Delivery, a San Francisco-based startup that provides an affordable alternative to Amazon Prime, has announced that it has raised $170 million in a Series C financing round. The round was led by Insight Partners and follows previous funding from Lux Capital and Forerunner Ventures. The latest financing will further scale the company’s technology platform and expand its reach across the US and Canada.

Launched in 2017, Deliverer is a fulfilment service for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enabling them to offer two-day delivery of their products with the same cost structure as Amazon Prime. As part of its services, Delivery provides warehouse space at its fulfilment centres in different cities across North America. As a result, Delivery can provide retail buyers with shorter shipping times than Amazon through these centres while keeping costs low. In addition, Delivery also offers specialised warehousing services that help retailers keep their inventories under control during peak season.

Overview of Delivery

Delivery is one of the fastest growing sectors and Delivery has quickly become the leader in offering an affordable alternative to Amazon Prime. Delivery recently raised $170 million in a funding round led by SoftBank that was joined by an ensemble of investors.

In this article, we’ll overview Delivery and how it’s changing the delivery game.

Overview of Deliverr’s Business Model

Deliverer is an emerging, cloud-based e-commerce platform offering sellers an affordable solution for fast and reliable order fulfilment. Through their fleet of distributed warehouses and fulfilment centres, Delivery enables sellers to provide customers with consistent delivery speeds of one to two days within the contiguous United States.

Sellers have the unique opportunity to partner with Delivery and benefit from their ability to store inventory at over 1,000+ warehouses and fulfil orders to customers quickly using advanced optimization algorithms that identify the most efficient warehouse based on distance and fulfilment capacity.

The software of Delivery also allows for automated tracking that gives sellers full visibility into their customer’s delivery status without having to manually track each item. Through their range of fulfilment partners, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS, deliveries are ensured in any geographic location within the United States at competitive shipping prices followed by timely shipment notifications so customers can always be kept up-to-date on the status of their orders. Furthermore, Delivery provides sellers access to a wide range of customizable delivery options such as same-day or next-day pickups, improving customer satisfaction and boosting brand loyalty.

In addition to providing a seamless order management system inside its system interface, product cataloguing software aids in organising stock accurately by helping vendors provide detailed product images alongside accurate measurements; this assures buyers that what they order is exactly what they receive. With its suite of features from coordinating shipments with carriers around the globe down to traceability analytics allowing users observe key events along every step in order processing, user experience has been simplified down at every level making it easier for businesses, both small and large-scale operations alike, deliver better quality products faster than ever before!

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Deliverr Raises $170 Million To Scale An Affordable Alternative To Amazon Prime

Delivery, an on-demand logistics provider, has raised $170 million in venture money from investors including Sequoia Capital and Glade Brook Capital. The funds will accelerate the company’s rapid expansion into new markets to provide an alternative e-commerce shipping and fulfilment solution for businesses looking for an affordable way to compete with Amazon Prime.

Deliverr’s services include supporting delivery of high-priority expedited services, low cost ground services, and same day delivery options. Additionally, Delivery provides tools designed to customise the customer experience by giving access to benefits like free shipping, tracking details, real-time inventory updates, item replacement support and more.

The company’s technology is built around “Ninja Measles” technology. This unique feature automates order routing and inventory control from hundreds of warehouses around the U.S., enabling customers to get their items delivered faster with the most cost efficient route possible. In addition, Delivery is also built on “AI Supply Chain Technology” (AISCT) which monitors customer data across multiple sources to provide insights into product demand predictions.

With this latest round of funding secured by Delivery, they are positioned to become a dominant player in the space providing customers with a more cost effective way of competing with Amazon Prime while also allowing them add additional personalization that makes each customer experience unique and personalised.

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Benefits of Using Deliverr

Deliverr recently raised $170 million to scale its mission of providing an affordable alternative to Amazon Prime. This significantly increased funding can provide immense benefits to shoppers and retailers alike.

Many retailers who couldn’t compete with Amazon Prime in the past could now benefit from Deliverr’s offerings. Let’s look at some of the potential benefits of using Deliverr.

Affordable Shipping

Deliverr is an alternative to Amazon Prime that offers customers affordable and reliable shipping. Delivering goods quickly, with on-time delivery at the lowest cost is of utmost importance for online retailers. Deliverr’s platform enables merchants to leverage a pool of carriers and access various shipping options in one checkout process. In addition, it allows merchants to easily compare rates between providers, select the option that provides them with the best value and assures their customers receive their packages at an affordable rate.

The platform sorts shipments by cost, delivery speed, delivery location, customer preferences, etc. With years of experience delivering goods worldwide, Deliverr offers fast and reliable delivery services ranging from same-day up to 9-days guarantee at an economical price for both local and international shipments. In addition to remarkable shipping speeds, deliverr provides real-time tracking updates via emails or through its customer portal allowing customers to stay informed about their orders every step.

