Deliverr, a San Francisco-based ecommerce fulfillment platform, has raised a $40 million Series C round. The funding was led by Insight Partners and includes participation from existing investors such as Y Combinator, Shasta Ventures, and Foundation Capital.

Deliverr was co-founded by 25-year-old CEO, Chris Coddington, and his team of experienced engineers to provide ultra-fast fulfillment across the United States. This funding will help Deliverr to expand its reach and scale its operations.

Overview of Deliverr

Deliverr is a US-based ecommerce fulfillment company aimed at providing ultra-fast delivery for business customers. Founded in 2017 by 25-year-old entrepreneur Jordan DeLong, Deliverr has raised $40 million in its Series C funding round. The funding was led by existing investor Canvas Ventures, with participation from Khosla Ventures, Unilever Ventures, Scale Venture Partners and Greycroft.

Deliverr’s platform enables businesses to reach their customers with 2-day or even same-day delivery thanks to its “Delivery Zap” feature. Leveraging AI-driven technology and a nationwide network of warehouses, Deliverr helps merchants optimize inventory management and product availability while ensuring that goods are delivered instantly to the customer. This can often lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchasing behavior. In addition to its fulfillment solutions, Deliverr is equipped with an advanced analytics platform that enables its users to gain insights into customer buying patterns and delivery performance data to streamline the operations process.

The company already works with retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, and independent retailers. With this new influx of capital, Deliverr wants to become the “preferred carrier” for ecommerce businesses worldwide. It plans to use the funds to expand its services in Europe and increase employment numbers for warehouse staff around North America.

Overview of Funding Round

Deliverr, the ultra-fast ecommerce fulfillment company cofounded by 25-year-old CEO Nick Konidaris, announced a $40 million Series C funding round, bringing its total capital raised to over $90 million. The latest round was led by existing investor Activant Capital, with new investors Coatue, DCVC and GGV Capital participation.

With the new funding, Deliverr is set to increase its presence throughout the US and bolster its capacity for larger and faster shipments of online orders. The company has already successfully powered same-day shipping and next day delivery for over 10,000 retailers. Often shoppers will receive orders within one hour from their purchase if their order is placed before 6 pm local time. The company also provides customization services, including white glove delivery services and product assembly.

The influx of operating capital will allow Deliverr to expand customer support, help onboard new clients faster, integrate more carriers into the platform and add new features such as customized reporting dashboards. As a result of recent market trends towards fast accelerating delivery timescales due to customer demand, these features would correspondingly help many businesses streamline their ecommerce fulfillment process without disrupting profit margins or sacrificing quality of customer service.


Deliverr is an ecommerce fulfillment platform cofounded by 25 year-old CEO Rahim Fazal in 2018. It is designed to help ecommerce retailers vastly increase the speed of their fulfillment operations. It has raised $40 million in Series C funding to expand their infrastructure and develop new features. This brings their total funding to $78 million.

Let’s dig deeper into the background of Deliverr and find out more.

Founders of Deliverr

The founders of Deliverr are two serial entrepreneurs, Lee Hnetinka and James DueFrene. Both were previously at TaskRabbit and attended the University of Southern California (USC). Lee studied Computer Science & Engineering and Entrepreneurship, while James studied Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management & Information Technologies. Their shared passion for solving complex logistics issues led to the founding of Deliverr in late 2016.

At its founding, Deliverr focused on helping sellers create an FBA-style inventory system where they stored product in their own self-fulfilled warehouse/storage facilities. However, after forming a strong customer base within U.S., Canada and Mexico (by 2018), they decided to invest heavily in technology and push into ultra-fast same day delivery services by leveraging local distributors closer to customers. This new approach enabled retailers to connect quickly and efficiently to multiple carriers within minutes – ensuring ultra fast deliveries without relying solely on Amazon’s delivery network for their business operations.

With this growing success the company took their mission one step further: creating a platform powered by data science that could create an efficient way for sellers to distribute products quickly, affordably and reliably throughout Europe and Asia Pacific regions as well as Americas. Leveraging its proprietary software which pulls from carrier networks with real time fleet optimization algorithms managed end-to-end order fulfillment faster than ever before; providing warehouse capacity for its customers without having them make upfront CAPEX investments; creating a major shift in order fulfillment speed industry standard towards subscription type service model – the company went on to raise $40 million Series C funding round in 2020 which will be used towards scaling this global logistics platform that powers ultra-fast ecommerce fulfilment.

