Are you in the cybersecurity industry wondering why Unity CFO Kim Jabal is leaving NeuraLegion and what it means for Bright Security?

Read on to learn the reasoning behind NeuraLegion’s rebranding to Bright Security. With her departure, this new venture has the potential to make waves.

Introduction: The Need for Rebranding

NeuraLegion was founded in 2015 to provide the latest cyber security solutions to organizations of all sizes. As the digital security environment has evolved, NeuraLegion has provided cutting-edge protection for businesses in the constantly changing industry. However, despite our impressive track record and innovative approach to cyber defense, we have realized that our brand no longer reflects where we are going and what we want to achieve as a business.

Therefore, after careful consideration, NeuraLegion rebranded its name and identity to Bright Security. This rebranding reflects our new mission — that we are dedicated to protecting businesses from cyber threats and raising awareness about online safety so that individuals can stay protected no matter what device or platform they use. Our new name also conveys our commitment to ensuring a brighter future by helping build a world free from digital menace.

Our new corporate identity is reflective of this mission. It represents our desire to lift people with products that offer true peace of mind when defending against digital nefarious actors. In addition, co-founders Yuri Rabinovich and Igor Khassine have taken on the roles of CEO and CTO respectively. They will be heading up operations going forward under this new name change. We look forward with optimism into an exciting future under Bright Security!

What is Bright Security?

Bright Security is a revolutionary cybersecurity platform developed by NeuraLegion, a world leader in artificial intelligence-based cyber protection solutions. With its advanced threat detection, adaptive cloud security and in-depth threat analytics capabilities, it is designed to meet the needs of today’s IT organizations.

Bright Security’s integrated security posture assessment will provide valuable insights into your company’s overall security level and enable you to quickly fix any weaknesses. Additionally, its automated workflow lets you quickly respond to an attack or alert with the right solutions.

NeuraLegion rebranded to Bright Security to reflect its commitment to providing customers with an innovative and comprehensive cybersecurity platform that helps protect their data and business operations from malicious cyber threats. With Bright Security’s easy-to-use features and enhanced security capabilities, customers have the confidence they need that their IT network is defended against malicious actors. At the same time, they focus on growing their business.

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NeuraLegion becomes Bright Security and raises $20M Series A

NeuraLegion began as a vulnerability and risk intelligence service specializing in application security, including static code analysis. The company offered solutions for developers, providing feedback and suggesting steps that could be taken to eliminate vulnerabilities in the code at an early stage. However, with the ever-evolving world of cyber security, NeuraLegion decided to take a different approach.

In 2020, the company announced its rebranding from NeuraLegion to Bright Security due to its new mission is to continuously understand and improve organizations’ attack surface to reduce their risk exposure. This renewed focus provides visibility of all existing risks at any given time while continuously scrutinizing every moving feature of an organization and patching threats across each vertical — applications, cloud workloads, networks and containers — with AI-driven automation.

Bright Security is dedicated to helping organizations stay up-to-date on their environment’s vulnerabilities by automating tedious processes related to asset discovery and patch management and making it easier for them to prioritize areas of their infrastructure where risk detection should be concentrated by quickly identifying potential vulnerabilities. Most critically, Bright Security makes it possible for companies to respond faster when combating threats before they become costly incidents resulting in sizable financial and reputation damage.

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Benefits of the Rebranding

The change from NeuraLegion to Bright Security brings several new advantages for the company. By rebranding, NeuraLegion can align itself with a recognizable and trusted brand, create an easy-to-remember visual identity, and take advantage of established associations that “Bright Security” conjures. This shift also provides a valuable opportunity to reboot the company’s marketing efforts and tap into a larger pool of potential investors. Other benefits include:

• Establishing credibility in the cybersecurity space: Bright Security lends instant credibility as people familiar with cybersecurity will already recognize it as an industry player.

• Improved customer confidence: Customers looking for solutions to their digital security needs will be more likely to trust Bright Security due to its reputation and recognition within the sector.

• More memorable branding: People tend to remember simple logos and names over complicated ones; therefore, by choosing something easier to recall, NeuraLegion’s customers can better recognize and recall it when needed.

