A Comprehensive Guide to Every Pink Pokemon – Catch em all!


Cleffa is a pink Pokémon with huge ears and a spherical body. It is Clefairy’s infant form, and its look is based on the tsukumogami, a fabled creature from Japanese culture. It has two stars on its cheekbones and a tuft of white fur on its brow. It has a star-shaped tail with two points protruding from it.

Cleffa, as a newborn Pokémon, is very delicate and requires special care. Cleffa, like its evolved version Clefairy, enjoys singing and dancing around campfires and is usually found in woods or meadows near water.

Cute Charm, Magic Guard, Friend Guard, and Ice Body are among its talents. They can readily discover methods to shield themselves from harm or give help during combat with these powers at their disposal. Only the Gen 6 games enable players to capture this adorable Pokémon in any game version.


Clefairy is one of the most well-known pink Pokémon ever produced. Clefairy is a Fairy-type Pokémon with several features similar to a little fairy. Two round ears, two round eyes, two little wings on its back, and a huge heart-shaped ring on its head are among its physical characteristics. It also has light brown fur and a happy expression.

Metronome, Clefairy’s trademark attack, may utilize any other move in the game at random in battle. It also learns Fairy-type attacks like Sing, Dazzling Gleam, and Stored Power, which employ music or light to inflict damage on adversaries. Clefairy’s ability is Cute Charm, which enhances the likelihood of an enemy Pokémon falling in love if it is struck by one of Clefairy’s attacks.

When exposed to a Moon Stone, Clefairy develops into the fan-favorite Clefable, becoming even more strong while preserving its pink appearance. Clefable, when fully developed, may acquire strong skills like as Wish and Hyper Voice, making it a useful comrade in combat.


Clefable is a pink, fairy-type Pokémon from the Pokémon franchise’s first generation. Its strong defensive and offensive qualities make it a valuable addition to any trainer’s squad. It develops from Clefairy when given a moonstone and is often seen in mountainous areas. It is one of the few species capable of learning moves like Metronome, Hyper Beam, and Moonblast.

Clefable is distinct in that its appearance varies according to gender, with males having longer “horns” than females. It also has the ability to float in midair, similar to Flying Pokémon, making it ideally suited for aerial combat. It also has a fondness for musical instruments, particularly bells and drums, as seen by its trademark move Minimize, which produces a bell-like sound everytime it is performed in combat.


Igglybuff is a pink Pokémon that resembles a balloon. It is Jigglypuff’s pre-evolved form, developing into Wigglypuff when leveled up with high friendliness. It features two large, spherical eyes as well as a tiny mouth. It has a highly soft and elastic body that squeaks when handled.

Igglybuff may possess one of three abilities: Cute Charm, which provides anybody who touches its body a 30% chance of falling in love; Friend Guard, which reduces any damage inflicted to it by an ally by 25%; or Competitive, which boosts its Special Attack stat if one of its opponents’ stats declines. Igglybuff can learn Psychic moves as well as Normal moves like Sing and Charm. Its type combination renders it vulnerable to Poison and Steel assaults while making it resistant to Fighting attacks.


Jigglypuff is a pink, round, fluffy Pokémon. It features huge, pointed ears with pink insides and broad, blue eyes. It has short arms and feet with no visible fingers. Its most noticeable characteristic is its enormous mouth, which can expand and sing a hypnotic lullaby to put its enemies to sleep.

It is one of the few non-legendary Pokémon that can learn the move Sing, which puts opponents to sleep in combat; however, this move takes two rounds to be effective. Jigglypuff has also been seen in the anime series singing songs other than its characteristic lullaby.

Jigglypuff develops from Igglybuff with high friendliness, while Wigglytuff evolves when exposed to a Moon Stone.


Wigglytuff is a pink Pokémon with fluffy ears and a big, white tummy. It is classed as a Normal/Fairy type, which means it can learn moves from both types. Wigglytuff also has two unique abilities: the capacity to expand its body to huge proportions and the ability to utilize its inflated body as an attack. Its trademark move, Sing, is a strong attack that, if used directly, makes the opponent fall asleep.

Wigglytuff is around two feet tall and weighs about 24 pounds. This Pokémon dwells in thick grass or trees and eats mostly on insects or tiny fruits found in tree hollows or fissures.


Slowpoke is a water and psychic Pokémon that was originally seen in the Kanto area. It has pink skin, yellowish ears, and a tail fin. Many people think it’s one of the prettiest and most adorable Pokémon around, including Ash Ketchum, who caught one in a rare episode.

Slowpoke is noted for its sloth, preferring to do things slowly, thus its name. Slowpoke’s personality is defined by its capacity to regenerate its missing tail if it is bitten off by another Pokémon; something that other water types, like Magikarp, cannot do. Slowpoke receives the added defense and strength of being half psychic type when fully developed into Slowbro or Slowking after exposure to specific shells Kingly or Queensly.

Slowpoke’s adaptability makes it a powerful opponent despite its slothful attitude.


