Hailed as the “AI startup to watch in 2021,” Hugging Face recently closed a $100 million Series B funding round. This major development in the AI landscape indicates the increasing demand and potential for AI technology amongst businesses across multiple industries. Hugging Face’s successful raise of such a large sum illustrates that investors are taking notice of the burgeoning field and are beginning to pour money into it.

This investment gives Hugging Face unprecedented access to new research environments and technologies which could revolutionize their ability to develop their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, while giving them the resources they need to expand their library of pre-trained models. Moreover, this additional funding could allow Hugging Face to explore other possibilities within our increasingly digital world, from providing language translation services for English and Spanish speakers, to further optimizing tasks associated with natural language processing or even automating processes within industry sectors banking, healthcare or transportation.

All this indicates a clear enthusiasm from investors about AI startups. With this newfound financial backing, Hugging Face can look towards redefining ‘the way people engage with the world’s data.’

AI startup Hugging Face raises $100M in funding at $2B valuation

Hugging Face, one of the leading AI startup in the world, has raised an impressive $100M in funding at a $2B valuation. This marks a major milestone in the company’s journey and the world of AI startups.

This investment comes at a time when AI startups are faced with the challenge of adapting to new markets and technologies.

Let’s look at how Hugging Face has grown to reach this point.

Founded in 2017

Founded in 2017, Hugging Face is a New York-based artificial intelligence startup that has created a platform for open source developers to create deep learning applications and conversational AI systems. It was founded by CEO Thomas Wolf and CTO Victor Sanh, who developed the platform and algorithms with the primary goal of allowing developers to produce AI-powered applications quickly and cost-effectively. This powerful technology has enabled the company to make great strides in a short amount of time.

In 2020, despite challenges posed by COVID-19, Hugging Face closed its largest funding round ever of $40 million led by Lux Capital. Following this success, raising an additional $60 million in January 2021 from several investors such as Korean internet giant Naver Corp., Battery Ventures, Eclipse VC and Lux Capital among others. This brings their total funding amount to over $100 million.

These investments mark a monumental win for Hugging Face that validates their commitment to creating powerful applications accessible to developers with little AI knowledge or experience. With these funds, Hugging Face can invest more heavily into research & development such as accelerating its existing open source projects like transformers and tokenizers which are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques as well as expanding their engineering teams across New York City and Paris offices. Using these resources they create new innovative products that enable businesses of all sizes develop advanced conversation systems or chatbot applications leveraging their intuitive visual tools or robust APIs which provide comprehensive language understanding components like sentiment analysis or speech recognition capabilities among others features designed to deliver the best user experience possible while reducing time spent on manual configuration so developers can focus more on building features instead of worrying about integration details necessary when building NLU models from scratch.

With this injection of capital in addition to their strong leadership team, strategy alignments with academic institutions like New York University/Columbia University’s Morpheo Lab team (MorpheoLab), etc., Hugging Face is looking forward towards pioneering new partnerships that promise exciting opportunities for both businesses & customers utilizing modern approaches in natural language understanding technologies which may lay paths paved ahead leading us closer towards commercializing expressive digital assistants & personal robots realized from stories believed out of our wildest dreams – Inception!

Raised $15M in 2020

2020 was a rollercoaster year for Hugging Face, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) startup. Despite the pandemic, they managed to close $15M in funding. This capital investment came from leading venture capitalists including Lux Capital and OpenView. The round of funding was led by Lux Capital and joined by existing investors OpenView, RRE Ventures, Compound VC and Bionic.

The NLP startup first made headlines in May 2019 when it raised a $4 million seed round from OpenView and RRE Ventures. Its rapid growth since then accelerated in 2020 with its new funding modus operandi centered around leveraging its data use case for real world AI applications. With the recently raised funding, Hugging Face had increased its total internal fundraising to more than $100 million — representing four orders of magnitude of growth since their seed round 1 year prior.

Hugging Face’s impressive success only suggests that their vision to empower developers and organizations with powerful NLP tools is paying dividends as they push forward into 2021 armed with a larger arsenal on new technology partnerships, data-volumes & talent recruitment campaigns that have been set up during 2020. As Hugging Face continues to refine its NLP platform while increasing customer demand — all signs point towards another remarkable growth trajectory this coming year!

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Reached a $2B Valuation

In a major milestone for natural language processing (NLP) startups, Hugging Face has reached a $2 billion valuation in its Series C financing round. The funding was led by equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest, with the participation of venture capitalist funds Valo Ventures and Gordon Brothers. This marks a major turning point for the artificial intelligence (AI) startup, which has seen its value skyrocket over the past year amid a surge of interest in AI-powered NLP technologies.

The new valuation puts Hugging Face as one of the top AI startups in the world and is a testament to its continued progress in developing state-of-the-art NLP technology. As part of its ongoing expansion, the company plans to use part of its new funding to develop new products and acquire top talent to expand its product suite even further. With over $100 million raised since 2017, Hugging Face has built an impressive portfolio of products that span conversational AI, machine learning technology, natural language understanding systems and more. Through this latest funding round, they have positioned itself to become one of the most successful companies in terms of financial strength and technical prowess.

