Online slot games like Jungle Jackpots slot are fun, and the bonus rounds are the best chance to increase your winning possibilities, even though many online casinos offer players a chance to play free spins on certain slot games. However, you can also enjoy in-built free spins without claiming any casino bonuses.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on slots free spins rounds.

How to Activate Free Spins

When three or more scatters appear on the reels, the player is frequently rewarded with several free spins. Free games are awarded directly to the quantity of scatter symbols (and sometimes how high your multiplier will be). That’s shown by the following:

● Three scatters trigger ten free games at a multiplier of two.

● Get 4 scatters and play for 15 free games at a 3x multiplier.

● Any 5 scatters will trigger 20 free games with a 5x multiplier.

If you get three scatters, you can get to choose the kind of free spins round you want to play. In the TV show slot Game of Thrones, for instance, you have to select a “house” to support. You’ll get to choose from four houses, with the Baratheons giving you 8 spins at a 15x multiplier and the Targaryens giving you 18 spins at a 2x multiplier.

The bonus round in these games may be played at varying degrees of risk, giving you a sense of control over your experience. Finally, there’s a pick-a-prize bonus round where you can win free spins. Suppose you get three bonus or scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. In that case, you’ll trigger a selection screen where the number of free games you get and any additional prizes (multipliers, extra wilds, etc.) is determined.

Additional Free Spins Bonuses

While free spins are excellent in their own right, it’s not uncommon for these bonus rounds to include multipliers, wilds, and other goodies. Some of the other benefits you might receive in addition to your free spins are as follows:

High-Paying Only

The game will only award you with the highest-paying symbols during your free spins.

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Wild Multipliers

Multipliers act as both a wild card (to replace any other symbol) and a multiplier (to increase the value of a win by that amount). The winnings you get from using wild multipliers may be multiplied by a factor of 2x to 5x.

Increasing Multipliers

Some free spin rounds give you the chance to win multipliers that continue to increase. These multipliers increase with each win and may reach as high as 10x in some instances!

Special Wilds

Wild symbols are a common occurrence and may have several functions. Walking wilds move across the screen, and expanding wilds spread out to make more substitutions. In any case, your odds of winning are greatly increased.

Free Spins Retrigger

Players may often retrigger the free spins bonus in online slots. Three scatters needed to initiate the round, but two are generally sufficient for retriggering it. Although two scatters will only provide you with a fraction of the usual number of free spins, it will make it much simpler to extend the fun.

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The more scatters you get on a free spin, the more bonus rounds you’ll win, just as in the main game. Some games like spiritual creatures osrs slayer, let you get free spins over and over, while others only let you get up to about 300. But it’s important to find out if you can actually get another round of free spins. Before you use all your free spins, check the paytable to see whether the round will end automatically.