Slowbro is a Kanto-region Water, Psychic-type Pokémon. After being given 50 Candies, it develops from Slowpoke. At this stage of development, it possesses a peculiar Shellder that hooks onto its tail, transferring the Poison-type to the dual-typed Slowbro. It measures 3’11”, weighs 78.5 pounds, and has a Max CP of 2011.

Slowbro is a sluggish character having a basic Speed stat of 30 and a base Defense value of 110. With basic numbers of 100 and 75, its Special Attack is somewhat greater than its ordinary Attack. It has access to Charged attacks like Psychic and Blizzard, as well as Quick Moves like Water Gun and Confusion, which let it to employ STAB in combat. Slowbro is a strong defensive Pokémon that can hold its own in battle if utilized properly.


Slowking is a Water/Psychic-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation II. When exchanged with a King’s Rock, it develops from Slowpoke. It is one of Slowpoke’s two evolved forms, the other being Slowbro.

Slowking has a huge pink head with two green tufts on each side and yellow eyes. It has a light purple body that becomes cream on the belly, which has two white spikes projecting from the center. It also has a crown-like shell on top of its head with a little red spike and pearls at either end. This shell, which resembles an alien brain, also acts as its Psychic type look. Its tail terminates with a yellow fin that bends upward, reminiscent to Slowpoke’s tail curl before evolution.

Slowking has both Water and Psychic type attacks because to its dual typing, and it can learn strong abilities like Psychic and Blizzard that other Pokémon kinds do not have. This combination of type advantages and strong techniques creates an excellent defensive or offensive wall for combating opponents in gyms or raids.


Exeggcute is a Pokémon that first appeared in Generation I. It is a Grass and Psychic Pokémon that resembles a cluster of six eggs with faces on each side. Although it has no formal evolution, when exposed to a Leaf Stone, it may develop into Exeggutor.

Exeggcute has a reasonable HP stat of 45 and lesser Attack and Defense numbers of 40 apiece. But what distinguishes it is its capacity to learn egg techniques handed down from generation to generation, such as:

  • Ancient Power
  • Giga Drain
  • Synthesis
  • Leech Seed

Because several of these techniques are quite efficient against other Grass kinds, it is particularly effective against them. Overall, Exeggcute is an intriguing Pokémon with a wide range of strategic options thanks to its diverse moveset.


Lickitung, commonly known as the Licking Pokémon, is a pink Pokémon of the Normal type. It is a Kanto-region Generation I Pokémon. Its hallmark move is Lick, which uses its lengthy tongue to immobilize opponents. When leveled up with high friendliness, it transforms into Lickilicky.

Lickitung’s design has various distinguishing features. It has stubby legs and sharp ears, and its body is shaped like an elephant’s trunk. Its eyes have the appearance of little black dots with no pupils. Its tongue is also fairly lengthy and may be utilized to pick up things in the wild such as berries.

It is a hardworking Pokémon that often utilizes its long tongue to assist collect food or hunt for goods while wandering through tall grasses or meadows. Because of this trait, some individuals have had success teaching their Lickitungs to use their tongues for different jobs like as:

  • Recovering goods dropped on the ground
  • Picking up fallen items from shelves


Lickilicky is a fourth-generation Pokémon of the Normal type. It is a spherical, pink monster with an extended neck and a fierce tongue that it employs to fight its enemies. It has white fur on its body and many blue horns on its head. Lickilicky is around four feet tall, and despite its small stature, it has remarkable strength and can readily move items several times its own weight.

It can learn a variety of skills such as Hyper Voice, Body Slam, Curse, Rain Dance, and Swallow Up. Lickilicky has been utilized in competitive fighting as well as simply for enjoyment by trainers all over the world due to its ability to learn a variety of techniques and use them well in combat.


Happiny is Chansey’s fifth evolution and the pre-evolved form of Blissey. It is a Fairy-type species that was introduced in Generation IV. This pink Pokémon is renowned for its friendly attitude and voracious berry hunger.

Happiny is short and stocky, with a rounded head and huge, charming eyes, as well as stubby limbs and legs. It sometimes carries an egg, which adds to its weight.

Happiny’s attacks are mostly physical rather than special%.

  • Iron Defense and Counter are two physical techniques that it may learn as it levels up.
  • Its moveset also features various defensive abilities like Wish, Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, and Simple Beam, which may be used to increase or reduce the stats of its friends or the opponent.
  • With a few exceptions, such as Earthquake or Rock Tomb, most striking techniques seem to be rather feeble in comparison to Happiny’s special assaults, such as Soft-Boiled or Egg Bomb.


Chansey Chansey is a pink strongest fish pokmon with short arms and legs. It has a pouch on its belly that holds one egg. Chansey has light blue inner ears and oval eyes with black pupils. It has two pointed ears and a huge red bow on its head.

Chansey is one of the most compassionate Pokémon, dedicated to helping anybody in need of healing or mental support. It uses its pouch to transport restorative goods such as berries and medications, which it gladly provides to others. Soft-Boiled, its trademark move, allows it to heal itself and any other Pokémon within range. Unlike most other Pokémon, Chansey does not evolve; instead, it just becomes stronger over time by raising its strength, defense, special attack, and special defense stats the more times it levels up without evolving into a new form.


