Get the inside scoop on all of the snake-like Pokémon, from the unassuming Sandile to the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora!

Bottom Line Up-Front

Upfront Bottom Line (BLUF) is a word used to convey the most vital information quickly and without the need for further explanation. The BLUF for the Snake Pokémon guide in this context is that there are multiple distinct snake Pokémon to pick from, each with its own unique powers and qualities.

The guide categorizes all of the available Snake Pokémon by type, region, and strengths/weaknesses. It also gives thorough explanations of each one to help readers better grasp their talents. There are also useful hints for trainers who want to improve their chances of success while facing these Pokémon. Overall, this book is an excellent resource for anybody interested in knowing more about these fearsome beasts.

Every Snake Pokmon

Every Snake Pokémon is an in-depth look at every Snake Pokémon seen in the famous video game franchise. It is divided into sections such as legendary, starter, and Sinnoh region Pokémon. It also describes each Pokémon’s attributes, moveset, and evolutions in depth.

Trainers may use this guide to swiftly and easily discover their favorite Snake type Pokémon. With over 400 distinct Pokémon species available in the series, this guide helps you learn and comprehend how each one functions inside the game’s environment.

Each Pokémon page has photos, stats, and unique abilities that assist players limit down their options when creating a deck or team for combat against friends or computer created opponents.


Ekans is the eleventh boss in the Battle Against W.T. In this fight, Ekans is a Poison-type Snake Pokémon with 223 HP and the ability to utilize Normal-type moves like Wrap and Bite as well as Poison-type attacks like Acid and Poison Sting. Ekans may deliver significant harm to its opponent by carefully manipulating its state conditions. Its Hidden Ability, Shed Skin, enables it to heal itself of any status ailment at the conclusion of a round if it has an empty PP bar.

Defeating Ekans grants you 500 XP and access to the post-game stuff described in this guide.


Arbok is a Kanto Region Poison-type Snake Pokémon. At Level 22, it develops from Ekans.

Arbok is a huge four-legged cobra with red and blue body patterns. It also contains two venom sacs under its skull and two fangs that operate independently of one another. Its basic attack is Glare, which paralyzes the opponent, and its trademark move is Gunk Shot, which causes poison damage as well as paralysis.

When Arbok enters combat, it has the defensive ability Intimidate, which decreases the opponent’s Attack stat. Arbok may also learn techniques like Bite, Poison Sting, and Sludge Bomb to enhance its danger level in confrontations against other Poison types or those that are vulnerable to Poison type attacks.


Onix is a snake-like Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon known for its tenacity and robust physique. When exposed to a Metal Coat, it transforms into Steelix. It is well-known for having a strong Defense stat.

Onix is also the only Pokémon known to be capable of learning Rock Polish. Onix, like other snake Pokémon like as Arbok, digs subterranean tunnels by plowing through soft materials such as mud and dirt with its huge bulk. As shown in the anime, Onix may be taught for fight, although it is difficult owing to its slow speed and lack of offensive skills at the beginning of its evolutionary line.

Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, and Fighting-type techniques are all quite efficient against Onix, thus trainers should keep this in mind while putting up an Onix squad.


Steelix is a huge, snake-like Pokémon with blue, metallic armor. Steelix’s sensitive underbelly is protected by the steel armor plating, which also provides an extra layer of defense against physical strikes. This Pokémon loves to live in deep caverns and tunnels below, where its gigantic jaws can dig into the dirt.

Steelix is one of the few Pokémon that can utilize the Sandstorm Ability; when triggered, this ability generates a five-turn sandstorm. Steelix may also learn a variety of Rock-style techniques such as Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, and Heavy Slam. Steelix, in addition to Rock-type attacks, can employ Ground-type and Steel-type moves such as Earthquake, Curse, and Iron Tail.


Dunsparce is a snake Pokémon with a Bug/Normal body and a lengthy tail that makes it easily identifiable. It is exclusive to the Johto Region and appears only in the original generation of games, as well as Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Since its debut in 2000, its design has stayed mostly unaltered.