Previous Funding Rounds

Before this latest fundraising round, Deliverr’s most notable accolade was its $25 million Series B funding round in 2019. The company, founded by 25-year-old Jake Clabaugh and backed by investors such as Sequoia Capital, Lux Capital, Redpoint Ventures and DCM Ventures, had already raised over $60 million by the time of its Series C announcement.

This included a $7 million Series A in 2017 and an $8 million seed round in 2016. Along with these rounds came strategic investments from the likes of Walmart; Target; Threshold (formerly known as StudioFare Ventures); Signia Venture Partners; Lakestar; SC Ventures, HSBC’s fintech venture business; Firebolt Ventures; Gaingels; and Firework Ventures.

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Deliverr, Cofounded By 25-Year-Old, Raises $40 Million Series C To Power Ultra-Fast Ecommerce Fulfillment

Through this $40 million Series C investment in Deliverr from Activant Capital, Canaan Partners, FJ Labs, and others, Deliverr can rapidly expand its ecommerce fulfillment platform to serve more sellers, brands, and marketplaces.

This significant investment will allow Deliverr to offer its customers improved access to its solutions and help power ultra-fast ecommerce fulfillment for the rapidly growing ecommerce market.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of this investment on Deliverr and its customers.

Expansion of Services

Deliverr, a ecommerce order fulfillment solutions provider, has raised $40 million in its Series C financing round. The new funding will be used to expand Deliverr’s operations and services. This investment brings the total funding raised by Deliverr to over $80 million since its founding in 2019.

Deliverr was founded to enable quick, cost-effective fulfillment of orders for all types of ecommerce businesses. After much success, the company expanded their services to include same-day fulfillment for certain merchants and two-day shipping across the globe. The new funding round will allow Deliberate to further expand their offerings, potentially including more advanced inventory management systems and additional integrations with popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

This significant Series C investment is a testament to Deliverr’s growth and potential impact on reshaping global ecommerce order fulfillment standards. Co-founded by 25-year old Ali Kashif Khan, the company has revolutionized how online stores can process orders in a fraction of the time it takes other competitors. With this additional capital, Deliverr can extend their range of services even further and help more businesses leverage ultra-fast fulfillment solutions that scale alongside their business growth.

Improved Technology

Deliverr’s Series C investment will propel the company’s efforts to revolutionize ecommerce fulfillment by leveraging improved technology. Through its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, it can better anticipate consumer demand and enhance order routing and shipping preferences. In addition, this system helps eliminate inefficiencies such as manual interventions, virtual queues, and split orders.

This investment—which brings Deliverr’s total raised to $87 million—will enable the 25-year-old company to continue its mission of providing ultra-fast ecommerce fulfillment for retailers of all sizes, both via its direct integration into Shopify and other commerce platforms as well as through its growing network of over 50 national carriers. This progressive fulfillment platform was initially designed for small businesses but has now grown popular with larger operations looking for more efficient ways to manage their online retail business.

In addition, this capital infusion boosts Deliverr’s efforts towards expanding advanced technologies that improve operational efficiency across the supply chain from shipping back to the warehouse level. With these advancements in automation technology, Deliverr is taking a major leap forward in solving some of the common logistical challenges many companies face when dealing with consumer goods fulfilment. By enhancing processes from beginning to end, Deliverr will be able to improve customer satisfaction by reducing person-hours spent on basic tasks. This can free up customer resources to focus on strategic projects that drive growth within their business models.

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Future Plans

Deliverr, cofounded by 25-year-old CEO Rahim Fazal, recently completed its Series C funding round and raised $40 million. This brings the total funding raised by the company to $94 million.

Deliverr has quickly become a popular solution for ultra-fast ecommerce fulfillment and is now looking to expand its services to more merchants and customers. Let’s examine the company’s plans and how it uses the new funds.