Blissey is a Normal-type Pokémon known for its brilliant pink hue and egg-shaped body. It develops from Chansey, who debuted in the Pokémon franchise’s second generation. Blissey can utilize Hyper Beam, its trademark move that causes massive damage while also healing teammates. It also contains many more attacks, such as Tri Attack, Soft Boiled, and Take Down.

Blissey has exceptionally good defensive numbers despite its frail look. With a basic stat total of 540 points, its HP (Hit Points) number is off the charts; and it is only outmatched by two other Pokémon: Wobbuffet and Blissey’s evolution Chansey. Furthermore, owing to its Normal typing, it takes double damage from Fighting-type attacks—but because to its massive HP number, this isn’t an issue at all.

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. is the 78th Pokémon in the series and a one-of-a-kind species. It’s a Psychic/Fairy Pokémon and one of only two pink Pokémon in the game, making it a valuable addition to any collection or squad.

Mime Jr. features an unusual design that includes white gloves and boots, as well as an enlarged head with wide eyes, giving it a very charming look. When performing, it mimics the acts of others to earn their trust, hence receiving the moniker ‘The Mimic Pokémon’. It’s highly nimble and agile, allowing it to effortlessly glide up and down while performing attacks like Trick Room or Role Play.

Mime Jr.’s evolution line Mr. Mime, in addition to being charming and versatile in combat, can also be found in various spots around Kanto and Johto. This makes it an excellent choice if you want something unique yet still captureable.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime, also known as “Barrierd” in Japan, is a pink Pokémon of the Psychic/Fairy type. It has a huge pink nose and white rings around its eyes. It is around 1 m (3′ 3″) tall and weighs 58 kg (128 lbs).

Mr. Mime is recognized for its capacity to generate invisible barriers with its fingers that may stop incoming assaults from both foes and friends.

Mr. Mime’s moveset includes Psychic, Fairy, and Normal-type attacks such as Confusion, Teleport, Mimicry, and Double Slap, making him very flexible in combat. Mr. Mime may utilize these techniques defensively as well as offensively to construct walls of protection around itself or teammates. Mr. Mime’s moveset walls will stay intact until they are damaged by an attack or the user loses attention on maintaining the wall, in which case it will dissipate after five turns.


Mew is a legendary pink Pokémon from the first generation of Pokémon games. It has creamy pink fur with black splotches and almond-shaped eyes. It lacks a tail, yet its mental abilities allow it to elevate its body off the ground.

Mew is very strong, with Psychic techniques like Barrier, Recover, and Psychic at his disposal.

Mew is one of the most uncommon Pokémon in the Pokédex, in addition to its great power and fearsome moveset. It can only be discovered in certain events or places in each game, making it a highly sought-after species for trainers all throughout the world. Despite being a legendary Pokémon, it can still mate and produce kids that can learn any move known to man or Pokémon.


Flaaffy is a pink Electric-type Pokémon from Generation II. When exposed to a Thunder Stone, it transforms from Mareep and may become Ampharos.

Flaaffy is a one-foot-tall ovine Pokémon with a delicate body covered in light pink fur. Its most notable trait is its wool, which develops on its back and tail and can store power.

Flaaffy, as shown in the anime, can produce electric fields powerful enough to repel huge Pokémon like as Gyarados and Charizard.

Flaaffy has a strong defensive movepool that includes Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Cotton Guard, Power Gem, and Protect. It also has access to various boosting techniques such as Cotton Spore and Charge Beam, as well as high Special Defense stats.

Overall, Flaaffy is a fantastic defensive Pokémon with decent attacking powers that will be useful in a variety of team combinations.


Hoppip is an adorable pink-colored Pokémon from the series’ second generation. It’s a Grass-type that may be found in Kanto and Hoenn, although it can also be found elsewhere depending on the game. It has light pink feathers with a deeper pink underside and yellow eyes. It floats in the air thanks to its little umbrella-like feet.

It is famous for its capacity to detect wind currents and forecast weather changes, particularly storms, by propelling itself into the air and spinning its umbrella-like feet to acquire height. When danger approaches, they prefer to congregate in huge numbers to defend themselves, generating what seems to be a pink cloud in the sky.

Hoppip has the upper hand in combat by using weak attacks like Tackle or Growth, as well as status ailments like Sleep Powder and Stun Spore.


Snubbull is a bipedal pink Pokémon with blue eyes and a crane-like neck. It features a huge head with two black fur patches on its cheeks, canine ears with white insides, and a white tuft of hair on its brow. It has two spherical lumps on its body that mimic breasts and three spines that go from the top of its back to the tip of its tail. It has short arms and legs that finish in round paws with three toes on each.

Snubbull is a very kind and devoted Pokémon that may build very deep ties with its trainer. Snubbull gives you access to several strong Fairy-type attacks, such as Disarming Voice, which can be used to scare opponents, and Dazzling Gleam, which may be lethal against Dark-type Pokémon. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Snubbull is such a popular Pokémon.