• Renewed emphasis on marketing efforts: By shifting its focus away from its old name, NeuraLegion can dedicate more time, energy and resources towards renewed advertising efforts that target potential partners or investors.

Unity CFO Kim Jabal’s Departure

In June 2020, Unity Technologies CFO Kim Jabal left the company to become Bright Security’s new CFO. Jabal’s hiring marked a significant change in leadership at Bright Security, as she was responsible for NeuraLegion’s successful rebranding to Bright Security.

Jabal is a long-time finance executive, specializing in tech and cybersecurity. She comes to Bright Security after nearly 8 years at Unity Technologies. She was the Chief Financial Officer during the company’s growth phase and development of popular game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. Before her duties at Unity, Jabal held positions at Juniper Networks and Barclays Global Investors.

Jabal’s decision to join Bright Security reflects her confidence in the company’s capabilities. In addition, the rebranding from NeuraLegion indicates that the organization is committed to a more broad-based approach towards cyber security solutions which will maintain its focus on internal threats while providing broader protection against external threats.

Now as CFO of Bright Security, Jabal will build off of her experience with financial planning and analysis, strategic planning, and scaling operations while also continuing to move Bright Security forward into becoming what she believes will be “the global industry leader when it comes to protecting workloads against cyber threats”.

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How the Rebranding Will Impact the Company

Undergoing a rebrand can be a complex and exciting process for any company. For NeuraLegion, understanding the impact that their new identity as Bright Security will have on their current business operations is essential for successful implementation of the change. Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to assessing how this shift could affect the company:

– Brand visibility: NeuraLegion’s rebranding will create more awareness about the company and make them more visible among potential customers and partners.

– Needs assessment: Rebranding allows NeuraLegion to re-evaluate its target markets, considering customer needs or preferences changes over time.

– Reputation: By updating their brand identity, NeuraLegion can strengthen their reputation in the cybersecurity industry and enhance customer trust.

– Cross platform appeal: Bright Security will have greater reach across multiple platforms, allowing users to access products on both online and offline mediums.

– Industry competition: By applying a new brand strategy, NeuraLegion can provide better value than other players in the market and stand out with refreshing offerings tailored to customer needs.

The Future of Bright Security

Bright Security is an early stage start-up company, founded in 2018 NeuraLegion. With the backing of multiple venture capital firms, the company has announced its goal of becoming a leader in the cybersecurity market. This rebranding indicates that Bright Security is serious about the vision they’ve set out to pursue and the means to get there.

Bright Security has already acquired a patent for Machine Learning Pattern Recognition and Distributed Training, which allows them to process data faster and provide customers with more accurate security solutions. Their adaptive approach to security means they are constantly learning from past data points to better protect against future ones. With these capabilities, they plan on dominating the majority of enterprise-level cybersecurity needs with comprehensive protection from both inside and outside threats.

The company’s investment round has allowed them to expand their team with experienced engineers, cybersecurity experts and support staff to bring more innovative products to market faster and build better tools for their customers’ needs. Furthermore, the team plans on leveraging its deep technical skill set by launching services such as managed cloud patching for Azure, AWS and GCP customers so that clients can keep their servers secure without needing internal IT staff.

As part of their vision for Bright Security, they prioritize customer service; all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours by experts who can help you address your individual or business needs while providing proactive advice whenever possible. Looking forward, Bright Security is aiming towards market domination by expanding their suite of products beyond cloud patching into pre-emptive detection systems such as realtime user account monitoring, anomaly detection in network traffic patterns, zero day attacks alert systems and mobile threat intelligence services amongst many others.


The rebranding to Bright Security has set NeuraLegion apart from other AI-driven cybersecurity companies, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and proactive customer support.

Its security portfolio and advanced automation capabilities differentiate it from its competitors, while the new platform simplifies customer engagement with a modern and user-friendly interface.

By developing deep relationships across industries and customers, Bright Security raises awareness of AI and ML as critical components of any business’s digital transformation journey.

By implementing this branding change, NeuraLegion has successfully positioned itself as a top player in cybersecurity moving forward.

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