The platform’s HubFulfillment solution offers a truly hassle-free experience enabling fast package routing without ever leaving Deliverr’s central hub location. With a single integration into Deliverr’s API, retailers can receive immediate access to routing systems that use complex algorithms paired with its powerful carrier network data providing visibility into any business metrics as well as bills of lading simplifying inventory management by automatically syncing prices between marketplaces saving time for merchant owners when it comes down to ship orders faster than ever before.

Fast Delivery Times

Deliverr provides a fast and reliable delivery experience for customers. Through their infrastructure and technology, they can ship goods quickly and package them efficiently. In addition, Deliverr stands out in the marketplace by providing two-day delivery on most orders — a stark comparison to Amazon Prime’s 3-5 day shipping timeframe. This ensures customers receive their orders as quickly as possible, reducing frustration associated with waiting times and unmet expectations.

In addition, Deliverr allows customer orders to follow dynamically updated estimated completion dates based on order volume and demand — which means customer orders don’t get stuck in an automated queue or lost in transit or held back by closed fulfillment locations due to holidays or other factors. As a result, customers can trust that their order will arrive on time without any unexpected delays or complications from the shipping process.

Automated Fulfillment

Deliverr’s Automated Fulfillment is one of its key differentiators. It allows customers to quickly and accurately fulfill their orders in a fully automated environment, allowing them to ship out orders faster at a fraction of the cost.

Deliverr’s proprietary software uses machine learning algorithms and built-in automation tools to identify items from an order, verify prices, apply discounts, and fulfill orders in record time. As a result, automated Fulfillment helps businesses reduce their labor costs and achieve faster shipping speeds. Additionally, it eliminates manual errors often associated with manual processes, resulting in fewer customer returns and inaccuracies.

Automatic Fulfillment is especially useful for large companies needing fulfillment services for dozens or even hundreds of orders daily. In addition, the time saved through automation can be used on other projects or initiatives to help propel the business forward.

Overall, using Automated Fulfillment with Deliverr effectively maximizes efficiency while providing customers with quick and accurate product deliveries.

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Impact of Deliverr’s Funding

Deliverr’s recent $170 million funding is a milestone in its journey to become the most affordable and reliable alternative to Amazon Prime. The success of this funding round will allow Deliverr to continue its mission to provide low-cost and fast delivery services to merchants and shoppers.

This influx of capital will help Deliverr scale its operations, allowing it to provide services to more customers and expand its e-commerce offering.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact this funding round will have on Deliverr, as well as the potential repercussions of this development.

Expansion of Deliverr’s Network

The recent $170 million in funding acquired by Deliverr will enable them to rapidly expand their network of warehouses and fulfillment centers. This expansion fits into Deliverr’s larger strategy to become an affordable alternative to Amazon Prime with its 2-day delivery guarantee. The additional funds will go towards building new warehouse locations, simplifying the integration experience for merchants, expanding the engineering team and enhancing their operational capabilities.

Deliverr has presence in nine US cities, but its new funding is expected to expand into more markets in 2021. The goal is a stronger nationwide presence so merchants can access shorter delivery distances and reduce customer shipping costs. Additionally, there are plans of opening up international markets beginning with Canada as one of the potential partners.

With these funds, Deliverr has clarified that they intend to become a leader in technology-driven logistics and commerce solutions – providing powerful ecommerce tools that enable sellers to reach customers faster.

Increase in Deliverr’s Customer Base

The $170 million in Series C funding that Deliverr raised has enabled the company to rapidly expand operations, increase customer numbers, and add new features to their platform. In addition, this influx of capital has provided Deliverr with resources for further growth and a platform for introducing innovative features that will ultimately benefit its customers.

Deliverr’s customer base has grown exponentially since the influx of funding. The startup now services more than 30,000 customers across the United States and Canada in over 50 markets. Additionally, they have partnered with hundreds of retail store chains and local malls nationwide to bolster their reach.

This expansion in Customer Base can be attributed to the improved technology infrastructure developed due to increased capital. In addition, it has enabled Deliverr to implement new technology including advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, dynamic pricing models and automated shipping solutions which make it easier for retailers and brands large and small to access operational expertise. For instance, AI automation is used heavily in order management systems to boost efficiency and accuracy while eliminating manual labor costs associated with processing orders.

The additional financial investment also allows deliveries from these stores or brands that range from single items to larger orders within 24 hours. This immediacy helps keep customers satisfied during peak shopping or delivery season, increasing customer loyalty over time – making Deliverr’s services even more attractive for future purchases.


Deliverr’s insurmountable success and recent accomplishment of raising $170 million indicate the company’s commitment to providing an affordable and convenient alternative to Amazon Prime. Through its innovative order fulfillment platform, Deliverr is positioning itself to become a leader in the e-commerce industry.

Despite having faced multiple challenges, Deliverr’s vision of delivering faster and at a lower cost than Amazon Prime will undoubtedly shape the future of online shopping as it exploits its competitive advantage. As demand for speed and convenience continues to skyrocket, Deliverr will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend as it continues scaling up with its substantial funds raised.