Corsola is a Water/Rock Pokémon that debuted in Generation II. It is a precursor of the bigger and more powerful Corsolab, which was initially unveiled in Generation III. Corsola has a soft, coral-like shell on its back and a pink body with white eyes. It may be found near the ocean in temperate areas, where it mixes in well.

Corsola is noted for her great defensive powers, because to her unusual Rock/Water type and powerful defense techniques like Mirror Coat and Recover. Brine, Toxic Spikes, Rock Blast, and Earthquake are among of its special moves. It can also use Psychic and Ice strikes to round out its diverse moveset. Due to its diverse movepool, outstanding defenses, and appealing pink coloration, it is regarded as one of the most adaptable Pokémon in editing competitions.


Smoochum is a pink baby Pokémon debuted in the Pokémon games during Generation 2. It is the offspring of Jynx and Elgyem. It is a dual Psychic/Ice type that can learn techniques like Psybeam and Psychic. Its starting stats are adequate for its level, but it will need some careful training to realize its full potential.

Smoochum’s move pool is unique in that it can learn both physical and special attack skills, making it an extremely flexible battler when employed appropriately. Its vivid pink colour lets it stand out in combat, giving trainers an advantage over opponents who aren’t anticipating such strength from such a lovely appearing creature.

This Pokémon may be utilized for competitive breeding with other Dragon-type or Ice-type Pokémon in order to pass down strong moves or perhaps even secret abilities.


Miltank is a Johto region Normal-type Pokémon. It is one of the rare pink Pokémon and is recognized for its peaceful and playful nature. Miltank may be found in meadows, forests, and on the slopes of mountains.

Miltank’s body is pink and coated with fluffy fur, with two black lines going up either side. It has a huge udder on its abdomen that produces healthy milk and ruby brown eyes.

Miltank’s primary attack is Rollout, which allows it to transform into a rolling ball of wrath. It grows unstoppable as it rushes in circles, doing massive damage to all opponents in its path. Milk Drink, which recovers HP, is one of the other special moves. and Stomp, which does damage and has the potential to paralyze the opponent.


Whismur is the first evolution in the Pokémon series, which also includes Loudred and Exploud. It has two huge eyes on each side of its head and is pink. It has a thin coating of fur covering its body, two huge ears on each side of its head, and two stubby arms.

When Whismur reaches level 20, it develops from Munchlax. When it reaches level 40, it evolves into Loudred, and at level 80, it evolves into Exploud.

Whismur has a special ability called Soundproof, which decreases the impact of sound-based moves like Uproar and Screech by 50%. It has high HP but poor attack stats that can be enhanced with the proper moveset. Whismur is one of those Pokémon that develops later than others in its level range.


Skitty is a pink Pokémon of the Normal type. It debuted in Generation III and subsequently developed into the well-known Mega Evolution, Delcatty. Skitty is distinguished from other Normal-types by its distinctive coloring, which may vary from pink to peach depending on its gender.

Skitty’s upbeat demeanor and cuteness have earned it a favorite of many trainers, who see it as a crucial member of their squad. Its movepool and attributes are geared on being a quick physical sweeper, and its high attack stat enables it to dispatch opponents before they can even move. Skitty can be fairly formidable in combat with the appropriate moveset and strategy. When employed appropriately, its innate powers Technician and Cute Charm bring further benefits.

Skitty may not be the strongest or most flexible Pokémon available, but if given the opportunity, it will quickly become a fan favorite.


Gorebyss is a Water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation III and is usually one of the first Water-type Pokémon captured in the games. It has a pink body that is tiny and thin, like an eel or a garden hose. It has two long whiskers and round white eyes with black pupils. It also features lengthy fins on both its head and tail, as well as a forked tail with two lobes. It will utilize moves like Aqua Jet and Razor Shell to do damage to other Pokémon in battle, or it may use moves like Water Pulse to distract its opponents.

Gorebyss distinguishes itself from other Water-Type Pokémon not just by its pink colour, but also by having strong stats that make it a valuable asset to any squad. It can deliver devastating strikes fast and effectively because to its excellent Special Attack and Speed attributes. With strong coverage moves like Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Signal Beam, Dragon Pulse & Hidden Power Electric – Gorebyss, opponents may find it difficult to anticipate or successfully counter.


Luvdisc is a pink, heart-shaped Pokémon that spawns in the water. Its body is mostly a deep red hue, with many yellow and white dots sprinkled over it. It has big eyes and a big mouth full of sharp fangs. It has feathery fins and an arrow-shaped tail.

Luvdisc is a timid and bashful Pokémon that typically flees when it detects danger approaching. It is found in shallow waters all around the world and feeds mostly on sea weed and plankton.

When exposed to a Water Stone or a Sun Stone, it develops into Alomomola, making it one of the few Pokémon to evolve from an item rather than leveling up or exchanging with another player.