Impact of the Funding

On April 20th 2021, AI startup Hugging Face announced that they have raised $100M in funding at a $2B valuation. This newfound investment is a clear sign of the potential of this project and will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of Hugging Face and the AI industry at large.

Let’s take a look at how this funding will shape the future of the startup and what implications it will have on the AI industry.

More Investment in AI

The recent announcement that natural language processing (NLP) startup Hugging Face raised $100 million in Series B funding represents not only a large influx of money for the company, but a larger shift in how AI startups are perceived by investors. This round of funding is the largest ever for an AI-driven startup. It more importantly indicates that investors are looking to put larger amounts of capital into AI-focused businesses.

This belief in the potential for success of these startups is significant, as many feared a long-term downturn due to restrictions imposed by regulations such as GDPR. The injection of $100M into Hugging Face serves to reassure these doubters, and opens up an enormous amount of possibilities regarding venture capital investment in both NLP and general AI research fields.

Investment in AI startups hasn’t just been limited to massive cash injections — most prominent tech firms are moving towards major investments. Microsoft has made significant acquisitions with OpenAI and Nuance Communications, while Google recently announced its acquisition of Looker for over $2 billion. Additionally, companies like Intel and Qualcomm have taken part in various joint investments towards specific NLP technologies such as Attentive Networks’ analytics platform.

Collectively, this flood into the AI industry shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, with analysts continuing to predict high returns on certain projects or investments related to artificial intelligence, machine learning or natural language processing: Additionally, an increase in investment options from public sources could be seen from US market regulators reviewing applications from exchanges onboarding security tokens backed by their digital assets or tangible items such as real estate properties sometime next year.

Overall, we can expect increased optimism surrounding advances in artificial intelligence technology thanks to increased institutional funding across all spectrums; this shift should open up new avenues for smaller operations seeking capital infusions while providing bigger players with more resources they need to innovate faster than before.

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Increased Focus on NLP

The $100 million Series B funding that HuggingFace secured at the end of 2020 was the largest for an AI startup. This major investment demonstrates investors’ confidence in the potential of natural language processing (NLP) as a transformative technology and will impact ongoing developments in this space.

AI has already established strong infrastructure components, such as data pipelines and model architectures. Still, NLP is the key to unlocking human-level understanding of language—something that organizations of all sizes are pursuing today. As HuggingFace planned their expansion with the new resources, they emphasized their commitment to “radically democratizing natural language processing technology” and promoting AI accessibility for all organizations.

The company also announced plans to develop a set of language models called “Robustly Autonomous Models” (RAMP). These models are designed for more reliable outcomes when results come from linguistically diverse sources or have varying levels of information trustworthiness. They are expected to be more self-sufficient than existing models by using techniques such as transfer learning, adversarial robustness, meta-learning and more, which will help them better adapt to new data without needing a human intervention every time it runs.

By investing significantly in research into linguistic understanding technology and accessibly democratizing it to everyone with their RAMP program, Hugging Face is positioning itself uniquely in the AI marketplace as having an immense impact on how organizations use NLP going forward.

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Expansion of Product Offerings

The recent funding of Hugging Face, an AI startup based in New York, is likely to have a significant impact on the product offerings available to industry and consumers. Much of the funding will be directed towards increasing the company’s ability to generate new products and services that take advantage of its core technology – the ability to create custom artificial intelligence models from natural language data. With this new influx of capital, Hugging Face can scale quickly and efficiently expand its portfolio of products and services.

For industry customers, Hugging Face plans to explore creating new products ranging from text-based assistants for human resource departments to automated customer support chatbots across multiple industries. It also plans to further develop its existing offerings such as custom language models built with TensorFlow and Google’s Cloud TPUs, as well as multilingual sentiment analysis solutions integrated with third-party sentiment analysis platforms.

Furthermore, Hugging Face will use this additional funding to build capabilities optimized for direct consumer usage such as virtual assistants for home appliances and hands free input systems with voice recognition capabilities. By leveraging its technology platform and developing more accessible user interfaces which integrate natural language processing (NLP) services into existing applications, Hugging Face could provide a comprehensive suite of AI tools for businesses and consumers alike. Overall these technologies have the potential to transform industries by providing cost savings through automation at scale while also providing improved user experiences through conversational interface designs.


The conclusion from Hugging Face’s recent $100 million funding round is that this is a time of unprecedented growth for the AI startup and its position in the industry. With its cutting-edge technology, dedicated team, and expansive capital-raising campaign, Hugging Face is well on its way to becoming a major player in the artificial intelligence space.

This can be attributed to their use of cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and the huge investments they have made in developing their products integrated with advanced AI tools. As the industry evolves, it will undoubtedly continue to see higher levels of capital investment into various AI projects as investors put their money where they believe they can most benefit.

Hugging Face’s funding achievements show enormous potential for companies ready to invest in innovative artificial intelligence solutions and make a lasting impact on our world.