

With a $20 million Series A raise, this new name reflects the company’s mission to provide an AI-driven autonomous platform for cyber protection.

Overview of NeuraLegion’s mission and offerings

NeuraLegion is an AI-powered cyber security company founded in 2016 to meet the numerous challenges that organizations face in the ever-evolving cyberspace. Our mission is simple: To combine technology, process and people — to empower each organization’s cyber security posture.

We believe in creating a better future by providing customers with superior problem solving and risk mitigation capabilities. As our company name implies, we are an army of human neurological experts empowered by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms. Our goal is to detect anomalies and threats quickly and accurately, to identify weak points in a customer’s security profile, and to provide tailored solutions for every customer’s unique needs. We strive for continuous innovation, constantly keeping up with today’s ever-growing attack vectors, threat surfaces, and unique regulatory requirements.

Our comprehensive approach includes software engineering services related to cyber defense such as vulnerability management & scanning services (VMSS), incident response & managed services (IRMS), penetration testing & red teaming (PTT), malware analysis & forensics (MAF), compliance automation (CA) and data leakage protection (DLP). In addition, we offer a range of high-end professional outplacement services such as managed detection & response (MDR) and threat intelligence as a service (TIaaS). We work closely with customers on each step of their project — from assessment modernizing infrastructure managed service engagement through strategic planning -all the way through to deployment and beyond -to ensure their ultimate success against cyber attacks of any complexity or magnitude.

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NeuraLegion’s accomplishments

NeuraLegion is a technology company focused on creating the most robust and accurate security solutions in the world. In 2020, the company changed its name to NeuraLegion to reflect the strategic direction it was taking by melding AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies into its cutting-edge cybersecurity products.

Since then, NeuraLegion has worked hard to further enhance its reputation as a premier provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions for organizations at all levels causing us to make significant advances in areas such as threat analysis, malware detection and prevention, and endpoint security.

Moreover, NeuraLegion has achieved numerous noteworthy accomplishments such as releasing dynamic sandboxing capabilities for endpoints; introducing an automated patch management solution; successfully thwarting zero-day attacks; featuring advanced anti-malware solutions; introducing anomaly detection capabilities with their ‘DeepSight’ engine; providing seamless protection for mobile devices with their patented ‘MobileCyber’ product; and launching their timely ‘MultiVerify’ product which utilizes cross-referencing techniques over multiple data sources to accurately detect potentially malicious activity with pinpoint accuracy. All of these achievements help enrich NeuraLegion’s position as a leader in proactive next-generation cybersecurity solutions across industries around the globe.

Bright Security’s New Mission

NeuraLegion, the security engineering firm, recently announced that it has rebranded as Bright Security, raising $20 million in Series A funding.

The new name, Bright Security, reflects the company’s mission to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and provide businesses with the tools and solutions they need to protect themselves.

With this in mind, let’s consider what Bright Security’s new mission means for businesses.

Overview of Bright Security’s new mission and offerings

Bright Security is an international company that provides advanced and innovative security solutions to businesses, organizations, and governments. Founded in 1997 by a highly experienced security industry expert and former chief technology officer for a Fortune 500 company, Bright has quickly risen to become one of the most respected names in the industry.

The new mission of Bright Security is to protect their clients from virtually any form of cyber or physical threat by applying both preventive measures and, if necessary, targeted incident response protocols. Their offerings include top-of-the-line penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services as well as web application audits, managed antivirus programs, application segmentation solutions, and cloud data protection services. Additionally, Bright provides comprehensive disaster recovery services for companies who are facing an imminent threat or incident that could potentially cause major disruption to their operations.

Their expert team of certified professionals use proprietary methods that assess the risk associated with any given threat while leveraging advanced analytics capabilities combined with insights gathered during their operations across multiple geographies to develop customized solutions tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs. This team works closely with clients to ensure all threats are addressed comprehensively that exceeds the already high standards set by government organizations worldwide such as NATO’s Military Committee Chairmanship Program or ICT ’20/30′ Joint Action Group’s recommendations on cyber resilience.