Its moves differ based on its level, but some of the more prevalent ones include Water Gun, Take Down, and Aqua Jet. Luvdisc may also learn status skills like as Sweet Kiss and Confuse Ray, which can be utilized to aid teammates in combat or to protect itself against opponents.


Cherubi is a spherical, pink Pokémon with a cherry-like body. It has a tiny head, two pointed ears, and red pupils in its black eyes. The stems on its head are made up of two yellow, spherical petals that resemble sunflowers. Its body is divided into two rings of yellow petals, and four green leaves arise from its back.

Cherubi’s stock becomes bigger and tastier when exposed to sunshine. As it ages, its neck lengthens, allowing it to reach higher into the sky for more sunlight. It is of the Grass type, and when it reaches level 25 or is exposed to a Sun Stone, it develops into Cherrim. Cherubi may be found in fields or woodlands during the day, but prefers to sleep on the grass at night.

Cherrim (Sunshine form)

Cherrim is a Grass-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation IV. Its basic form debuted in Diamond and Pearl, while its “Sunshine” variant debuted in Sinnoh Region games. It comes in two varieties: overcast and sunny.

Cherrim in its sunny form is pink with yellow tubercles on its head and body. Its eyes are also a different hue from its basic form, being yellow rather than blue. Its limbs have changed into vines that connect to produce two huge petals that resemble flowers from a distance. This is why it is also known as “Bloom Form Cherrim”. It is 3’03” tall and weighs 33 pounds.

Cherrim possesses both physical and special strikes, making it strong against any opponents. It can do a lot of damage against grass, water, steel, and rock Pokémon with techniques like Solar Beam, Petal Dance, Weather Ball, and Giga Drain. It also has access to the very strong Sunny Day move, which can be utilized to harm fire or water type opponents while simultaneously enhancing its Grass type attacks.


Mesprit is a Sinnoh-exclusive Psychic-type Pokémon debuted in Generation IV. It is claimed to be an emotion Pokémon and is one of the three lake guardians. Its pink body with wavy patterns gives it the impression of an energy entity. It has a little body, two extended arms, round eyes, and a yellow triangle on its forehead.

Mesprit can converse across large distances by using its psychic abilities. It can use Psychic moves including Psychic, Future Sight, Imprison, and Helping Hand. Mesprit utilizes its psychic abilities to confound and distract opponents while shielding comrades from injury. Its major goal is to discover and share sentiments of pleasure or sadness with others.

Although it is not as common as the other two lake guardians, Uxie and Azelf, it may be discovered on Mt Coronet in Sinnoh after winning Champion for 8 badges.


Munna is a pink Pokémon with a round white head, round eyes, and a tiny mouth. Its body is coated with silky fur and resembles cotton candy. It has four little pink paws on its torso and four lengthy wings on its back. It gets its drowsy look by absorbing dreams from humans and Pokémon.

It often hovers about towns and cities looking for dreams. When exposed to a Moon Stone, Munna transforms into Musharna. It possesses unique techniques in combat, including as Hypnosis, which induces sleep, and Psybeam, which does Psychic-type damage. Other strong techniques include Future Sight and Dream Eater, the latter of which needs Munna to be sleeping before it can be used.


Musharna is a cute pink Pokémon with dark eyes, a huge nose, and 6 long antennas. It is a Dual Type Psychic/Fairy Pokémon that develops from Munna after leveling up and learning the move Yawn.

Musharna’s first move, Yawn, puts it to sleep while also increasing its Special Defense stat. As a result, it is normally advisable to keep Musharna at the rear of your team where you can take use of this stat increase, or to swap it out if your opponent is ready with a strong physical attack.

Musharna, being a Psychic-Type, learns most psychic moves quickly, making it ideal for support roles in combat. Its Fairy moves also make it useful versus Dragons.

Musharna’s abilities are Forewarn and Synchronize; the former provides early notice of an enemy’s most powerful assault, while the latter may transfer on status ailments to your opponent.


Audino is a pink Pokémon that evolved in the Unova area. This Minccino line Normal-type evolution includes certain distinct characteristics, such as big ears that can sense faint noises or changes in air pressure.

Audino is considered to be calm and polite, and he enjoys connecting with people, particularly youngsters. It also has a unique move called “Heal Pulse” that can heal those who aren’t on its squad.

Audino may seem sweet and fluffy, but it is a powerful opponent capable of learning skills such as Zen Headbutt and DoubleSlap. They may also Mega Evolve into Mega Audino and acquire access to moves like Avalanche and Curse. They also grow more weight and brutally sharp claws.

Deerling (Spring Form)

Deerling is a Normal/Grass-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation V. It is only accessible in Spring Form in March, April, and May. This form has a white body with pink polka dots fashioned like flower petals, and its eyes alternate between aqua and blue. Deerling Spring Form has a tiny tuft of cream-colored hair on its head that is somewhat darker around the edges. It has huge oval-shaped ears with white tips and circular greenish-blue tufts towards their roots. It has pink legs with two pointed toes on each foot and a long, thin tail with a pink heart-shaped tip.