Dunsparce uses its mediocre offensive numbers to combat its opponents in battle. Its most valuable advantage is its availability to dependable techniques like Bite, Glare, Headbutt, and Rage, which enable it to threaten opponents with damage or status effects. Its powerful protections also aid to shield it against attacks that ignore resistance, such as Earthquake or Fire Blast.

Outside of combat, Dunsparce is a somewhat quiet creature that will only consume Berries from its natural surroundings. When threatened or enraged, Dunsparce may employ Rage or Flail to hastily flee a perilous situation.


Seviper is a snake-like Pokémon of the Poison type from the Hoenn area. It has a lengthy body and a short head. The top half is green, while the bottom half is black. It has wide, round eyes with yellow pupils and pink lines surrounding them. The top of its head is adorned with two yellow horns that resemble dangerous snake fangs.

When Nincada reaches level 22, it transforms into Seviper. Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot, and Venoshock are just a few of the devastating techniques it may learn. Furthermore, since it is Poison-type, it may learn Acid Armor, which dramatically boosts its Defense stat when utilized in combat. Seviper can easily wipe out many opponents in combat because to its strong Attack stat and availability to powerful attacks like Venoshock and Sludge Wave, making it one of the valuable Rare Pokémon for players to capture throughout their journeys in the Hoenn area.


When the player confronts Clair for the eighth gym badge, she will use Snivy as her first Pokémon. Snivy is a Grass-type Pokémon that develops into Servine and then Serperior. Snivy is a little green reptile Pokémon with yellow scleras and white eyes. It features four leaves on its head that may be used to properly detect the temperature and humidity of its surroundings, as well as to indicate its health. When attacked by another, it also possesses a long, slender tail that finishes in a curled tip and emits a perfume similar to fresh grass.

Leaf Storm is Snivy’s main attack, allowing it to shoot strong leaves at its opponents, making it particularly effective against Water-type opponents.


Servine is a Grass-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation V. Starting at level 17, it develops from Snivy and then becomes Serperior when exposed to a Leaf Stone.

Servine is a snake-like Pokémon that crawls on the ground with its body coiled around like tree branches. It is mostly green, with yellow markings, yellow eyes, and little ears on the sides of its head. As it matures, the leaves on its arms get sharper and longer, and it acquires a leafy tail with three points at the end. It has three claws on each hand, which it uses for both walking and fighting opponents. Servine also possesses razor-sharp fangs that he may use to bite down opponents in combat or to consume smaller food like insects or berries.


Serperior is a Legendary Grass type Pokémon located in Snakewood’s Shaka Monastery. It is Snivy’s last development and one of two fully developed Snakewood Snake species. It is very strong and possesses a range of grass-type techniques.

Serperior is one of the few Pokémon that can Mega Evolve Serperior is a many pink pokemon with access to an impressive strength and movepool. Its body is that of an upright snake with diamond-faced scales, creating a frightening atmosphere. It often remains still in nature in order to strike its prey with precision and speed.

Overgrow is its trademark ability, which boosts the potency of its grass type techniques when its HP falls below one-third of its maximum. Serperior, with its huge strength and outstanding abilities, can be a terrifying opponent on any battlefield.


Silicobra is a Pokémon of the Ground type that can be discovered in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sandaconda, another ground-type, gives rise to it. This Pokémon has certain special abilities that set it apart from the competitors. It has the Sand Spit ability, which delivers twice as much damage against Flying-type Pokémon, as well as the Bulletproof ability, which makes it resistant to ballistic attacks like Shadow Ball and Flash Cannon.

It has good stats, with the highest being 110 HP and 95 Attack. It’s also shockingly swift with 75 Speed, giving it an excellent pick for quick attacks or startling other Ground-types. Silicobra is a formidable opponent, but its protective talents make it difficult to destroy.

If you wish to take on this formidable snake Pokémon, make sure your squad is prepared.