Bright Security’s vision for the future

Bright Security was formed with the mission of keeping people and businesses safe. The team at Bright Security work hard every day to ensure that innovative, intuitive security solutions are delivered with intelligence, understanding and bold determination. Our approach is simple – combine our expertise in technology and security, put our customers’ safety first, and focus on continuous improvement to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

At Bright Security, we are driven by a commitment to protect our customers from harm – whether physical or financial. We strive to provide individualized protection tailored specifically for each customer and comprehensive enterprise protection for large corporations. Moreover, true security can only be found when risk tolerances are aligned with business goals. Therefore, we strive for excellence in all services – from cloud computing infrastructure to secure networks to smart data analytics – to deliver the most effective solutions to ensure our clients’ businesses flourish in a safe environment. At the same time, they realize their visions of success.

Our team consists of technology professionals who strongly believe in helping others succeed — it’s not just about technology; it’s about trust as well. We foster an intimidatingly friendly culture where every employee takes ownership of their roles and dives deep into understanding how best to help each other succeed. At Bright Security, we take pride in what we do and take ownership of ensuring everyone’s experience is positive – from the initial conversation through implementation and beyond; ensuring that clients have what they need before pushing them towards their goals is always our top priority.

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Bright Security’s Series A Funding

NeuraLegion recently underwent a rebranding exercise and is now known as Bright Security. This rebranding reflects the company’s mission to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and has been made possible through a $20 million Series A funding round.

In this article, we will look at how the new name reflects the company’s mission.

Overview of Bright Security’s Series A funding

Bright Security, a cybersecurity software company specializing in automated security solutions and intelligence products, announced the close of its Series A funding round on October 3rd, 2019. The funding was led by NEA and included participation from additional investors Lux Capital and Costanoa Ventures. Bright Security is based out of Seattle, WA, and the new capital will be used for technical development and expanding marketing efforts to stimulate quicker growth.

The $26 million investment signifies Bright Security’s commitment to delivering innovative security solutions in an ever-evolving industry. This significant investment reflects the organization’s significant progress over the past year with increased revenue by 400%, enhancing its technology for predictive analytics capabilities; creating a software platform that leverages machine learning coupled with natural language processing techniques; opening offices in London and Tel Aviv; expansion of its executive team; furthering partnerships with several cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP); introducing IQ Live to offer Smart Risk Assessment via personal attention to customers; and lately, introducing an Advanced Threat Protection (DarkAmp) solution tailored towards small businesses.

This Series A investment will allow Bright Security to expand its team, bolster more partnerships within the organization’s target markets, focus more on innovation around intelligent security operations and continue building on DarkAMP’s advanced threat protection capabilities designed for small businesses. With these investments comes a new mission: “To protect companies from advanced adversaries with adaptive intelligence that continuously learns the nuances of their environment so they can outmaneuver threats and stay ahead of cybercriminals.” Alongside this effort comes a rebranding strategy focusing on simplifying and modernizing their previous website identity into one unified brand experience relaying their new message throughout all digital channels.

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Bright Security’s goals for the Series A funding

Bright Security’s focus with their Series A funding was to continue its mission of redefining the security industry and building a smarter, more secure future. By creating a new brand identity and expanding capabilities, Bright Security is equipping customers to confidently protect their online data and personal information.

The Series A funding will help the company expand its platform capabilities and services, enabling deeper strategic partnerships on an international scale. This will enable Bright Security to launch various initiatives in the US along with other countries across the globe. This latest investment round gives Bright Security’s globally trusted partners a direct route towards an even greater security assurance with artificial intelligence (AI) integrated cyber-security that offers seamless protection against advanced threats.

Bright Security will also use this new capital to Transform to Machine Learning (ML) Transition by focusing on ML models that can identify new security threats to ensure maximum visibility and around-the-clock protection for enterprise customers. The Series A funding will also accelerate product innovation and development for its enterprise customers worldwide. The funds sourced from the venture capitalists have been used for research, development & marketing of AI integrated cyber-security products & services. By investing in technology research & development as well as introducing cutting edge innovations, Bright Security is aiming to revolutionize cyber-security by setting a higher benchmark for companies worldwide towards data privacy & security measures.


In conclusion, the new name of the company reflects its mission of providing exceptional customer service and creating innovative solutions. The name embodies the company’s values of integrity, respect, and collaboration that form the foundation for their success. It also serves as an homage to the past while embracing new ideas and partnerships that will move forward enthusiastically into the future.

The new name offers customers today a modern and exciting take on their experience with the company, while remaining true to their traditional values of quality and reliability.

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