It can convey emotions by altering the pattern on its body to appear like

  • flowers,
  • stars,
  • or hearts

while interacting with other Deerling Spring Forms.


Alomomola is a Water-type Pokémon that debuted in the Pokémon universe’s fifth generation. It looks like a bright pink fish, with two little fins on the side of its head and two bigger ones on its back. Its predominant hue is bright pink, with white accents around its lips and eyes.

Alomomola has the greatest basic HP stat of any Water-type Pokémon and is capable of learning techniques such as Heal Pulse and Protect. When swapping out, Alomomola gets access to Regenerator, which enables it to regain health. With both recovery and defense attributes, this pink Pokémon may be tough to beat in battle, making it a valuable addition to any squad.


Spritzee is a pink, fairy-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation VI. It has a huge, fluffy pink body and two enormous yellow eyes. It is well-known for its pleasant perfume, which it exudes from both its mouth and tail. Spritzee has two long antennae that dangle in front of its face, as well as a little tuft of feathers on top of its head.

Many people keep Spritzee as pets or use it in perfumes and other scented goods because of its pleasant aroma. Spritzee may employ skills including Sweet Kiss, Fairy Wind, and Aromatherapy to assist teammates or weaken adversaries in combat. Floral Healing, on the other hand, heals the user’s HP by half its maximum HP. Overall, Spritzee is a delightful addition to any squad.


Aromatisse is a Fairy-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation VI. It initially appeared in the Kalos area, where it was discovered by Professor Sycamore.

Aromatisse is a four-legged pink creature with two long ears that curve inward at the tips and two white spots in its eyes. Its hue and form are similar to cotton candy or marshmallow fluff.

Aromatisse can turn its body fluid into delicious scented scents that can be utilized to affect the emotions of both Pokémon and humans. It is well-known for its therapeutic properties, as well as its ability to ease emotions and aid in relaxing. Aromatisse is also a formidable defender, capable of dispersing a fragrant mist that repels strikes directed at it or people around.

Aromatisse may also use moves specific to its kind, such as Moonblast, Draining Kiss, and Misty Terrain. Aromatisse may be particularly useful in fights and contests due to its great support qualities.


Sylveon is a Fairy-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation VI. When leveled up with high friendship and understanding a Fairy-type move, it develops from Eevee.

Sylveon is a cute pink-colored quadruped Pokémon that resembles an Eevee crossed with a fox. It has large blue eyes, long ears, and a fuzzy body with little pink bows. Sylveon’s body is covered in long ribbons that may be utilized to store energy from techniques like Draining Kiss and Moonblast. The ribbons also assist it in bonding with its trainer and understanding human emotions.

In combat, Sylveon utilizes Ribbon Attack to confuse the opponent with its flowing ribbons, or Disarming Voice, which vibrates its vocal cords to produce a broad range of sound waves that may disrupt any attack or shield employed by the opponent.


Diancie is a Pokémon franchise pink Fairy-type Mythical Pokémon. It initially appeared in the sixth-generation games, X and Y. Diancie has a human-like bodily form with two arms and legs, however she is composed of pink diamond rather than flesh. Its head is likewise diamond-shaped, with two round spots for eyes and a curving line for a mouth. It also features two antennae on each side of its “head” and diamond wings on its back.

Diancie has a special move called Diamond Storm, which uses its diamond body to produce enormous bolts of energy that may be utilized to attack enemies. Diancie can also utilize techniques like Psychic, Solar Beam, and Flash Cannon, which it learnt after evolving from Carbink. Diancie can influence diamonds in the physical world, such as making new diamonds or modifying existing ones into new forms or functions, in addition to fighting.

Oricorio (Pau Style)

Oricorio Pau Style is a pink, bird-like Pokémon that is mostly seen in Alola. It has two long yellow feathers on top of its head and brilliant yellow eyes. Its body is covered in an elaborate pattern of bright feathers in yellow, pink, and purple that oscillate and change color based on its feelings.

Oricorio has four parts to its beak, two smaller wings, and two bigger extended wings with huge blue feathers at the tips. When it dances, its wings flap swiftly, catching light and emitting energy particles that can restore any Pokémon’s mental weariness. In combat, Oricorio will utilize its wings to execute deadly Air Slash strikes or to confuse opponents with Para Wind.


Fomantis Fomantis is a grass-type Pokmon that is pink and bipedal. When it sleeps, it has large ears, dark eyes, and slender antennae that fold back. It has a tiny mouth with two fangs extending from the top. Fomantis uses its antennas to detect movements of its opponents, including snake legendaries. Additionally, it has two leafy wings on its back, allowing it to fly up to three feet in the air despite its small size.

At level 34, Fomantis transforms into Lurantis. Fomantis’ wings get more brilliant and vivid as it grows, and it develops its own “teeth” for greater defense in fight. Furthermore, Lurantis may learn strong moves like as Leaf Storm, Grass Pledge, and Solar Blade, which can be useful against flying type Pokémon such as the Charizard family or the Braviary line.