Expansion of Global Presence

Deliverr, a leading ecommerce order fulfillment company co-founded by 25-year-old entrepreneurial wiz kid, Chaitanya Rohra, has raised $40 million in Series C funding from investors led by Fidelity Management and Research Company. The funding will be used to expand Deliverr’s global presence, build out the team and introduce new services that help businesses reduce costs related to shipping and delivery.

Deliverr currently provides ecommerce order fulfilment services for companies across countries such as the United States and Canada. They plan to use their new funds to increase their reach in existing markets such as Europe and Australia, open up warehouses in Asia Pacific, and enter emerging markets such as Latin America. The company is also looking to develop new products to provide customers additional cost savings while reducing delivery times.

The investment signals a vote of confidence in Deliverr’s business model of providing businesses with ultra-fast shipping times at an optimal cost. This makes customers more likely to visit merchant sites and convert into sales. In addition, with its goal of accelerating ecommerce growth around the world, Deliverr plans on setting up strategic partnerships with other marketplaces, local carriers and logistics providers in an effort to empower retailers of all sizes with fast delivery services.

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Strengthening of Logistics Network

The new funding will strengthen Deliverr’s logistics network and expand its presence across the United States. As a result, the company will gain access to more customer locations for faster and better delivery services. The funds will also be used to build out its complex network of fulfilment centers and technology platform that allows retailers to tap into Deliverr’s inventory of products, allowing them to complete orders in as little as two hours.

Deliverr is uniquely positioned to become a leader in ecommerce fulfillment with its distributed warehouse model which allows retailers to stock products in multiple geographical locations while leveraging advanced technology which improves efficiency and reduces costs. This model has enabled it to meet ever-increasing customer demand, without sacrificing customer service or satisfaction. Furthermore, Deliverr plans on using its newly acquired capital to strengthen relationships with current partners and onboard new customers across industries.

The company has already successfully fulfilled orders for some of the top 200 U.S.-based online retailers. It is focused on continuing this growth by building its partner ecosystem with more ecommerce companies. Additionally, it will develop mobile applications that make proprietary technology available for use by last-mile drivers and retailers alike while maintaining high delivery flexibility, reliability and speed standards.


Deliverr has proven to be one of the most innovative ecommerce companies, with their cutting-edge technology, and customer-friendly policies.

Their Series C round of funding, which raised $40 million, strongly indicates their success and the potential of their business.

This article will explore their accomplishments and what the future may hold.

Summary of Deliverr

Deliverr is a logistics platform that helps businesses provide their customers with ultra-fast delivery. The Issaquah, Washington -based startup was cofounded by 25-year-old Chuong Nguyen and recently raised $40 million in a Series C round of funding. This brings the total raised to $77 million to date.

This round was led by new investor NGP Capital, with participation from existing investors Founders Fund, Bullpen Capital and Upfront Ventures. The funds will further expand the company’s fulfillment network and accelerate product innovation efforts.

Since its founding in 2015, Deliverr has grown from four people to a team of over 200 employees spread across 5 continent locations globally. Its platform serves merchants from small businesses to major brands like Marriott Hotels and Puma. Furthermore, with its proprietary technology such as Distributed Shipping Network (DSN) and Qualified Parcel Carriers (QPCs), Deliverr promises to deliver up to 95% of ecommerce orders within 2 days or less within the US.

Summary of Funding Round

Deliverr, a company that provides ultra-fast fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses, has announced the close of its Series C funding round. Formation Group led the round with participation from Coatue and existing investors including Andreessen Horowitz and New Enterprise Associates. This brings the total amount of funding to date for Deliverr to $97 million.

The funds will accelerate Deliverr’s growth in the ecommerce market and as it continues to expand its services in emerging markets. Specifically, Deliverr plans to use the new funds to hire talent in engineering, product, marketing, operations and leadership roles across multiple offices; invest more in network growth; invest heavily in improving customer service capabilities; and use AI, automation and machine learning technologies across their supply chain platform.

The company was founded in 2016 by 25-year-old Jigar Mody who discovered a gap in fulfillment technology during his struggles with selling products online as a teenager. Since launching a few years ago, Deliverr has grown into a billion-dollar business that provides fast delivery services for major brands like Walmart, Microsoft Store, Avis Rent A Car System LLC and more. With this new funding round, they are expected to continue building out their presence across the globe while providing even faster shipping options for their customers.