Fallarbor Town, which is situated in the unique post-game version of Snakewood, is the only area where every snake Pokémon can be found. The settlement is made up of a tiny hamlet and a few residences, with a road coming up from the desert nearby. Along the main road, there are sections of thick grass dotted with ruby cream flowers, and snake Pokmon like Ekans and Sandaconda.

Fallarbor Town contains two trainers who will combat you if you speak to them, and one more trainer who will give you access to an important item – TM Snarl – if you beat him. Aside from these conflicts, Fallarbor Town serves as the entrance to an odd dungeon filled by various uncommon varieties of snakes, as well as an ancient stone tower containing even more exotic types.

The most exciting part of Fallarbor Town is that it is the only site in Snakewood where you can capture all snakes at once, including some exceptionally strong and powerful ones.


Finally, Snake Pokémon have evolved into a variety of forms throughout the years. This kind of Pokémon may take on a range of forms and sizes, from the massive and strong Oni Dragon to the tiny and secretive Silent Fang.

Their ability to coil their bodies provides them an edge in warfare as well as in daily life. Many Snake Pokémon are coveted for their ability to scale high cliffs and blend in with their surroundings. Trainers may learn how to employ Snake Pokémon efficiently in battle by studying various varieties of Snake Pokémon.

It’s also vital to note that each Snake Pokémon has its own own set of strengths, weaknesses, talents, and techniques that you’ll need to learn as you progress toward being the greatest Pokémon Trainer you can be.

Question: Are there any snake legendaries?

Yes, there are many legendary snake Pokémon. Yveltal, Xerneas, and Zygarde are some of the more noteworthy sunshine form Instances of Snake legendaries appear in the spring form. These strong Pokmon are typically difficult to catch owing to their rarity, yet all three have 680 basic stats and each has a unique type combination.unique special ability that distinguishes them from the others.

  • Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying bird with a basic stat total of 680. It possesses the ability Dark Aura, which improves the strength of all Dark-type attacks performed in combat by both friendly and opponent Pokémon. It may also use offensive techniques such as Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, and Foul Play.
  • Xerneas is a legendary Fairy deer with a starting stat total of 680. It possesses the ability Fairy Aura, which improves the strength of all Fairy-type attacks performed in combat by both friendly and opponent Pokémon. It can also use defensive techniques like Moonblast, Aromatherapy, Geomancy, and Dazzling Gleam.
  • Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground legendary snake with 680 basic stats. It possesses the ability Aura Break, which reverses the effects of Fairy Aura or Dark Aura while fighting another Pokémon;. It may also use the move Thousand Arrows.

Question: What was the first snake pokmon seen in the anime?

The famous Red was the first snake Pokémon to appear in the anime. Red and his Pikachu faced a gigantic Onix inside a mountain in Episode 4 of the original anime series. Later in Episode 7, it seems that Team Rocket was experimenting with their own version of Onix, which could menacingly swing from an aircraft, but Red was able to catch it. Since then, the series has included a slew of different snake-type Pokémon. Weezing, Arbok, Seviper, and, most recently, Zangoose are among examples.

It’s worth noting that not all snake-type Pokémon are bad or wild creatures; Some of them, like as Red’s usage of The Cobra Charizarda Pokémon he met while journeying across Kanto, may be employed as partners or companions. Even after all these years, there are several allusions to this famous figure dispersed throughout the Pokémon franchise.

Question: Will there be more snake pokmon in the future?

Questions about Pokémon’s future are difficult to address definitely. However, given on recent releases, additional snake Pokémon are predicted in the future.

Snakewood is a mythical mountain, and the Mount Pyre mountain range has appeared in various Pokémon games. This region is renowned as a snake Pokémon breeding area, and it contains numerous strong snake Pokémon such as Onix and Steelix.

With so many diverse possible pathways for study and growth, it’s probable that additional volumes focusing on these sorts of species will be released in the future. Furthermore, the possibility of other evolutionary pathways for current snake Pokémon might mean that some old favorites get new appearances and powers in forthcoming releases.