Fomantis may presently be found in Pokémon Sun and Moon, as well as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Lurantis comes from the Alola area and belongs to the Grass-type family. It is emerald green in color with pink flowers on its crown. It stands out from other grass-type Pokémon because of its pink flowers with tiny yellow accents.

Lurantis may use physical attacks like Razor Leaf and Solar Beam, as well as special moves like Weather Ball and Giga Drain, in combat. Lurantis’s strong Special Attack stat allows it to strike very hard with its Psychic-type attack Moonblast.

Aside from its battle abilities, Lurantis has other distinguishing characteristics that make it an excellent Pokémon to keep and care for in your squad. Its ability Leaf Guard prevents status ailments when it is sunny, and its Hidden Ability Contrary converts all stat-lowering moves into stat-raising ones. Overall, Lurantis stands out among grass-type Pokémon owing to its appealing look and potent fighting skills.


Stufful is a Pokémon debuted in Generation VII that is of the Normal/Fighting type. At level 27, it develops from Bewear. It has pink fur on its torso and cream fur on its head, arms, and legs. It has black eyes, yellow cheeks, and a wide cream collar that wraps around its whole neck. It has enormous brown ears with an interior pink coloration, and its tail is frequently carried in the style of a pom-pom or ball. It has white claws on its hands and is reputed to have very powerful arms capable of carrying items several times its own weight.

It has certain characteristics with another Normal/Fighting-type Pokémon, Bewear, such as its trademark move “Force Palm”, which does damage while also lowering the target’s attack stat by one stage. Stufful will win your heart with its adorable look and fierce combat technique.


Bewear is a Normal/Fighting-Type Pokémon from the Pokémon video game series’ seventh generation. It initially appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Bewear has the look of a bear, with brown fur that darkens at the extremities and a white nose. It has a red patch on its left ear and a yellow patch on its right ear. Bewear’s eyes are often characterized as “kind and determined,” and its smile is typically regarded as cheery and lovable. It has become one of the most popular Pink Pokémon to date due to its pleasant look.

Bewear’s Fluffy ability, in terms of abilities, reduces the damage taken from physical assaults while double the damage taken from fire-type attacks. Bewear also has a strong attack stat of 120.


Bruxish is a pink, water-type Pokémon endemic to Alola. Its body is a brilliant magenta color with white patterns on the head and tail. It also possesses two sets of eyeballs on each cheek, as well as two sets of teeth in its mouth. It can also absorb psychic energy from other Pokémon and utilize it to improve itself.

Bruxish is the only pink Pokémon renowned for its great jaw strength, which can shatter rocks with ease. It also learns several intriguing attacks like Psychic Fangs and Crunch, which make it more dangerous in combat. It also learns Aqua Tail, which may assist it in breaching strong opponents’ defenses. Overall, Bruxish is a fantastic glass cannon for trainers searching for something different yet strong to add to their squad.

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is a legendary pink Psychic/Fairy Pokémon. It develops from Cosmog, a previous form, and learns a variety of strong Psychic attacks. It has a smooth, feathery petal-like surface with many moon-shaped designs strewn around it. It features two enormous eyes that are generally closed, as well as four large wings with sharp points. It has two star-shaped crystals on its breast and two little antennas on its head.

Tapu Lele is regarded as one of Alola’s quartet’s most powerful Tapus because to its tremendous potency in both psychic and fairy type attacks. Its most powerful move is called Fleur Cannon, and when utilized properly, it does massive damage to the opponent’s Pokémon. Tapu Lele also has access to a variety of Psychic, Fairy, and dual type attacks, including:

  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Psychic Fangs
  • Moonblast

Tapu Lele is also immune to Dragon type techniques owing to its Fairy heritage.


Hatenna, commonly known as the Antenna Pokémon, is a pink and white Galar Pokémon. This cute critter is distinguished by its lovely pink hair and antennae-like horns. Hatenna has an unique ability to discover weak points in opponents and unleash energy balls to exploit them. Because it is a Psychic/Fairy type Pokémon, it is particularly effective against Dark, Poison, and Dragon-type Pokémon. Its Magic Guard ability further shields it from any status effects.

Hatenna becomes Hattrem at level 32 and Hatterene at level 42. This process of development enables it to get access to formidable attacks like Psychic Terrain and Secure Defense. Hatenna has remained one of the only pink Pokémon in the whole game series throughout its evolution line, making it one of the most popular characters in the games.


Hattrem, often known as the “Flirty Caterpillar,” is a pink Pokémon character. It is a Bug/Fairy dual-type Pokémon discovered in Generation Eight and categorised as the “Twinkling Pokémon“. Hattrem made its debut in the Sword and Shield series and has since gained popularity due to its distinct look. Because it is one of the few pink-colored Pokémon that can evolve, it is a popular favorite among those searching for a charming addition to their team.

Hattrem is timid and prefers to do things on its own terms. Its offensive style is tapping into opponents’ thoughts with its antennae and then employing different abilities from fairy-type attacks like Charm and Fairy Wind. Because of its type, it has access to both physical and special attacks, making it highly flexible on the battlefield.


Hatterne is a pink feline Pokémon that debuted in Generation VI. Hatterne’s body is distinctive, with its long, slender, and curled tail and wide eyes with enormous round pupils. The majority of its fur is pink, with white cheeks and ear tips. Hatterne’s long whiskers can detect sound and vibrations in the air. Its legs are slender and angled, allowing it to travel rapidly and elegantly across any terrain. This Pokémon also possesses strong claws on each of its paws, allowing it to readily climb trees or rocks.

Hatterne’s strength stems from two special moves: Hyper Voice, which releases enormous waves of sound, and Double Slap, which delivers two strikes at once even if opponents evade the first.


Impidimp is one of the pink Pokémon in Generation 8. It is known as the Playful Pokémon and is a Fairy/Dark type Pokémon.

This little, mouse-like creature measures just about two feet tall, with an oval-shaped body, and a sly smile on its face. Its ears are huge, pointed, and black, with white circles on its cheeks that mimic eyes. The wings of the Impidimp are its most noticeable feature; they look to be constructed of sparkling ribbons that shift from yellow to pink depending on the angle from which they are seen while fluttering.

Impidimp may protect itself and strike opponents by using Fairy Wind or Dark Pulse offensive techniques. Because of its unusual blend of characteristics, it may be both delicate and strong depending on the scenario. Impidimp may also learn a range of non-attacking skills such as Snatch and Encore to keep it out of harm’s way while still supporting its allies in fight.


Morgrem is a pink, rabbit-like Pokémon that first appeared in Generation VIII. At level 24, it develops from Greedent and progresses to Gulchina at level 42. Morgrem’s most prominent trait is its capacity to transition between its two forms based on how much energy it has accumulated.

It stands on two legs and may bounce about on them in its normal shape. Morgrem flops to the ground in its “Frisk” form and cannot move as swiftly as it can in its ordinary form.

Morgrem’s body is mostly pink, with hints of purple, yellow, and white. Its head is spherical, with enormous ears that are always on the alert for danger – a crucial trait considering Morgrem’s vulnerability against stronger Pokmon. When it’s bouncing around in its active state, its tail also serves as a defense mechanism. All in all, Morgrem’s heightened senses and defensive capabilities make it a formidable opponent – the bottom line is that it should not be underestimated.springboard, allowing it to reach higher heights.

Alcremie (Ruby Cream)

Alcremie, commonly known as Ruby Cream, is a Fairy-type Pokémon found in the Pokémon games’ Galar area. It’s a pink-colored Pokémon that’s one of the most popular critters to gather in combat and among admirers. Alcremie has a striking appearance, with a light pink body and delicate, curling antennae covered with cream or pink swirls. It also features little red cheeks and two deep blue eyes that stand out against the rest of its greyish color scheme.

Alcremie may employ techniques like Fairy Wind, Misty Explosion, and Sweet Scent to aid hurt opponents in battle. When scaled up to their greatest form, every Alcremie can Gigantamax, becoming even more strong than before.

Question: How many pink Pokemon are there?

In the Pokédex, there are now 26 pink Pokémon. The little and Fairy-type Flabébé to the enormous Dragon/Flying-type Rayquaza vary in size and kind. Pink Pokémon come in a variety of forms and sizes, with some possessing special skills and qualities that set them apart from other Pokémon.

Pink Pokémon that are popular include:

  • Lopunny
  • Gardevoir
  • Aromatisse
  • Sylveon
  • Whimsicott
  • Mega Diancie
  • Primarina
  • Mega Mawile
  • Vivillon

Pink Pokémon are quite powerful, with a variety of movesets to choose from, making them excellent complements to any squad.

Question: Are all pink Pokemon fairy types?

No, not every pink Pokémon is a Fairy. While there are many pink Fairy-type Pokémon, not all of them are Fairy kinds. Pink Psychic-types, Normal-types, Water/Ice-types, Rock/Steel-types, Poison-types, and Ghost-types are also present.

For example, the legendary Pokémon Mew and Mewtwo are both pink, yet they are both of the Psychic type. Clefairy, a pink Normal type Pokémon, is another example.

In general, the in-depth Pokédex should be used to determine the precise kind of each legendary Pokémon, since many come in a number of colors and forms in addition to their basic hue of pink or purple.

Question: Who is the most popular pink Pokemon?

The most well-known pink Pokémon is, without a question, Pikachu. Pikachu, who first appeared in the original 1997 Pokémon games, has become a franchise stalwart and an immediately identifiable emblem of the series in mainstream culture. The charming electronic mouse has inspired a plethora of spin-off media, merchandising, and hugely successful feature films.

Pink Pokémon such as Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, Sylveon, and others accompany Pikachu. They all provide lots of amusement for trainers all throughout the world, from loving companions to aggressive battlers.

  • Happiny Sinnoh,
  • Audino Unova, and
  • Klefki Kalos

are among of the areas that have their own distinct pink Pokémon that can only be found in those regions. When exploring new places, these distinctive species provide an interesting challenge to trainers.